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  1. That was amazing , well played by all. It must have been difficult to put this video together, keeping everyone in sync. I am envious, hat’s off to all the players. Henk
  2. I envy you Greg, hanging out with friends playing music. Here in southern Ontario our cases are going up again and possibly another lockdown. Our group tried a Zoom jam but it was a disaster. Everyone is playing solo. Fingers crossed that we can all jam by summer. Henk
  3. Good article, thanks Diane. Personally, I really don’t like most of the modern music scene and the songs produced. Nothing memorable. Perhaps I am a creature of the sixties and seventies when music was fantastic and the bands were better, IMHO. Henk
  4. Thank you for the kind comments. Doug, the guitar was ordered through L& M in Hamilton, great staff, never a problem. Ron, as for the 1 3/4” nut, it is a bit of a story. For starters, I have been blessed with XL hands. Back in university I was involved in a car accident, broke my left shoulder, arm and all the fingers of my left hand. I still have some restriction of movement with my fingers and now coming in for the encore is osteoarthritis. My acoustics are wide nuts and I don’t seem to mute adjoining strings as often. So it was time to change the electric. Playing over the weekend
  5. Way, way back pre-covid, January 2020 I had advanced to Session 13 and since I was moving into Jazz and the blues, it would be a good idea to have a jazz guitar. My only requirements when deciding on a new guitar were: 1 ¾” nut, semi hollow and not too expensive. That alone reduced the market choice by 80%. I was lucky enough to be able to play one at a local jam in February. After procrastinating for a few months, I ordered the Eastman T486 at the end of May, because it checked all the boxes for me. After a nine month wait, the guitar arrived on Saturday and it is just gorgeous. Flame m
  6. That was great Mike, thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. I thought the timing was spot on. I really like that song. Henk
  7. Tom, that sounded pretty darn good to me. IMHO, I would suggest turning down the volume a bit on the backing track so it doesn't over power the lead. The bass on the backing track is fine. Henk
  8. I agree with you Jack. I also prefer to tap my foot and keep the beat going in my mind. The use of the "nome" for me was difficult to get the hang of. It always seemed that I was racing to match the beat, after slowing the "nome" I was slowing down too much. Just never could get comfortable with that little beast. At the start of learning a song, I find a You Tube video and watch it a few times to get the feel of the song. Then I try to learn the parts of the song in sections. Once I'm comfortable with the individual sections, everything goes together. Again, the beat is in my mind and fo
  9. Well done Neil, you did justice to a classic and memorable song. I wish I could keep my tempo as steady as you do. Ah, the sixties, I was in my wonder years. It sure seemed like a screwed up world which we were inheriting. "Nam" protests, assassination of JFK, soon to be followed by RFK and MLK and a Cold War in which everyone wondered if there would be a tomorrow. On the good side the Beatles arrived and the timing of this song by Jackie De Shannon could not have been better. I believe that this song was the beginning of "Flower Power", an awaking of the next generation to make change.
  10. I lost track of how many loops were playing. Henk
  11. A very talented musician, thanks for posting Mike. I need to get one of those big horns. Henk
  12. I worked in the Marine Engineering field including commercial diving operations. Our crews traveled the world, usually in remote locations like the arctic. This required a thorough knowledge of CPR and advanced outpost first aid. I acquired the instructor certifications for CPR and First Aid to train the workers and divers on the worksites. I will brag a bit that in the 34 years of managing the business, there was never a serious accident. Henk
  13. "Stayin' alive", 100 bpm. I used to teach CPR. Henk

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