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  1. I agree with what you are saying Ron. I do think that every player should understand how different effects change the sound of the music. Pick any effect and you will find a wealth of information on the internet for free. My point about the “Rabbit Hole” was about spending a lot of money on pedals. The initial excitement (GAS) of adding a new effect pedal will dissipate and it will sit in the closet. That was my experience when the light came on. I put four pedals in a box, went down to L&M and traded them in on a Boss ME-80. It was simple to learn and easy to use. I prefer to spend my time learning how to play rather than tweaking the electronics. Good video, excellent guitarist and speaks well to get the message across. The main emphasis was on the Fractal FM3 which is way out of my price range. Simply put, learn about the various effects, then go straight to a multi-effect digital processor (there are many choices) that fits your budget and save money in the long run. Henk
  2. Yes, it is a good review. But I have taken a different path after falling into the pedal board "Rabbit Hole". I am a firm believer in the Multi effects processors (Personally, I use the Boss ME-80). If you wish to have that certain sound for a song that you are learning, find a patch for the song, save it and with a couple of clicks on the foot switch, bingo! Building a pedal board gets very expensive vs a multi effects processor which will have more sounds than you could ever use. Henk
  3. Boss Katana at home & Fender Mustang LT25 at the cottage. Both excellent for what I want them to do & great price. Henk
  4. Well done, Nairon, that sounded good. I would suggest turning down the volume on the backing track so you can highlight the sound of the guitar. Henk
  5. Thank you for your likes and comments. The thing that I really like about this L & M family is how members from around the world, all on the same journey, help and encourage each other, with their likes and comments, to improve as guitarists. Wim: After attempting to read the Reaper manual, I was lost. The Kenny Gioia videos are very educational in all aspects of the program. Plus, easy to follow. Henk
  6. This is my submission for the May Recording Challenge, a cover version of the Beatles hit, "Yesterday". It was my first try at using a DAW with Reaper. (yes, I have finally fell into the rabbit hole of the DAW crowd) The recording was made using an Eastman T486 into a Boss ME-80, then direct into a Focusrite 2i2 Scarlett. For a backing track I used an instrumental version by The String Quartet on You Tube. Henk
  7. Well Arju, you have a wealth of information from the previous posters. For my two cents you have to remember that this course is not a race and it must be fun. Your interest in becoming a guitarist will drive your pace. Be aware of the inevitable roadblocks that must be worked through. Personally, I use the roadblock as a time to take a break and learn to play some new songs. But I cannot emphasize enough that this journey must be enjoyable, otherwise, why bother. Henk
  8. Martin Lifespan 12 - 54 (light) 92/8 Phosphor Bronze. They stay in tune and I have had them last up to a year. Henk
  9. @Nairon, very good. If that is your first attempt using the backing track with a DAW, you are to be commended. That is not an easy task and to expect results as well as yours turned out. Henk
  10. I have two amps, a Katana 50 (65 presets) and a Mustang LT-25 (30 presets). The reality is that out of a total of 95 available presets, I only use 4. Yes, it took many hours to find the presets that suited me and yes I lost many hours of playing/practice time. The end result was achieving the sounds that I was looking for. As Doug mentioned, the simplicity of an amp with few controls is appealing but at a higher cost and it must be the exact sound you are looking for. Henk
  11. That was amazing , well played by all. It must have been difficult to put this video together, keeping everyone in sync. I am envious, hat’s off to all the players. Henk
  12. I envy you Greg, hanging out with friends playing music. Here in southern Ontario our cases are going up again and possibly another lockdown. Our group tried a Zoom jam but it was a disaster. Everyone is playing solo. Fingers crossed that we can all jam by summer. Henk
  13. Good article, thanks Diane. Personally, I really don’t like most of the modern music scene and the songs produced. Nothing memorable. Perhaps I am a creature of the sixties and seventies when music was fantastic and the bands were better, IMHO. Henk

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