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  1. Still looking forward to this! Can't wait, it will be the first fun thing I've been able to do in a while ;)
  2. That looks amazing, @Fretless ! Can't wait to see and hear about it when you've finished!
  3. So how are things going for everyone now that this post is 2 months old? Have you made a lot of progress in the past 2 months? For me, I've been focusing on rhythm a lot recently and I feel like I've made some good progress there. Spending a lot of time just with a practice amp and a metronome. Simple is good
  4. Great article, Randy! Thanks for sharing it!
  5. Thanks, Neil! Joe Pass' Virtuoso and Intercontinental are two of my favorite albums. I've listened to Wes Montgomery's "The incredible jazz guitar..." some too. I'm listening to a lot of the classics now, Miles, Dave Brubeck Quartet, Bill Evans, etc.
  6. For me, I've got some anxiety issues especially around health topics, so this has been a rough season. I've been listening to a lot of straight ahead jazz lately, it seems to fit the moment and it can be really calming and chill, so I've been studying that on the guitar as well. There are a lot of great resources online about jazz guitar, but mainly I'm poking around with my Real Book and the app iReal Pro, which Mel Deal told us about at the Guitar Gathering - it's a GREAT app if you're interested in jazz. We'll all get through this, and for me it'll be by my faith and a big as
  7. Are you getting a lot of playing in? What are you working on? Have you chosen this time to get into something new? How are you spending this time? These are strange days, I know they have been personally quite stressful and anxious for me - it's been difficult for me to want to go pick up the guitar at times. But it is a great mindfulness activity, and it does allow us a way to escape for a time and continue to learn and grow. Just wanted to say hello and that I hope all of the friends here are finding time in our lives for guitar.
  8. I think there will always be a place for communication like we have here - when you need a longer form of discussion, a tweet or a facebook post just won't cut it.
  9. What sort of guitar are you planning to bring? An electric would travel by air a lot better than an acoustic, I would think. Even so, almost everyone attending the Gathering will have an acoustic. I have seen a few people there with something like this: https://www.amazon.com/Gator-Acoustic-Dreadnought-Approved-GTSA-GTRDREAD/dp/B01BGX82G8?ref_=ast_sto_dp&th=1 Of course if you want more protection there are Hiscox cases and even better available - depends on how much you want to spend. That being said, if I were flying with an acoustic I would definitely gate-check it. Then i
  10. I think it's important to have some comfortable seating that puts you in a good position to play the guitar, too! I have a nice office-type chair with no arms in my space along with a small sofa, which works well depending on what or how I'm playing.
  11. I only met Paul at one Gathering, but he was very kind to me and I enjoyed talking with him. It sounds like my experience with him was typical, he was loved by many people.
  12. It's almost February - June 10 is not all that far away 😎
  13. Can't wait, Steve! Looks like it's going to be another great one!
  14. Guitar-wise, everything I currently own I bought used. There's a little bit of risk involved and not everything has worked out, but I like the idea of reclaiming something that someone else didn't want or need and making it my own.
  15. Congrats Marion on the Loudbox Mini! I hope you put it to good use! For those who haven't been to a Gathering, Marion is the nicest person ever and is super fun to have around the Gatherings, so I'm glad she won a big prize 🙂
  16. I hope the retreat ended as grandly as it began, and congrats to all you campers on all that you learned, and the memories made!
  17. Great clip Old Guy, thanks for posting it!
  18. Great first post, Diane! I am so bummed that I couldn't attend this year... I am in a wedding in another part of the country and I can't project myself there holographically yet so I wasn't able to come to the Retreat. I am already signed up for the summer Gathering next year though, and I can't wait to see everyone again. Good luck with your performance, I will look for the video!
  19. So sorry to hear this, Old Guy. Lots of people have had trouble with flooding this year, in my area because we had such a harsh winter with heavy snow, in the spring many people's homes flooded. Now the wet year is continuing with tons of rain. Hope that you're up and running again as soon as you can be.
  20. Hah! Actually, I just got a great new one for my birthday, and it was almost entirely her idea! Yes, I know how lucky I am!

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