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  1. It is actually a group of about eight patches which match each of the Shadows top songs. The patch "Apache" is in this group. I can't gallop yet, still walk'in. Henk
  2. Ron, a gentleman never tells, it was puppy love. Henk
  3. Not a bad list for instrumentals. I would however substitute Hawaii 50 with Apache. Also #7 has a soft spot in my heart for a first ever romance. Henk
  4. I have always been a big fan of Hank Marvin and the Shadows sound. My amp is a Boss Katana MKII which uses digital patches (8) to give the user different sounds for different songs. I have found a patch (Casting a Shadow) which closely matches the double echo (delay) Shadows sound. https://guitarpatches.com/search.php?unit=katana
  5. The song Apache has been one of my favourite songs since I was a teen. Although the Beatles were the really big deal in the sixties, I became a fan of the Ventures instrumentals. Learning to play Apache had me humming and thinking of the melody in my head for days on end. It is not a difficult song to learn but like you, the galloping portion is still elusive.
  6. Oldjock

    Tenth Anniversary

    Well said Diane. I can also share many of the points which you have made. For me it has been a journey of six years with Steve guiding me. My circle of friends has also shrunk. The pandemic put an end to our groups monthly jams, along with my motivation to learn new songs to keep up. One member moved away, another (a doctor) is too busy. For me there was a major turning point, three years ago. I finally came to the realization that my 75 year old brain was never going to properly read sheet music. I learned to read tabs, converted my song library to tab and purchased the Songbook app for my iPad. In the beginning the primary function of learning to play the guitar was to play songs. I have reached that objective with simple songs, playing rhythm and lead tracks. Presently, I am trying to learn more songs of increasing complexity, recording the tracks to critique myself and improve. Overall, this has been a totally entertaining journey which has given my brain the daily exercise it requires. Last month one of my friends gave me a bass guitar with an amp, the journey continues. Henk
  7. Missing but on my list: Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi) Tommy Emmanuel Gabriella Quevedo
  8. That was very good rendition of an old classic folk song Wim, great tempo throughout. The timing of your post is uncanny. Last week we watched a movie on Netflix, titled "1917". At one point in the movie, the troops were resting in the woods before a battle. At this time one of the soldiers sang, "Wayfaring Stranger", it was haunting to listen to given their situation. I turned to my wife and said, I have to learn how to play this song. Hopefully I can learn to play it as well as you have demonstrated. Henk
  9. That's a beauty Mike. If this guitar sounds as good as it looks, you will find many hours of pleasure.
  10. Well done Mike, many hours of practice have paid off in a beautiful rendition of a great song. You really nailed those harmonics, super job. Henk
  11. This makes it a great time to go digital. Don't have tubes in TVs today, progress baby, progress. Henk
  12. I watched this video on “The Jazz Guitar” forum. Well produced with a moving beat.
  13. To have been part of the "Woodstock" summer , today you would have to be in the seventies or eighties age demographic. This age group probably accounts for a small percentage of forum memberships today, hence the lack of news. I remember that summer very clearly, being in my last year of college. Along with three of my buddies, we jumped in the car and headed for Woodstock. We made it as far as Watertown, NY where we were side tracked by a group of girls. Never made it to Woodstock, one of my regrets but we did have a fantastic weekend and one of my buddies married the girl he met. I am also a big fan of Carlos and was lucky enough to watch him at a concert in Toronto. Better yet, the warm up band was the Doobie Brothers. Henk

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