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  1. I use the iPhone app Voice Memos, works great and keeps it simple. The only problem that I have had is that the replay doesn't sound as good as my playing /singing. Henk
  2. I think the picks are covering the money spent since starting to play the guitar. Henk
  3. Yes, this is very interesting since I tend to also fail to "hear" the metronome. I know that just about everyone in music recommends using a metronome but I seem to find it a difficult device to be continually fighting with. The idea of feeling a pulse on my fretting wrist may just work. Nutty 1, I would be interested in your review. Henk
  4. Congratulations S Bach, that is a very, very nice guitar. I am a big PRS fan with an SE Santana. You will absolutely love the sounds that this axe will make with various types of music, plus they feel great to play. Enjoy!! Henk
  5. Hi Neil

    How can I adjust my settings to read the entire chat page? I can only see 2/3rds of each line since it won't wrap to the next line.



    1. NeilES335


      Hi Henk

      Are u using an iPhone or other Apple device?

      Im no expert but i heard some members  have had issues like this. I suggest you try another browser or read chat in the full version (select chat menu top of home page)

      Regards Neil 

    2. Oldjock


      I'm using an HP desktop, tried everything but now I will use the full version chat as you suggested. Thanks

  6. Thanks for posting Triple-O, a very interesting video. Randy obviously likes a low nut action by making the setting at .018 across all the strings at the first fret. I checked the recommended settings at StewMac (See chart below) which shows a higher gap for low E and lower gap for high e. I would suppose that in order to try Randy's settings and didn't like it, all it would cost me is a new nut. Henk Suggested action settings Steel-string acoustic guitar Bass E Treble E Action at the 1st fret .023" .013" Action at the 12th fret .090" .070" Relief: .002" at the 8th fret Nylon-string acoustic guitar Bass E Treble E Action at the 1st fret .030" .024" Action at the 12th fret .156" .125" Relief: .002" at the 8th fret Electric guitar Bass E Treble E Action at the 1st fret .024" .010" Action at the 12th fret .078" .063" Relief: .001" at the 8th fret
  7. My Seagull S12 has a cedar top and cherry back/sides, I love it. At the time of purchase it had a very bright sound which is expected from a 12 string but the salesman said it will take a few years for the guitar to mellow. The S12 is now three years old, sounds great and the cedar top is darkening as it ages. The down side of the cedar top is that the wood is much softer than a spruce top and requires one to be a little more careful when handling the instrument to prevent marking the top. The S12 is always played for the Gordon Lightfoot songs. Henk
  8. I definitely have the symptoms, unfortunately if another PRS comes into the house I will be looking for new accommodations. Henk
  9. Mike that was very good, I could feel myself relaxing as I listened. The fact that you composed this song yourself makes this doubly impressive. Henk
  10. Thanks Steve, when dealing with the hi-tech internet setup, anything can happen and at the worst time. No frustrations here, couldn't be with a better group. Henk
  11. Excellent tune CapM, thoroughly enjoyed it. Makes me look out the window hoping to see the daffodils. Henk
  12. As I lament on the passing of Mr. Dale, I think of other players who have predeceased him and think of the sound. These artists have had distinct sounds attributed to them. In this case I will never forget the "Surf Sound" from this amazing guitarist. Henk
  13. Happy for you John, I have always worked with tools and remember listening to "protect your eyes". Glad that everything is working out. Henk
  14. Congratulations Cliff, looks like you are doing very well in only five weeks. Once you begin to play songs, the enjoyment factor rises and makes all the practice worth it. Enjoy the ride. Henk
  15. Try this site at GraphTech: http://www.graphtech.com/products/brands/tusq They have a large selection of nuts with various string spacing's for different sized necks. I have purchased from them without any issues. Henk

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