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  1. Thats what I needed thanks.. I have 2 sets of DVDs already and in Jan when we go down will leave him a couple beginner ones. His dad can help him out as he has a music major degree from Univ of Florida and plays with local orchestras and some symphonies as backup when needed. Yes the old forums had all the music for downloads.. its on my old computer but I dont have it in Georgia now.. Once again.. Thanks.
  2. Hi everyone, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.. so I have purchased 2 complete sets of LMG DVD's over several years. One for me and one for my 11 year old grandson in Georgia.. now my grandson in Florida has a new guitar and amp for Christmas and looking for a place where we had all the old resource books including the original one. In the old forums we had a section of all materials but not sure we have it here.. can anyone help out or send me the original LMG course for my computer. Thanks in advance Ron
  3. so all you Tele owners, and Yes I too Have Squier Classic Vibe, But actually use it for more Jazz Sounds after watching a great You Tube Video on The Classic and Jazz. Any thoughts?
  4. Great story,, and great marriage.. that's what life's moments are about! Beautiful.. enjoy!
  5. Love the sound so maybe just tell folks.. its the retro old worn in look..
  6. Just to add to the Fishman Loudbox.. mine was in a carpeted room, humidified properly with my guitars away from all windows sun etc.. Very rarely used. I have 3 other amps also in the room.. This one the top has started to peel away and deteriorate .. anyone else with these issues.. this ones only a couple years old and I have never ever had an amp do this? I am thinking about sending them photos with a letter of complaint ref quality issues.
  7. Good for you.. great time to learn the Christmas songs and play with the band.. Matter of fact my wife and I just moved our old music room bedroom to our dining room now our music room so all the kids and grandkids can play along … Guitars, Tumbas, Congas, Bongos, Keyboard.. Yes ! Now congrats for you.. its FUN ! Let us know how it goes..
  8. Everyone of my guitars are in excellent condition.. I have them set up every year professionally by a great Luthier at Maple Street Guitars in ATL and anything that he finds is fixed immediately even little blemishes. So if I were to sell or trade one. they to will get a gem .. and many gems are to be found in the guitar world from used guitars. Some get rid of them after losing interest or some for medical reasons.. all sorts of reasons why the gems are out there.
  9. and don't forget deals and b stock . basically just some wear from being on the floor at Sweetwater. I have picked up some great buys very cheap and could not see the blemish if at all. Saved 100's .
  10. Truly a class act.. thanks for sharing!
  11. How cool.. thanks for sharing!
  12. Wow guys .. really nice making me want one now!

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