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  1. Might someone have the file or a link to the "Arpeggios Jam Track 1" referred to on page 17 of Steve's Handouts for this series of lessons? If there are othr relatd ajm track those too would be much apreciated. Thx ~Jim (jasn)
  2. Likewise for me too Gary. Thanks DIane. This will be my 1st full GG, having attended the Fingerstyle Retreat last October. Hoping to see some familiar faces and make some new friends. I'm booked to stay on campus. Hope this works out...🤨
  3. Yes, I see the article doesn't claim their choices to be the best...just good ones. And with that I agree with many of them.
  4. No Doug. It wasn't too bad actually, to my wallet anyway. Now my ego...another story after being so stupid.😳
  5. I probably should not have deleted the original, but I fell for a scam on YT thinking I had won a guitar and may lose a small amount of money. PayPal could be my savior. If not, lesson learned. 😳
  6. Deleted. I was an idiot. 🤣
  7. I am thinking you are either not counting your beats correctly or setting your metronome wrong? Try going back to Steve's lesson to find a drill using a metronome. That may help. 92 bpm is fast but not insanely so. Good luck and keep practicing.
  8. Congratulations Ron. That is a true act of dedication. Your mentioning taking lessons directly with Steve is something I plan on speaking with him about when I attend the Fingerstyle Retreat in October.
  9. Thx @matonanjin, I am really looking to this retreat. I will report back here with a post or two and some pics.
  10. That is what I am planning to do. Thx Doug, and also for the strap link.

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