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  1. Congratulations Wim, you can be very proud of your ability to build on your ability to play the guitar. Never stop learning. Henk
  2. Oldjock

    Riffing with Otis

    Diane, I always enjoy reading your blogs, trying to catch the subliminal message. Otis is right, there are more years behind us than ahead, so enjoy the moment. A wise scholar once told me that there is a reason why the car has a large windshield with a small rear view mirror. Enjoy the past but keep your priorities in front of you. You and Otis make quite a pair, making beautiful music, arm in arm heading into the future. Henk
  3. @Six String you have made a great choice. The Boss Katana 50 is versatile, light and as boomy as you want to make it. There is now a version 4 update on the patches with Boss Tone Studio. I am thoroughly enjoying mine and it matches well with the Boss MD-80. Henk
  4. Wow Diane, that was very impressive. It is a wonderful talent to be able to write music and this song could be the beginning of a new career. Someone once said, "never stop learning", hmmm. Henk
  5. fingers crossed, stay safe Greg. Henk
  6. What a great idea for a travel guitar in a small package. This hits all the check boxes for me except one, the price. The anticipated price point is 2200 EUR or $2600 USD which puts it North of $3000 CAN. I could buy a dozen beaters for that price but at a larger travel size. Someone will buy it. Henk
  7. Great catch Randy, you will really enjoy this guitar. One of the guys that I play with has the same model "Grand Pacific 517", I think. He uses Martin strings and oh boy what a beautiful sounding guitar. Enjoy!! Henk
  8. That's a beauty Greg. I see many hours of pleasure in your future. Henk
  9. Interesting that you said, "...the birds are way too noisy". Four years ago, I could finally afford a set of new digital hearing aids and that was the first time I noticed. I had never been able to clearly hear the beautiful sounds of birds singing and made me realize how lucky I was. Henk
  10. Great story Mike, thank you for sharing, Henk
  11. Happy Birthday Steve! Thank you! Henk
  12. Way to go Greg, that was excellent. Nothing is more special in life than bringing the Grandkids into a shared project. Henk
  13. A good read Mandy but I suppose the composition of the list is dependent on the age of the participants making the requests. Personally I liked some of the songs but jazz is missing, perhaps that indicates my age group. Henk
  14. Luckily for me, my audiologist is also a guitar player. She asked me to bring a guitar into the lab and play songs. My hearing aids are digital and allow for four different programs to use in various situations. My programs are standard, dining, wind/golf and music. While playing she designed a special program for music. Then asking me if the tweaks to the program were better or worse, she dialed in the response which sounded good to me. Unfortunately she could not make me sound like Carlos Santana. Henk
  15. Well, I guess that makes me an extra old fart who wears two hearing aids. For me my best buddy is the Snark. Henk

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