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  1. We've got a 1-hour set on Sunday at a biker bar! Doing a bunch of AC/DC and ZZ Top (which is why our name is AZ/DZ)!
  2. FYI Tommy Emmanuel doesn't use nails. Just sayin'.
  3. Super! Great playing! Mike - with the recording, it was only coming in one ear. What likely happened is you armed your DAW as a stereo track (where you record a left and right channel with separate inputs at once) but then only plugged in your guitar into one. It's no problem - you can change this track from stereo to mono in your DAW so that it comes through equally through the left and right.
  4. Hi all! Since joining my rock band, I've been working on covers and have not been working on any original music for the better part of a year. All of a sudden out of nowhere, I felt the urge to do a few of my own. This is the first result - an original composition I call "First of Spring." Played on my Fender '52 RI Telecaster (neck pickup, of course), direct through my Duet interface and into Logic Pro X. I just used a stock preset in Guitar Rig called "Buzzed Michael Clean." I also added some reverb (though that delay sound you hear was already built into that preset). All comments welcomed! I may do a youtube video version too, as Blue Dog mentioned in chat that haven't done one of those in a while either! Peace...
  5. Our first show, I wore jeans and a tee shirt. But the second show, I'm thinking that rock n roll has always been about being yourself and different. So at a show at a biker place, I dressed nicely (wore a button down). The owner started calling me "Professor." ?
  6. I'd have to win the lottery. Actually, several lotteries.
  7. Yeah, there's a guitar in and out on the back. I just watched the demo, and it can use the guitar signal to adjust the harmonies. So Nutty may play with that function. If she gets good enough harmonies by just setting the key of the song, she may not even want to run the guitar through the unit. That's probably what I would do - have XLR in and out of the Boss and then through to input 1 on a Scarlett, then guitar direct into input 2 on the Scarlett. So as to Nutty's original question, yes whether you run the guitar through the Boss or not, you'd be recording two (vocal & guitar) separate tracks.
  8. It doesn't move freely when manually tuning as compared to a regular guitar. You can hear and feel the gears moving, so I'll do this sparingly!
  9. Instructions say tune manually but only when off.
  10. I found this to be true. However I do have a neoprene strap (one that Steve recommended a long time ago, a bass strap) that handles this pretty well. This is not an issue at home sitting down.
  11. Here's my experience with the tuners. I've traditionally been against them, but considering I was just a play-at-home guitarist, I really didn't need it. I always plug into a tuner or have my DAW's tuner. However, it's different to be in a band. I have about 6 different tunings (standard, drop D, Eb, D standard, open G, drop Db) I use and now they want me to play slide on a Black Crowes song that's Open Gb, so that'd be 7. Here's where the tuner comes in handy because it starts tuning all the strings at once. To tune to Eb for example (this is where you tune every string down 1/2 step, or one fret basically), manually you would tune one string at a time. After tuning one string, you go to the next, but that invariably makes the string you just tuned out of tune as the neck tension changes. So when changing tunings manually, it takes 3 or 4 efforts to retune before every string is in tune. So the auto tuners on the guitar accomplish this because they tune every string at once, so it's very quick and accurate! The downside of these tuners is that when I go from open G back to standard, it doesn't handle it too well. It gets confused and sometimes it even tries to take a string down an entire octave so that it becomes completely slack. Going from standard to Eb doesn't seem to confuse it - it's mainly on the open G to standard. I think what I have to do is retune the E's and A strings manually to get it close and then use the G-Force to fine tune it. So I could never totally trust the G-Force at a gig without having another tuning system as a backup.
  12. I dig that vintage finish in hollowbodies. Nice piece of axe!
  13. Is this a makeup for that previous song about murdering a spouse? In the words of Monty Python, "Alright, we'll call it a draw!" Tasteful harmonies there as the song progressed. Strings were a nice touch as well. Bravo! Keep up the good work!

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