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    Ha - I knew what NUSHGD meant even before opening up the thread! Nice piece of axe you got there! Congrats
  2. Gibson - Running out of time?

    I'm just $999.9 million short.
  3. On my early early recordings, I used the iRig 2 attachment. Works fine on an electric! Easy to practice with, too.
  4. The Toto "Rosanna" one he just posted is awesome!
  5. Awesome guitar! Sounds like an awesome deal!
  6. This is great!. Rick Beato is putting out new videos "What makes this song great." It's awesome because he plays solo'd instrument tracks so you can hear each instrument by itself. He also might discuss some theory. On the Steeley Dan "Kid Charlemagne" video, he actually hows how to play the entire solo. So far I've watched the Steeley Dan one, Tom Petty, and Police songs. Check it out! Here's a link to the first in the series where you can access the list to all of them (7 so far):
  7. Hi all! Well, having turned into a Tele fanatic, I've really wanted a Fender Custom Shop Tele. One popped up on Reverb, and the seller needed to raise cash quickly for something, so I was able to purchase this! It's a 2015 Custom Shop '63 Journeyman Relic in "faded candy tangerine." I'm not too high on relics, but this is very lightly relic'd. I did a quick recording this morning, the first one being with my '52 RI Tele and then the new CS Tele. This one has a little bit of that Tele twang in it, whereas the first one has a little more warmer tone. Okay, no more purchases for a while, unless I sell a few Gibby's or something.
  8. I still think it's weird that the piezo and non-piezo have different gauges, at least they did back then.
  9. I have a tag from the manufacturer in my case. Does yours still have one?
  10. Interesting. It conflicts with their products page: http://www.prsguitars.com/index.php/electrics/core/hollowbody_ii_2018
  11. Well, the strings PRS puts on in the factory are 11's with Wound G. I think that's what I put on mine, so I don't record any solos with it.
  12. NGD Les Paul Standard

    It's like an LP and an SG had a baby, with that all 'hog body!
  13. These, in .88mm size.
  14. NGD - PRS Hollowbody I

    Considerably lighter. My PRS HBII is 6.4 pounds, while my ES-335 is 9.0, It is my lightest electric guitar, with my Tom Anderson Hollow T in second place at 7.4.

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