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there are 4 web sites I visit daily (hourly) Guitar Gathering, Joe Bonamassa, Gibson USA and Fender forum

Fender just announced last night they are closing down their forum for good.


Last day is March 20, 2020




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For me two day in the early morning. Guitar Gathering and PRS Guitars Forum.


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I think we will see this trend continue. Not only are many of those forums expensive to maintain, but they are also competing with other forms of social media - most notably, Facebook.

The Collings Guitar forum closed last year taking with it tens of thousands of posts and much accumulated knowledge.

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14 hours ago, NeilES335 said:

And I thought I was Forum addicted with 2 a couple of times a day...😂  N

Then I really have a problem.   6 forums checking them each a couple times a day😮


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So sad to hear this.  And don't like the trend.

I feel forums like this offer a bit more personally than just a one way facebook post.

Where we can interact with each other and get to know each other over a longer period of time and content.


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9 hours ago, Popeye said:

Concur Steve- Thank you for making it all possible! 


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I think there will always be a place for communication like we have here - when you need a longer form of discussion, a tweet or a facebook post just won't cut it.

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