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  • This Month's Live Streaming Guitar Lessons: TUESDAY AUGUST 6TH - USING CHORD TONES AS SEEDS FOR SOLOING. Improvising can be intimidating - but here's a simple trick you can use to spark soloing ideas. By using the chord tones, you can create simple "seed" ideas that can be expandaded into much larger musical ideas. TUESDAY AUGUST 20TH - BEING A SINGER/SONGWRITER WITH ROB HARRIS. Ever dreamed of playing your own songs at a songwriters night? or perhaps playing guitar at a local restaurant? Rob Harris is a master of this and he will be dropping by to talk about crafting your own songs and building gigs. SPECIAL EVENT: MONDAY AUGUST 26TH - THE BOUTIQUE GUITAR SHOWCASE. These are some of the rarest and fascinating instruments in the world. We'll be showing these amazing instruments live from Gruhn Guitars in Nashville Tennessee. Watch LIVE on our Guitar Gathering YouTube Channel. It's going to be a great month! Learn all you can!

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  1. "Learning guitar" is such a personal journey for everyone. It's hard to give advice in that regard. These days, people are so busy, it's hard to tell someone with a job, and a family, "go out and play with others", or "learn a bunch of songs". The most important thing about learning the guitar is deciding what YOU want to get out of it. When I learned to play almost 30 years ago, I told myself that I wouldn't go into the most famous local music store again until I could play a few blues licks. That exploded my journey into play with some of the best local talent on "jam nights" for a few years. Choose what's important to YOU on your journey. THAT'S how to make sure you keep playing!
  2. Just put this together. Hope you enjoy!
  3. Congrats on performing live!! That is not an easy task. I get that way in front of the camera playing for my YouTube channel. It takes time and lots of practice in front of the camera/people. You'll get there!!
  4. Put together a little digital recording studio. Not ideal, but should work for now. Check it out!
  5. Thanks, brother. That really means a lot to me!
  6. Thanks for all the kind words everyone. Probably going to go with an HX Stomp into my studio monitors for now. I won't have space to crank a tube amp for years, LOL.
  7. That is truly the first step to guitar excellence. Playing with others will expand your repertoire, teach you timing, and build relationships. If you can't already, I would highly recommend learning the I-IV-V progression using any key. This progression is the foundation for pretty much all Rock and Roll you've heard since the 1950s and is a great way to break the ice with people to jam with. Look up "I-IV-V chord progression" on YouTube and you'll finds thousands of examples to learn from. The other thing to learn is the 12 Bar Blues, which is a variation on the I-IV-V that you've heard anytime you've heard blues. This is what 90% of people do for rhythm, when playing the pentatonic minor scale. An easy way to practice for this upcoming event is to jam with backing tracks on YouTube. There are thousands. Here's a nice slow, easy 12 Bar Blues in E backing track that you can jam to from my channel:
  8. Sadly, I'm not sure I can finish the build. We had a massive flood in our basement, which I put up a post about, and it got so humid that the guitar took on a lot of moisture. I'm still drying it out to see if I can continue the build, but it looks like all the hardware and electronics were damaged in the flood as well. Still working on drying everything out to see if I can finish up. Sorry about that, folks.
  9. Sorry I've been away awhile. We had a huge flood in our area, and for the first time ever, our basement took on A LOT of water. Completely wiped out my home studio. Some of my gear survived, some didn't. Guitars and my amp are okay. Will be years before I can redo the basement, as our home owners didn't cover the cost of the cleanup. Pumping out over 1000 gallons of water out of a basement, removing all carpeting, cutting out most walls and spraying for mold costs a lot. I had no idea. Thinking about going back to all digital, as I have no space to record analog the way I'd like to, and some of my recording gear was damaged anyway. Super bummed, but no one was hurt, and I'll rebuild with time. Hopefully soon, I can get my channel up again.
  10. I put together a short video of some of the guitars on display at The Metropolitan Museum of Art for the "Play It Loud: Instruments of Rock" exhibit. If you can, GO! Enjoy!

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