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  • This Month's Live Streaming Guitar Lessons: TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 17TH - THUMBPICKING WITH PARKER HASTINGS. National Thumbpickers Hall of Fame "Thumbpicker of the Year" Parker Hastings has amassed a great following from the guitar community. An amazing young musician, Parker, will bring his incredible playing and superb musicianship to live lessons to show you how to Thumbpick. TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 24TH - GUITAR CHAT IN THE CHAT ROOM. Bring your guitar questions and we'll talk guitar and gear with your guitar family from all over the world. TUESDAY OCTOBER 1ST - STRATS AND TUNES WITH JUDE SMITH. Inspired by class acts such as George Benson, John Mayer, and Michael Jackson, Jude Smith plays to a different tune than most by fusing modern pop with classic taste. A Nashville native and multi-intstrumentalist, Jude Smith brings to the table the timeless recipe of an irresistible melody mixed with charming instrumentation, and a deep appreciation for groove, musicianship, and carefully crafted arrangements centered around his guitar playing - often being the sole performer on each track. Watch LIVE on our Guitar Gathering YouTube Channel. It's going to be a great month! Learn all you can!


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  1. Apologies Steve....Although guitar practicing is still regular, on-going and very enjoyable I haven't been catching up with your Tuesday sessions as much as I used to. Lots going on here!!! But we had a beautiful balmy night in London yesterday and I caught up outside with your Monday session on the Boutique Guitars Showcase. And what a great session that was. Not the usual evening or content but you and the guitars were brilliant. Many thanks. They're here on 30 October so I am putting that on the calendar. Promise to try and get into the routine of watching your Tuesday nights again and getting more active on the Guitar Gathering site again. As ever, thanks to you for all you do for us. And regards to Greg. Brian
  2. Thanks Neil. He's got such a relaxed easy voice and style. Where did you find them? Any links?
  3. Hey Steve, Not been able to watch many lessons of late so I was in catch up mode when I went into this one. I have skated around modes for ages - do I need to know them? - but this was the "bees' knees". Really brilliant. You made it all so simple to understand plus a pdf......and moreover inspiring. Made me want to get the looper going immediately. And perhaps even better still play along with my daughter - who was similarly impressed. A great lesson! Steve you were at your very best!!!! Many thanks.
  4. Wow Ian, I am jealous! I am keeping it free in my diary - just in case, but you seem to be a lot further down the road. We did Nashville to Memphis and then Clarksdale in 2017. Best holiday ever.....went to Gruhns and met Greg etc (everyone regarded that as a real high point) but sadly missed out on meeting up with Steve. That was the only downside. What about the new flights direct to Nashville from London? Brian
  5. Many thanks Diane. You made it sound absolutely fantastic. It's as good as any sales pitch and just makes you want to be there. Ah, if only...…..
  6. Thanks for a brilliant lesson again Steve. You're just a natural when you just talk to us all like that. Simple patterns, as you say, - but the chords can feel like an alphabet - but they make you think and want to try things out.
  7. Just looked at this lesson on catch up. Watching live is not easy! Fantastic lesson Steve. Many thanks. They're always great but this was you (and us?) at your best - just you, us, some technique and theory....and of course your impromptu use of the looper! What an inspiration!...…. I suspect though, I'll be doing more finger stretching exercises for the last shapes. I have let these lapse over the last few weeks!!!! Still have the old Skills House Money Chords PDFs which I always find time to go back over. Years ago - pre-Skills House... I think - you used to go a fantastic tune using these open chord shapes. Starting above the 12th and running all the way down? Sounded great. I love going back to it and these chords.
  8. Just caught up with this. What a fantastic lesson and such a great bloke. I will go back and try and pick up those routines -using open E etc, that Adam spoke to Steve about.
  9. I particularly like the variety and range of guests and sessions Steve provides. The breadth of guitarists and musicians that come along are always very interesting and often open up ideas that I frequently follow up. I could easily be just focussing on blues and jazz, but Steve’s sessions open up loads of new things and ideas. Also, the variety of interactive sessions with Greg; George Gruhn, discussion about guitars, music theory, and playing with others – Will Macfarlane comes to mind, keeps the whole thing fresh and stimulating. Where else would you get this? Also, I must say Steve never uses the sessions to promote long term funding commitments like many other sites do, almost from day one! Somehow Steve always seems to promote supporting me in what I am doing, and not pushing me in any one direction. I personally like this ....and I know I can always ask Steve for advice etc. I am concerned however about how Steve finances for all this. I would like to do more to support Steve and what he does. Is buying the odd course/exercise really enough? I particularly like Steve's weekly impromptu comping with guests. They are always uplifting. My aspiration is to be able to do that well with others I meet and play with. Steve's and guests enjoyment of these sessions is just fantastic to watch but also acts as encouragement to me. I would love some sessions on this. I also like Steve’s sessions on listening to the songs – adding to it and not trying to dominate, and looking for smarter ways of playing the chords (like a Nashville pro would!). I enjoyed the jazz fretboard work out. As a Brit I feel I miss out with the live sessions - OK I could stay up late! I also would love to get to one of the gatherings - Summer or Autumn but that would take a lot of forward planning. One day!
  10. This ones beginning to keep me awake at night!  I thought I knew my sevenths.....but what's the difference between a minor 7th and a dominant 7th.  Initially I thought we were talking about the major triad with the 7th added. So that would be an B or Bb added to the (major) C triad. Is the dominant and minor 7th's  additional note the Bb but the underlying triad is major for a dominant 7th and minor for a minor 7th?    

    1. Steve Krenz

      Steve Krenz


      Here's the scoop!

      Major 7th chord (i.e. Cmaj7, Fmaj7) = 1 - 3 - 5 - 7 or C - E - G - B

      Dominant 7th Chord (i.e. C7, F7) = 1 - 3 - 5 - b7 or C - E - G - Bb

      Minor 7th Chord (i.e. Cm7, Fm7) = 1 - b3 - 5 - b7

      Hope this helps!

      - Steve



  11. Hi Steve, Started picking up on yesterday's lesson. The bit about substitutions was very helpful and I will go back and give it more attention (for my note book - your suggestion ages ago).....but I have to say that intro was fantastic (as ever!). This one seemed to be full of "money chords" ..am I right? I still have the Gibson's handouts. I could try and copy it chord by chord from the video or is there any chance of getting a copy of the chords/tab you were using? Brian
  12. Brian, you obviously like Peter Green.  You might want to look at this month's Guitar Techniques magazine.  The cover article is about Mr. Green.  I actually haven't studied the article but it looks interesting.  And your being in the UK it isn't as expensive as it is for us here in the US!  :/


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    2. matonanjin


      Dang, I forgot about my own link!!!!!:$   I was going to listen to it and record the Wes Montgomery show and my wife got home, we had dinner, settled in in front of the TV and I complete forgot about it!

      I really like Guitar Techniques.  A great magazine of lessons without all the hype and silliness and advertising of other magazines.  It's obscenely expensive for us here in the US but I think worth it. I subscribe to it and Premier magazine and I'm going to let the Premier subscription lapse.  Let me know what you think of the Peter Green article.

    3. BrianG


      Hey Ron, thanks for the tip on the mag.  It's really good and the stuff on Peter Green is well worth a read. I have so many guitar books that I try and steer myself away from new magazines on the basis that I should get down to read and apply what I already have.  But you may have changed my mind on this. And it's printed here! 

      I think Peter Green and the real first version of Fleetwood Mac is really under appreciated - well ...in the UK - and he was absolutely fantastic.  A bit sad to him now though.....but he's still around.  More recently Peter Green was at the O2 Arena (Greenwich, London)  for the Stevie Nicks/Lindsey Buckingham incarnation of the band's tour.   Sadly watching and not playing. 

    4. matonanjin


      I saw him (Peter Green) on a YT video with Santana playing Black Magic Woman.  It was sad.  He looked incoherent.  A really sad occurrence what that "trip" did to him.  I hope to learn to play his Supernatural one day.

      Glad you like the article.  I think Guitar Techniques is the only magazine worth subscribing to.  But, yes, I have so many piles of learning materials that I will never get to it's embarrassing.  Including back issues of GT.  I am currently working their article on the Blues Scale from December.

  13. Happy Birthday, Brian!

  14. Happy Birthday Brian!  Glad you're here.

    I hope your guitar learning is going well.

    Keep up the great work!

    - Steve

    1. BrianG


      Thanks  Steve

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