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  1. Been slow to get round to this one, but this session is absolutely fantastic. Always turn to 12 bar blues for jamming with others and noodling. This adds another dimension to doing this. A pdf of the chord shapes used would be great, but part of the learning for me is sometimes working out what variations Steve is doing here himself. I used to watch the old Gruhn's sessions with guests in the same way. I always looked forward to them duos. Here we have Steve explaining some variations and styles you can do. Really great! Many thanks Steve.
  2. Need you love so bad! He was tremendous. Always understated - less means more! A great singer and one of the very best guitarists.
  3. Thanks NeilES335 this is a great revision session. And particularly the jazz comp at the end. I tend to unthinkingly always go for the four string version.... but that 6 string one is fantastic on the the last example.
  4. Wow! Watch this! It really opens your eyes - aka mind? - about what notes and solos you can make over chords. Thanks Steve. I'll get my looper going straight away.
  5. Kirk Fletcher is absolutely fantastic and so much fun. I caught him on one if his videos a few years ago - talking about blues guitar sounding like a horns section etc. I tried to copy it note/chord by chord. Really worth having a go.....but hard work. Since then I have tried to get to see him whenever he's is on tour here. He is inspirational to watch live .....he just enjoys it so much. See him in a small club if you get the opportunity. Seems to have upped his weekly (daily?) videos during lock-down. As matonanjin says, not so much guitar lessons as talking about all his influences and types of music and playing. Just great to watch and follow-up whatever he's been talking about. Brian
  6. Thanks Steve. I seem to recall the earlier one too - so long ago?!!! Good to watch and great to see Steve's working notes. Blimey!
  7. I found this series really good and to be honest I am exercising regularly with it and to some extent still working on it. It adds so much and I am using to to learn the fretboard more. So it takes time and needs committed working on - for me. I am generally a picker using the thumb and first two figures for the triads and it works fine for learning the shapes and the notes in the fretboard. I am however keen to improve my pick technique so I am do more of this too. I find the triads needs a restricted attack - tighter wrist? rather than what I would call strumming. But that may just be me!
    Brilliant as ever. The support from Steve in these difficult times just keeps on coming and is such super quality. On top of the fantastic triad series - which I am still working on (honest Steve !) - I approached this as a little 12 bar diversionary relief.....But again it has given me loads of great stuff to work on. And now it's down to me and structured practicing.....and I am getting a better player day by day. Thanks Steve, for your continuing efforts , you and your sessions are much appreciated. PS missing those impro 12 bar sessions with guests. But the looper is a fine reserve. Brian
  8. Wow, thanks for putting this topic and the link up, which I have shared to friends. I thought I was such a wimp moving from 10s to 9s - "not strong enough wrists for barres etc". But I have liked them on my strat and electro-accoustic. In my mind was always thinking I would perhaps make it back to 10s. Not now! By the way I use Roto Sound. Do you know them? Made just down the road from me in the UK. Great strings.
  9. Great lesson. Although it moved quickly over some things it was really interesting and made me think musically and get trying things on my guitar. It's great when Steve gives us the "trade secrets". In particular, the jazzy arpeggios over chords using the 3rd. Just to make sure I got it right, say over C major was it Em, over C minor Emajor, and over C7 was is it Em b5? It was so interesting to see the flattened 5th of the minor third chord was the 7th of the dominant chord. Never really understood why and how flattened 5ths worked before. Am I right? Brian
  10. Apologies Steve....Although guitar practicing is still regular, on-going and very enjoyable I haven't been catching up with your Tuesday sessions as much as I used to. Lots going on here!!! But we had a beautiful balmy night in London yesterday and I caught up outside with your Monday session on the Boutique Guitars Showcase. And what a great session that was. Not the usual evening or content but you and the guitars were brilliant. Many thanks. They're here on 30 October so I am putting that on the calendar. Promise to try and get into the routine of watching your Tuesday nights again and getting more active on the Guitar Gathering site again. As ever, thanks to you for all you do for us. And regards to Greg. Brian
  11. Thanks Neil. He's got such a relaxed easy voice and style. Where did you find them? Any links?
  12. Hey Steve, Not been able to watch many lessons of late so I was in catch up mode when I went into this one. I have skated around modes for ages - do I need to know them? - but this was the "bees' knees". Really brilliant. You made it all so simple to understand plus a pdf......and moreover inspiring. Made me want to get the looper going immediately. And perhaps even better still play along with my daughter - who was similarly impressed. A great lesson! Steve you were at your very best!!!! Many thanks.
  13. Wow Ian, I am jealous! I am keeping it free in my diary - just in case, but you seem to be a lot further down the road. We did Nashville to Memphis and then Clarksdale in 2017. Best holiday ever.....went to Gruhns and met Greg etc (everyone regarded that as a real high point) but sadly missed out on meeting up with Steve. That was the only downside. What about the new flights direct to Nashville from London? Brian
  14. Many thanks Diane. You made it sound absolutely fantastic. It's as good as any sales pitch and just makes you want to be there. Ah, if only...…..

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