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  1. Ouch, I missed seeing that chord. You may eventually learn to grip that particular version of the movable two chord. It is quite a bit a stretch. I'm barely over 5ft and my hands are small. I can grip it in isolation (but haven't tried switching chords with it) but my hand & fingers tend to lean backwards at a sharp angle and it feels really uncomfortable. I'm not too worried about perfecting that form of the chord because physical limitations do exist for some of us. There are alternate versions I can use without injuring my hand.
  2. I didn't post that link. Someone referred it to me so unfortunately I couldn't tell you the exact video lesson it is. The lesson should be easy to find though. I think it was around November 2017- early Jan 2018 live lesson.
  3. I'm still studying. I have been ill on and off since Oct. 2018 so my guitar playing has been pretty nil. I do find a few minutes every now and then to play a few chords and surprisingly I still retain the speed and grips, especially for barres which shocked me. I remember how hard I worked to get basic and barre chords down. I don't ever want to back slide so maintaining what I have is motivation for me to continue a little at a time. I hope to feel better soon. I'm half way through the course right now.
  4. This is so great to watch. I remember some of the screen names and wow, it's a whole different story to see the faces behind the screen actually playing. What a treat to watch.. Thanks, Opie! I feel like I was sitting in the front row.
  5. A good story never gets too old to warm the heart. I'm just seeing this post. Very touching and kind!
  6. Yiur comment sounds encouraging to me. Thanks!
  7. If the song reference works for you, that's good. I could never get that method to work for me. I found it too slow to recall the reference song and playback the interval in real time. After months of trying to drill isolated intervals and getting nowhere, I had a lightbulb moment. I know the sounds of these intervals like the back of my hand and I just needed to put a name to them. I stopped telling myself it was hard and difficult and that eliminated a major roadblock. I started listening to songs and sometimes a certain chord progression would sound so familiar. I would sing the notes or look up the progression, and voila it was much quicker and so much more fun to internalize the sounds while putting a name to intervallic relationship. I started picking up patterns that had a certain sound and feeling to it, I could easily pick out the intervallic movement. 145 in any order are the easiest for me right now. I've played those patterns in real songs and can spot them. Musicademy & Steve Stine both have an ear training course that blows everyone else's is out of the water. They focus on real application in a song plus there is emphasis on humming sounds to internalize what you hear. In a way what I did is not much different from the drills approach except my mind was more engaged & excited when I had to reverse engineer songs I liked then giving what I heard a name.
  8. Wow, thanks so much, Diane. The first pdf booklet is well designed and the info is easy to digest! Excellent find!!
  9. thanks! It surely did answer my question.
  10. Wow, Sorry to hear about the reduced pay. The peace of mind to have your weekends & evenings free sounds priceless.
  11. I've been curious about the major scale mastery workout. I'm not clear on how it teaches the major scale. Does it show how to practice the major scale in ways other than up & down? If so, I'd be very excited to check them out.

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