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  • You can do it. You can become the guitar player you want to be! This Month's Live Guitar Lessons: Tuesday March 12th - Advanced Blues and Jazz with Robben Ford!! Tuesday March 19th - Celtic Fingerstyle with Shane Hennessy Tuesday March 26th - Celtic Flatpicking with David Howley.


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  1. As most of you are likely aware, this upgrade has been completed, and all forums, chat etc appear to be functioning normally. If you experience any issues with the site, you can send me a PM and I'll pass them along to Steve, who does the "behind the scenes" work.
  2. Congrats good progress @S Bach. You're seeing how well crafted the LMG course is, building new skills upon a solid foundation, 1 at a time.
  3. Well done! A nice cheerful little piece for Spring. 🙂
  5. insane... Ps. I dont doubt his skill one iota. I does make me wonder though. With all this modifying the guitar signal, is this really guitar music or electronica?
  6. @S Bach I suggest you go with the Ditto x2. I have one. Its veru well made and works perfectly every time. It does taje a little while to get the hang of it but its a great practice tool. Get Steve's vide too.
  7. @JackEBlue Im not sure if you are referring to a brief black out period during the show.. Unfortunately there were some technical challeges (one of the crew tripped on a camera cable and Robbens mic was pulling out of place causing muffled audio). If you missed the show a editted version will be available on our YouTube channel in a few days.
  8. That 's really well done @Texaspackerfan Danny! Could you tell us a bit about your recording process? Did you use a drum machine or plugin on a DAW? Did you mic an amp for the guitar parts or play direct into a DAW (which one?) and what plug in in. Thanks and congrats. Neil
  9. Gear question for Robben; I ve noticed Robben playing several different styles / types / makes of guitars, from Tele's , Les Paul's to ES335's etc.. Does he have a favorite for blues / jazz or does he choose according to the sound he wants to get for a particular song?
  10. Well Done @CliffMcCartney Good clear notes, good timing. And your recording is good too. This will hold you in good stead. You should progress very well! Happy Tunes; Neil
  11. NOTE: Please bear with us while the site software undergoes a huge upgrade! Temporary disruptions may result. Just trying to make this the best discussion board on the planet!
  12. As @Triple-o says, dont worry too much about other strings ringing out for now... just work on getting a good clean note, and playing smoothly ("legato" ) from one note to the next, to avoid that " awkward split second" . It will make the tune sound so much better. All the Best! Neil
  13. @guitarben Thanks for taking the initiative and keeping this popular forum going. Regards; Neil
  14. Awesome stuff @Wim VD1 ! Both your recent recordings are great! I've heard you develop even further in such a short time. It's very encouraging... I may just look closer at that LMG Blues course thats been lurking on my computer hard drive just waiting for me...
  15. @Nutty 1. Thats wonderful?Im very glad its working out so well for you! Have fun recording! Neil

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