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  1. This is going to be my first guitar gathering camp. I'm into doing 2020 with guitar and music. Thanks to everyone for their help. My first camp was as beginner at a Tommy Emanuel guitar camp for the accustic side and Joe Satriani on the electric half of the camp. Got me motivated for sure. 

  2. until

    Should I book my flight early? Do I need reservations for a hotel or am I staying on campus? Just want to make sure I've got everything in order.
  3. until

    Thanks for the update. Looking forward to be there.
  4. Keep up the good work. Mastering lessons takes a good amount of time. So I get myself well acquainted than move on. Going back to the previous lessons to improve them. It works for me. Glad your with guitar gathering community.
  5. Happy birthday. Hope the day is wonderful for you.

  6. Fender Princeton sounds really good. Got the bassbreaker 15 with a greenback speaker. Works great also. Small tube amps get louder than I thought .
  7. Your going to finish the course. You love playing. It's obvious. We have a purpose for playing. Hearts need it.
  8. Nice photo. Looks cool in the green shirt..spring in town now. Rock on. 

    1. Ice9


      Thanks Tony :)

  9. Nice LP. Happy anniversary. Great gift. You have a good wife. Keep jamming.
  10. Wow Steve you do so much for us on the community forum already. The L&M lessons are great.. Practicing everyday. The gear information and tech tips a big plus. Hope to make it to a gathering. The artist listed are awesome. Doing fantastic on all levels , thanks.
  11. I'm with CapM. Love that Tabasco sunburst. Congratulations.
  12. I love to see him and Steve playing together. Be the best, maybe ever.

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