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  1. No problem Steve, I could follow along with the worksheet. I was able to get the idea. Thanks for helping us with this downtime. Henk
  2. For me two day in the early morning. Guitar Gathering and PRS Guitars Forum. Henk
  3. Good job Dan! Good tempo, keep at it and you will notice the doors opening in front of you. Henk
  4. Very nice Neil, a beautiful song, well played, I thoroughly enjoyed it.
  5. Thank you all for the great list of books. If I may add another book to the list, one which I have read a few years ago and seems to remain in my mind. Brain Rules for Aging Well: 10 Principles for Staying Vital, Happy and Sharp by John Medina. Brain Rules for Aging Well I can recall how the author characterizes the changes in the brain as we age and how to become self aware of those changes. This in turn helps us to better understand how we can improve our behaviour in social settings.
  6. Preetam, exactly what Diane and TJ said. Plus I would add that the required finger pressure is greater for an acoustic guitar. Switching to an electric I always tend to push a bit too hard causing some notes to go sharp. Practice will help you find a comfortable finger pressure that sounds good. Henk
  7. Thank you Steve, I'm still working on the major scales. Slowly but surely, I am finding this series very enlightening. Henk
  8. Thanks for posting Mandy. This was an excellent article for me to learn from. I found it very interesting that out of the ten points or steps to take when learning a song, the author does not pick up the instrument till step eight. Thus highlighting the requirements to plan, prepare and to anticipate difficult parts of the song. Perhaps my greatest downfall in learning a song is grabbing the guitar and immediately diving into playing, just to hear the sound. I suppose the point of the article is to be patient, using, ".... the fear of being unprepared" as motivation to be a better player. Henk
  9. Very nice Neil, you kept the same tempo throughout the song and the notes were clear. Well done, I enjoyed listening. Henk
  10. So are locking tuners worth it or not? I can only add my experience. I have a PRS SE Santana which seemed to have problems staying in tune. The strings were installed and stretched properly but after a few songs tuning would go flat. I installed the Schaller Locking Tuners and have never had a problem since. For me this was a $200. upgrade, was it worth it? Yes, less hassle stringing and no more worries about staying in tune. Possibly the size and angle of the post on PRS tuners may contribute to going out of tune quickly. The PRS forum lists the installation of locking tuners as a first priority when upgrading. What do you think Ron? Any issues with yours? Here is an attachment from Sweetwater, " 6 hacks for keeping your guitar in tune". https://www.sweetwater.com/insync/6-hacks-for-keeping-your-guitar-in-tune/ Henk
  11. Oldjock

    Why Do You Play?

    Neil, I think that word for word you have expressed my feelings. The only thing that I could add is, at the beginning (66 years old, 5 years ago) I had the luck of joining the Guitar Gathering (L & M). As Steve guides my journey, I am constantly helped and encouraged by a group of devoted and really nice members. Thank you all. Henk
  12. Right Neil, so much technology. I could envision using this unit through the Aux In on the MX-80. The idea of practice songs with background track and visual chord diagrams reminds me of the old RIFF station site which was purchased by Fender. For me the main draw back is that this is a monthly subscription based service. So it’s a no go. Henk
  13. Yes and no. As you are learning a song you must watch your left hand to make sure the fingertips are going where they should. Once you become more confident that the chords or riff sound good , that’s the time to shift your eyes. Practice will help smooth it out. It is very difficult to ski while watching your feet, yet the movement of the feet control the path. After a few falls it becomes second nature to trust your feet to make the right moves. Playing guitar is much the same, trust your fingers.
  14. Thank you for posting these exercises Neil. The fretboard becomes very tight for my fingertips after the 12th fret.

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