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  1. Neat. Wish I was out on a lake right now. Sorry for the job loss, been there/done that years ago. Also, I"m a GS Mini "convert," back in 2016. Best Wishes.
  2. I had already revamped practices about a month or so ago. Actually, without being quantitative, I am practicing more efficiently, and accomplishing more than before to include learning the Mandolin via another website and trying to relearn the Piano which is going very slowly, but who's in a hurry? What's the point! I'm also retired, over 60 (62--high virus risk), wife had minor meniscus surgery below the knee. But this doesn't mean that I practice twelve hours a day, but focus on quality practice. Occasionally, we drive to a nearby Reservoir, sit in the vehicle and enjoy being outdoors, read, movie at home, etc. Thanks for the post Colder as I've been thinking for several weeks now to post a blog about practice.
  3. Yep, been "redoing" the scales lessons for about two months now and interested in this lesson about scale boredom. Ha!
  4. Donated my course to a young lady that plays bass and wanted to learn guitar but have LMG lesson book on desktop. I'm only using Steve's scales lessons, primarily a strummer/vocalist, "some" guitar flat picking, learning the mandolin on another site, and slowly relearning piano. Yes, there are other guitar sites with "lessons," which is usually, "learn these tunes or licks," …..but …….the LMG should be the "go to" for anyone desiring to learn the "core," of guitar playing to especially include the scales lesson.
  5. GREAT THREAD !! May get a photo of my group and post.
  6. Looked through the books listed in your original post (January 2018, edited). Anyway, I just ordered "The Practicing Mind." The author's journey and mine are similar; guitar player returning to piano as an adult, etc. It's easy to forget the journey and want immediate results especially when technology provides so much available at our fingertips. He even discusses this very thing in the book.
  7. Needed this one today. Practice was a bit disjointed, uncoordinated feeling or something.
  8. Yep, you're on the right channel. Seems like most progress, especially the more difficult/new, is rather slow at times then . . . boom, you got it. Hang in there.
  9. Odie

    Why Do You Play?

    Oh yea, it's a great escape even for those of us no longer employed.
  10. Odie

    Why Do You Play?

    Started with goal to play/sing (strum) gospel. First "gig" was rest home then church. Fast forward about twelve years, and like Randy120: Play everyday or almost everyday, love it, and have gone further than ever imagined. Recently started a small band. We play gospel hymns, gospel bluegrass, contemporary, folk, and 50's. Now I'm looking at trying some very basic finger style blues and Chet Style but at a very elementary level. I only do what is FUN. Music Is Life.

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