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  1. I am a left hander as well. Like many others, I write left handed and do just about everything else right handed. I tried to play guitar left handed but it felt awkward. The picking hand was fine but my fingers on my right hand would not adjust to the fretboard probably due to not being able to fully rotate my hand completely from previous injuries. The limitation did not affect my right hand for strumming or picking so I decided to play right handed due to it being more comfortable for me. Best of luck in your guitar journey!
  2. I had watched this video the other day just after having bought my seventh guitar, as well as having, two amps. Even worse, I only started my guitar journey about three years ago. I told myself I would not buy another without good reason. As I recall (wasn't that long ago) , I told myself the same thing after each guitar. This time I mean it. I think! I do enjoy each guitar for different reasons and cycle through each on a regular basis. Each has its own voice and purpose. I have the usual suspects: Tele, Strat, Les Paul, Gretsch for electric along with a Seagull, Martin, and Fender for acoustic. It may be that I'm trying to find myself or going through a mid-life crisis. Being 51, it is probably the latter. As I venture further along, I may decide to part with a few. The perspective, of finding the one or two guitars to connect with and learn inside and out, makes sense. At some point, I hope to find my own voice musically and go from there. So, does trading up count? If it is the same color and style, will anyone notice?
  3. Watched the guitar lesson "Making the Leap from Scales to Solos" yesterday morning and realized that I have predominantly been a "LEGO" person for the majority of my life. Seems most things both work related and personal have come with rules and procedures to follow without much room for creativity. Such a great lesson and insight on how to apply learning to solo by experimenting with only one or a few notes to get started instead of trying to run through a scale and trying to make sense of things. I started working on one and two note embellishments yesterday afternoon before going to work with some backing tracks which I had ( and never used). The lesson was such an "AHA" moment for me. Thanks Steve and those involved in the background for this lesson and all which you do!
  4. Working at local utility in a control center, my work location and schedule hasn't changed much as of yet. I work 12 hour night shifts so my practice routine on days that I work is limited to between 30 minutes to an hour, whereas, I practice somewhere between 1 to 2 hours or more on my off days. On the nights which I work, I've been working on the Speed & Technique series, as well as, the Triad lessons Steve K graciously showed us. I've been working on the L&M course along with the above on my off days. Depending on how much time I have, I work on some older songs which I had previously learned and partially forgotten. I just received the Blues course and the Song course a couple of days ago and am looking forward to starting those. I have more resources to practice than time so I am just trying to focus on a few things. A couple of goals which I have in mind during the quarantine include organizing my practice space and doing a better job of keeping track of my daily practices in a journal.
  5. Has anyone stayed in any of the campgrounds in the area for Guitar Gatherings in the past? If so, are there any which you would recommend?
  6. I had started the L&M Guitar course and playing guitar about 3 years ago. I was making steady progress with the course for about a year or so. I had progressed through the first 9 sessions and mostly through the 10th session (minus the third line of Canon in D). I was working in Sessions 11-13 when I began to take private lessons. While I made an effort to retain my previous learning with the L&M course, I had not made much progress over the past couple of years due to my private instruction. My instructor primarily emphasized learning guitar through learning songs. We had met every week for about a half an hour and, on average, I would learn about a half a song per week which took the majority of my practice time. My schedule changed to working 12 hour night shifts at the beginning of this year so I am no longer taking the private lessons. I have returned to the course and have worked my way back to where I had left off. Currently, I am working in session 11 but have been struggling gaining competence with soloing. I am also working through the Speed & Agility course, , starting the L&M Songs Course and working through the Triad Lessons from the Live Lessons. The L&M courses and especially Steve K are such great resources with so much to learn. I'm just taking it one practice day at a time and loving it! I had joined the forum a few months ago and have really enjoyed reading through the posts to see the successes which everyone has achieved, as well as, the common struggles that are currently being overcome. Thanks everyone for your posts and best wishes in your guitar journey!

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