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  1. I'm a huge fan of his and have been listening to him since his Racer X days. New record incoming in May. Here's one of the tracks.
  2. I just learned of this as well. RIP to the King of Surf Guitar. ☹️
  3. Best of health, brother!!
  4. If you want a Looper with a dedicated stop button, then yes the Ditto X2 is an excellent unit. You are only paying for that one button if you don't use the other things that it offers. It's main attraction is that you can upload your Loops via USB to your DAW. Loopers can be had for $50 with infinite loops and up to 10 minutes of looping time if you can get by using one button. Check Reverb. YMMV.
  5. It's a very thin veneer. 2mm at most. That's what the kits are like. They are only $180 so I didn't expect much.
  6. Another gear question for Robben. Does he still have the Fender Esprits and if so, why does not favor them anymore. Thx! If Steve could tell him hello from me that would be amazing! I met Robben when he was in Montreal many, many years ago one his tour backing the 1st "Blue Mile" record. We had a drink together at the club where his concert was, "Club Soda". Never forget it. He was so cool to chat with and is such a humble guy. I've been a fan since his Minor Elegance days!
  7. Some pics on the staining process. Putting a full video together soon. Beginning stain is Brown (although it looks Black). Sand it off as much as the thin veneer would allow. Then Yellow base, and Orange on edge. Let dry, build up some more. Will sand it one more time and then repeat Yellow and Orange, so not quite done yet.
  8. Reverb is an excellent resource for new and used stuff. I've bought a few things on there and had no problems at all. Mostly pedals and accessories. But never had any issues.
  9. This is my favorite stuff to jam to. Enjoy!
  10. Welcome and congratulations!!! Being a Dad ROCKS. They grow so fast, so enjoy every moment you can with the little dude/dudette!
  11. Beautiful Tele!! Enjoy it, brother!!

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