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Live Lesson: April 14th - Making the Leap from Scales to Solos

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Tuesday April 14th, 2020

Topic: Making the Leap from Scales to Solos

7pm Central Time US

You can watch the lesson HERE.

So, you know your scales, arpeggios and a bit of theory but when it comes time to solo you have no idea how to put it together.  Your solos sound like a scale fragment here and an awkward bend there eventually ending up on the same pentatonic scale pattern you learned years ago. 

Sound familiar?

Let's learn some keys to making this important jump from knowing concepts in your head to actually creating music.

It involves using your ear and tapping into your jar of creativity - BUT if your inner musical creativity hasn't been opened in a while it might take a few ideas to get the lid off.  That's what we'll be learning.

Grab your guitar and I'll see you there! - Steve

There will be music, laughs, giveaways and more.

Watch on our Guitar Gathering YouTube Channel HERE

- Steve 


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@Steve Krenz So true.... You read my mind! 

I can play scales all day long, (boring) and melodies from my head, but the "soloing" has been elusive for me.

Most so-called lessons I've seen say, " go ahead and solo" over this chord of that, but give no idea on HOW to do this.  

I'll be interested and hopefully, get to actually watch and learn in real time.

All the Best!    Neil  


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Watched the guitar lesson "Making the Leap from Scales to Solos" yesterday morning and realized that I have predominantly been a "LEGO" person for the majority of my life. Seems most things both work related and personal have come with rules and procedures to follow without much room for creativity. Such a great lesson and insight on how to apply learning to solo by experimenting with only one or a few notes to get started instead of trying to run through a scale and trying to make sense of things. I started working on one and two note embellishments yesterday afternoon before going to work with some backing tracks which I had ( and never used). The lesson was such an "AHA" moment for me.

Thanks Steve and those involved in the background for this lesson and all which you do!

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