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  1. Ron, that was fabulous, a great song and better rendition. Henk
  2. My campfire guitar is an old Seagull beater. I would never consider taking a Martin on a camping trip. Henk
  3. I'm trying to stay with the "basic food groups". A six string acoustic, for the campfires; a 12 string acoustic for the folk songs and Gordon Lightfoot; and a six string electric which covers the blues and rock. I have been strictly adhering to the rule, "One guitar in means one leaves", of course that may all change with a lottery win. Henk
  4. This is the same type of question as how a guitar sounds. It is completely subjective as far as your hearing or feel. I use the same strings which came with my guitars, 10 - 46 on the electric (PRS) and 12 - 54 on acoustics (Seagull). Henk
  5. That is a beauty Ron, like you I am a big fan of Carlos. I can see in your future many hours of pleasure playing this wonderful guitar. Smooth!! Henk
  6. No problem Steve, I could follow along with the worksheet. I was able to get the idea. Thanks for helping us with this downtime. Henk
  7. For me two day in the early morning. Guitar Gathering and PRS Guitars Forum. Henk
  8. Good job Dan! Good tempo, keep at it and you will notice the doors opening in front of you. Henk
  9. Very nice Neil, a beautiful song, well played, I thoroughly enjoyed it.
  10. Thank you all for the great list of books. If I may add another book to the list, one which I have read a few years ago and seems to remain in my mind. Brain Rules for Aging Well: 10 Principles for Staying Vital, Happy and Sharp by John Medina. Brain Rules for Aging Well I can recall how the author characterizes the changes in the brain as we age and how to become self aware of those changes. This in turn helps us to better understand how we can improve our behaviour in social settings.
  11. Preetam, exactly what Diane and TJ said. Plus I would add that the required finger pressure is greater for an acoustic guitar. Switching to an electric I always tend to push a bit too hard causing some notes to go sharp. Practice will help you find a comfortable finger pressure that sounds good. Henk
  12. Thank you Steve, I'm still working on the major scales. Slowly but surely, I am finding this series very enlightening. Henk
  13. Thanks for posting Mandy. This was an excellent article for me to learn from. I found it very interesting that out of the ten points or steps to take when learning a song, the author does not pick up the instrument till step eight. Thus highlighting the requirements to plan, prepare and to anticipate difficult parts of the song. Perhaps my greatest downfall in learning a song is grabbing the guitar and immediately diving into playing, just to hear the sound. I suppose the point of the article is to be patient, using, ".... the fear of being unprepared" as motivation to be a better player. Henk
  14. Very nice Neil, you kept the same tempo throughout the song and the notes were clear. Well done, I enjoyed listening. Henk

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