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  1. I'm dipping back in again. I've been having fun figuring out songs by ear and goofing off. I'd like to finish the course this year and that's entirely possible with a schedule I came up with. I've learned a lot of this stuff presented will solidify over time so perfection in one session is not needed before moving on.
  2. Whatever is more natural for you. Pick up both and determine which one feels correct for you. I'm left handed but a left handed guitar is very awkward for me and I can't play it. I won't force myself into an uncomfortable position. My right is more useful and used more frequently for things that my left hand doesn't do. I often have to hold things before I can decide if I can use it left or right handed.
  3. This is a great resource for learning the notes on your string. It randomizes note names and also has an optional timer to automatically switch notes. I learn all my natural notes on the strings then start with the enharmonic/flat/sharp notes. I do one note at a time. 5 mins or less a day will give great results after a week or two. Say em and play em! https://random.bretpimentel.com/
  4. i never hated my playing. i am amazed about what i can do now and inspired to learn to do more. i knew my playing was improving when someone on the phone with me thought i was playing a professionally recorded song in the background but it was me playing live.
  5. nope, im practicing less. i spend more time cooking and carefully planning meals and working remotely. im gonna get some playing in today!
  6. Good to see you back and playing guitar again. I don't think we've ever personally communicated with each other but I do remember seeing your name a lot and I remember you made an album and I was impressed. :) Take your time getting back in the sessions and I hope you have fun again on the journey. You will pick up quickly where you left off, I am sure.
  7. I thought Sharleen Spiteri was on the forum with that wig. (Don't worry, it's a compliment. I like Texas' older music.). You have a lovely voice.
  8. I was out of town last weekend and had a very busy week. I'm finally getting back on here. I'll work on the bass tomorrow as I'll have no more free time in the coming weeks. The new drum track sounds good and easier to follow!
  9. I'm not familiar with what an intermediate mix is. Is it the same as having both the rhythm guitar & drums mixed down into one track? If so, that would be helpful if it's not too much to ask otherwise I was just going to align the separate drum and rhythm guitar tracks in my daw and record from there.
  10. Thanks Mandy for the rhythm track. I'll have some free time to work on the bass track this weekend.

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