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  1. I am thinking you are either not counting your beats correctly or setting your metronome wrong? Try going back to Steve's lesson to find a drill using a metronome. That may help. 92 bpm is fast but not insanely so. Good luck and keep practicing.
  2. Congratulations Ron. That is a true act of dedication. Your mentioning taking lessons directly with Steve is something I plan on speaking with him about when I attend the Fingerstyle Retreat in October.
  3. Thx @matonanjin, I am really looking to this retreat. I will report back here with a post or two and some pics.
  4. That is what I am planning to do. Thx Doug, and also for the strap link.
  5. Thanks for the reply Gary. I look forward to meeting, and playing guitar, with you. I and my single acoustic would also be grateful to hitch a ride with you. SHOTGUN!!! 😆 Here's the FB link for this retreat: https://www.facebook.com/groups/fallfingerstyleretreat
  6. After numerous dismissed opportunities to attend a GG event this upcoming fingerstyle retreat was persistently calling to me. So I have finally, and formally, registered to attend. I am following this retreat on FB and see that I may be attendee #13 of 20 available slots. Who else here is going? I am travelling (with some apprehension about transporting my guitar) from Boston and arriving Nashville Intl AP on Thursday 10/ 27 mid-morning. If others here are doing the same perhaps we can share a ride? I've been a long-time, mostly lurking but frequent visitor to this site and "catch-up" watcher of the Weekly Lessons. My guitar playing journey dates back almost 12 years to the original L&M course. I made it to Lesson 17 several years back, although in hindsight I was probably pressing myself a bit too fast on some of the drills. Nonetheless I owe virtually all I know about playing to Steve and look very much forward to meeting and learning from him in person, and hopefully some of you as well. Regardless of these years spent learning, I have been a nearly complete chicken when it comes to playing with others, even in front of my wife, so I am also using this event to come out of my comfort zone and hopefully squelch (or at least reduce) my fears to play with others. Others are welcome to reply here with any of their own plans/thoughts about this retreat. No pride in ownership from me! Jim (jasn)
  7. I feel the same way. Several years back I made it through Lesson 18 under the original L&M course (not the Gibson); bought but never started Steve's Blue's course; and have recently returned to Steve's Fingerstyle course (staying on Lesson 2 until I get it right!).
  8. Excellent article Diane. I dose of reality. From it you can contemplate where and how other artists go on nostalgia tours. It also fits into how most people listen to music of their teens and twenties for essentially the rest of their lives. Thanks for posting.
  9. Perhaps I'm just posting with myself, but my summary of Maj & min forms DL posted above has been very helpful. For practice I've been moving more easily through the 6th & 5th string forms that are shaped alike, which is helping me drill them into my brain a bit quicker. I've also spent time studying the summary page for similar sequencing and recognizing the 1st & 2nd string triad shapes Steve taught us in his earlier Live Lessons. I really like having epiphanies about learning guitar. 🙂 FYI if you haven't found it yet, but I also assembled some summary sheets of the forms from Steve's Triad lessons. Find the download here:
  10. Sorry all, I found some colors incorrectly placed on the Major triad for the 5th String; 4th Finger form. Please DL again from the original post. @Gene C@Fretless
  11. Steve's lessons on arpeggios have been great, of course! To make my practicing easier I copied Steve's 6th and 5th string forms into a one page summary. I've uploaded a pdf copy, found as a download below. Note that I've also highlighted the first three notes in various colors to better see them for practice and also show the common forms between the 5th & 6th strings. ~jasn [EDIT2] More minor tweaks to the original Arpeggios Maj & min Forms Summary-Rev3.pdf
  12. Happy Thanksgiving all. Long time no posting for me, but nonetheless I am really enjoying my time spent on Steve's excellent lessons on arpeggios. Thank you Steve for these. I think the "descending" tabs for the 4 note arpeggio forms on page 15 are incorrectly duplicating the ascending forms? I can read the lines backwards ;), but just wanting to be sure I'm not missing something. This allows me to raise the question to ask if others are reading the tabs or the scales? I'm using the tabs, quite obviously, but wondering if I should instead be adding reading sheet music to my quest? That would slow me down immensely! Thx! ~jasn
  13. Thanks for this Diane. I've been shuffling back and forth between the Major and minor shape pages (not yet working on the 7ths), so took a little time to create two Summary pages; one for the three sets of shapes for strings 1-3 and the other for strings 2-4. I've attached the two pages as a stand alone doc and also appended to Diane's Triads Book for completeness.Triads Book(M-m-7) w_string summary pages.pdf Triads - Summary pages.pdf

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