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  1. @matonanjin The evaporative humidifier that I replaced (a Hunter product) did not use a wick. Rather it had something like an automobile's radiator, an expanded metal framework over which recirculating water could flow and through which the fan forced air could pass. Such a unit would be somewhat more resistant to the effect of hard water than a unit using a wick, then again maybe it would be preferable to replace wicks rather than have a metal "radiator" that would need to be cleaned from time to time in a manner similar to what coffee makers require. In addition, since such a unit uses a
  2. @Triple-o Reading your post got me to thinking. It seems the first song that I learned (~1974), and that I could play all the way through was played fingerstyle. "The House of the Rising Sun", a song I had grown quite fond of during the time the version by The Animals was getting considerable air time on AM radio during my teen years. The picking pattern was something I took to like the proverbial duck to water, Thumb picks the chord's bass note and then the fingers (32123) picked the treble strings. I don't remember how I came to know which key to play it in. But it called for chords th
  3. Justin Sandercoe (Justinguitar.com) a right-handed guitar player and instructor with 35 years experience documents using his own course to learn to play left handed. https://www.justinguitar.com/modules/nitsuj-lesson-1-practice It was a couple weeks ago when I first came across this link. My first thought was that "Nitsuj" was some sort of eastern martial arts training philosophy applied to learning guitar. Today I let my curiosity follow the link and learned it was something else entirely. For perhaps the first time ever we see documented learning guitar with all its pain and war
  4. I thought I'd take the time to write about the whole house humidifier I use, the AIRCARE Mini-Console Evaporative Humidifier, Model D46720(CN). Winters in North Central Florida can be quite challenging when it comes to controlling humidity. Each cold front that comes through drops the temperature and every following day the temperature rises until the next front comes through. As a result the amount of moisture in the air can change dramatically over the course of 24 hours as the temperature can potentially plummet by 60ºF. One can't tell from a hygrometer how much the amount of moistu
  5. Not mentioned so I will … In the menu bar, just right of center, is the tempo. In this example a quarter note = 112 BPM. Clicking on this pulls up the Automation Editor where one finds that the BPM can be changed in one beat increments.
  6. There was a time I made a determined effort to educate myself on how to practice. Of all the books I've come across on the subject the one that was most influential was "Fundamentals of Piano Practice" by Chuan C. Chang. http://www.pianopractice.org/book.pdf
  7. @zeve At first thought one may think there is nothing to be done about problems related to fret spacing. However, there is a solution. One so easily done one may feel guilty as it comes across as cheating. Tune your guitar flat and bring it back to pitch with a capo. Place the capo at whichever fret makes the spacing a bit challenging (or not at all). As the flexibility of one's hand increases, whether from guitar practice or stretches directed toward that end, one can move the capo another fret and continue the process. Other benefits come from using a capo in this manner. The lowering
  8. After watching two live lessons with Greg Voros I ordered Learn and Master Guitar Setup and Maintenance today. I've known about the L&MG course for many years but only by seeing those did I learn that Greg Voros is just the sort of professional I want to work with, knowledgeable, competent and willing to explain what is being done and why in a manner, clear, direct, and comprehensive. I have every confidence that the course will do for my ability to do guitar setup what watching Roy Underhill of "The Woodwright's Shop" did for my ability to cut dovetail joints with hand tools.
  9. Ning

    Getting Started

    My first thought, for several days now, had been to start a thread in the Guitar Open Talk Forum and name it "Ning's Diary." Having found there is a place for blogs here it seems that it is a more appropriate venue to do what I have in mind … so I'm here rather than there. Since the beginning of the year I've been finding that activities I was quite willing to spend all my free time doing any one of, one after another, have lost any interest for me. With the list of activities of interest to me becoming every shorter I found myself thinking, time and again, that perhaps I should once aga
  10. This may be just the thing to overcome whatever reason is blocking me being able to tap a foot in time to the music … strapped to an ankle of course.
  11. }{appy }{olidays everyone. Back about 2013 for perhaps a year I was a student of L&MG and active on its forum (Oh how I wish I could go back and edit those naïve posts I made in that Forum.). But like the two previous times I attempted to learn guitar I hit a plateau, and after weeks, perhaps months of no discernible progress I put down my guitar. Apparently the time has come once again to make the attempt. For several months I've been repeatedly visiting the L&MG website only to be frustrated by a dead link to the Community Forums. Repeated attempts to Google what had happened

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