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  1. Sort of a strange list really. Pretty much any amp would do for absolute beginners and several amps in the list seem targeted to the parents of those beginners that don't want to spend a bunch not knowing if the learner will stick with it. Then there are a group that would take a beginner through their first gigs . I'm not familiar with the Fender Pro Jr but a 15 watt tube amp can easily be a gigging amp and is pretty much in a different price class than the rest of this list, yet still at the very low end of tube amp prices. Others are sort of niche amps more suited to intermediate players that need compact low volume amps. I'm a fan of the Katana as a "best in price range" choice.
  2. Folks ahead of me provided the info you need to help inform your decision. I'll add that your intended use for the guitar matters as well. An all laminate guitar may be just the ticket if you are buying an instrument to take camping, boating, road trips or hauling on airlines, etc. Yeah, it likely won't sound as good as a solid wood guitar, but it will sound better than solid wood guitar that gets smashed to toothpicks or warped like pretzel from wet , cold and heat. For a number one acoustic, I'd aim for solid wood model if I could, but I have a small body solid laminate that I take on work travel and out on our sailboat. Its built like a tank with a laminate neck and body so I don't have to worry too much about it. I think I could almost drive nails with it and it sounds pretty good under the stars on my sailboat.
  3. Yep, My Helix seems to have cured my chronic Gear Acquisition Syndrome. Line 6 keeps doing releases that add new amps and pedals to the already overwhelming choices. I was pretty satisfied with what was in my Helix so I was several updates behind until recently, and now there is yet another update out that adds an Orange Rockerverb Amp, 5 New pedals and also increases the oversample rate which apparently improves the sound on everything. Since I sold an Orange Dual Terror to help fund my Helix, I'm excited to download this update and check out probably the 6th or 7th new amp they added since I bought the Helix, all for zero extra dollars.
  4. Yes, who needs a band once you figure out the corporate chord progression and learn how to code it into the software.
  5. The PRR mentioned above is absolutely a great amp. If the volume of your DRR wasn't a problem the PRR might be a good downsize for you. If you want super light, and aren't hard over on wanting to stick with a tube amp, the Boss Katana's are very light and surprisingly versatile.
  6. I'm among those that have something of a collection of guitars with 7 electrics and 4 acoustics (One belonged to my Mom and a small acoustic I bought for travel). Of my 7, I tend to play my Les Pauls far more than the others. Second would be my Squire CV Telecaster (among my least expensive). My Stratocaster, I've owned the longest and is by far played the the least. So it seems I have a preference for single cut guitars and hum bucker pickups, but it took me a while to learn that and I definitely enjoy single coils for some songs. I think when shopping for a new axe, its best to try to avoid the mindset that your next guitar must be the perfect one. You may bond over time, or you may not, but the guitar you buy should speak to you on some level when you buy it. It may take some time with various guitars to determine if you actually have a strong preference for a particular type. I know that's how my journey unfolded so explore as you feel inspired to. Some of my guitars I just like owning for their beauty as an object nearly as much as I enjoy playing them. Good Luck.
  7. Nice Greg. You are so right that very few ever get to compare cabs head to head so a cab modeler is a very attractive idea. The Kemper version is pretty interesting. I can see why your HD500 gathers dust with that array of gear. The HD500X was my entry into the world of modeling and while great tones were in there, it was a bit of a steep and often frustrating learning curve to get them out. I eventually dialed in a set of tones that worked for me and stuck with them for a good while even after my buddy got a Helix and I saw how much more intuitive it was and how quickly he could set up a decent sounding signal chain. Eventually the simplicity won me over and I switched over to Helix and left the difficulties of the HD500 behind.
  8. Congrats on your new guitar! The chunkier neck may prove over time to be your preference. I though I preferred slim necks until spending some time with a 50's carve Gibson neck. Now I much prefer a medium to thick neck and find the really thin necks the most uncomfortable.
  9. To fully clarify, the Fastrack is a analog/digital converter. Your signal path goes - Analog from string vibrating over magnet (pickup), into the Fastrack where its converted to digital, into the PC via USB where the sound is processed digitally (amps, effects etc.) by whatever software you are using, then back out to the Fastrack as a digital output again via the USB which is then converted back to analog and sent to your powered speaker via the output jacks usually 1/4" or XLR, but could be other formats like RCA. Others have correctly pointed out the speakers you are currently using are really more aimed at streaming playback vs live performance and certainly not up to the task of mixing recordings. They should be ok for quite playing but might self destruct if cranked up very loud. My personal experience is that entry level studio monitors will work for live monitoring, but may not be really satisfying in terms of feeling like an "amp in the room". If all you need is a mono output a powered 10-12" PA speaker can be used in lieu of the monitors and will feel much more like playing through an amp. I ran this configuration for most of last year but my PC started giving me issues and I went back to an amp and analog pedal board.
  10. Didn't mean to throw anyone for a loop. I still think the Line 6 modelers are awesome including the HD500X and Pod Go as well as the flagship Helix products. Looking at your gear list you sort of have the same bases covered as I do. A nice tube amp, which to me still can't be beat when you are free to play loud, and you have the HD500X, power block and cab, that you can dial in great sounds at any level from bed room to stage, similar to my Helix LT (admittedly that might take some learning to do). I had also bought the software version of Helix that works as a plug in to a DAW. So I was going in to the PC via a Presonus interface and back out to a PA speaker to practice with backtracks at home. I had essentially that same tones (no foot switch ability) on my PC at home, as I had on my Helix, which I left at our drummers house. This worked for a while but the software just started overloading my PC when also streaming a backing track, so it wasn't working for what I was doing. Basically, Helix Native was a failed experiment for what I was doing, but the actual Helix is still my favorite. Native is probably awesome for recording but haven't started down that path much yet. So, my gear quiver is now stocked with the Helix LT(No. 1), Tube Amp (No 2.) and Katana (No. 3). When/If the band ever gigs again, I'll take either 1 or 2 as primary and (after hearing how awesome it sounds) toss the Katana in the car as a backup gig saver if 1 or 2 lets me down.
  11. Yep. Buying used I didn't get a chance to try it out and haven't studied up on the product like I normally do. I just knew I needed something. I'll go online to find a manual today and figure out the all the features today.
  12. I picked up a deal on a used Boss Katana 50 on Facebook Marketplace today. Others here have raved about these amps, and I've recommended them based on reputation alone, but I finally pulled the trigger on one today and wow, should have done this a while ago. Those familiar with my background know I've pretty much converted from a tube amp guy to a digital modeling guy and have been playing through a Line 6 Helix LT modeler for the past couple of years (still love my Tube amp when I can be loud). Lately, for home practice, I've been playing through my PC using Helix Native modeling while my Helix LT pedalboard was left at our band rehearsal space. However, my PC is aging and was not particularly powerful start with. Also my practice room set up required it to both stream my backing tracks and process the guitar signal chain. I guess the PC's age is catching up, but recently latency and drop out were becoming frequent and infuriating so I'm stoked about this Katana coming along at a price I couldn't pass up. I've only scratched the surface of the amps capability, but on the clean setting with the gain pretty low and a touch of reverb, it delivers the Fender-y clean I'm looking for. Crank the gain on the clean setting and you find that "amp about to blow up" classic rock break up. I already have a full pedalboard and will mainly use that with the clean tone of the amp, but the onboard effects are pretty impressive. All in all I think the amp lives up to the hype and would definitely be my recommendation for someone looking for a versatile, fairly simple amp that works for bed room level but also good for a jam or gig.
  13. Congrats. The GS Mini is a really nice guitar, but a 300 Series Taylor is definitely a lot more guitar.

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