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Joe Bonamassa selling Johnny B?!?!

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On more than one occasion on this forum we have discussed Joe Bonamassa's guitar collection.  That discussion often includes his vintage Gibson Les Pauls and very often the value of those.  One of those LP's is named Johnny B.

The current Premier Guitar magazine discusses Johnny B and Rumble Seat Music where Joe B acquired it. "Joe wielded this truly exceptional-sounding guitar in many shows across the U.S. You may have seen it onstage".   Yes, I have!  I saw it onstage several times on Joe's Keeping the Blues Alive at Sea cruise.  In fact, the most recent cruise I was on had Joe in a session with several of his vintage Les Pauls along with Norm of Norm's Rare Guitars discussing the vintage guitar market.  Because of this I mistakenly assumed Joe got his one or more of his Les Pauls at Norms.  

If I understand this article Joe B has Johnny B for sale at Rumble Seat Music listing it for $278,000.  The article does not touch on why Joe is selling one of his famous Les Pauls nor why this particular one.  On the cruise he brought at least 3 onto the stage.  Maybe 4.   And why this price tag?  At the time Norm valued them more in the $425,000 range.  Has the vintage market softened?   @Eracer_Team-DougH what say ye?  @Dan Brown?


btw, if you are ever in Nashville, be sure and hit Rumble Seat Music.  Of course, one has to hit Gruhn's and Carter's.  But Rumble Seat is unique.     And, if you recall, I purchased my Tele there.   Tiny compared to the other two.  But some very unique vintage stuff.  When I was there last fall he had a beat up Strat and  a beat up Tele on the wall.  Previously owned and played by Ronnie Wood and Keith Richards, respectively.    Definitely worth the stop.   @Dave White agreed?

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@matonanjin - Yes I would agree. Rumble Seat is a small shop that I would describe as half guitar shop and half guitar museum. I'm not aware if they rotate the guitars they have on display, but they had some incredible instruments hanging on the wall when I was there last summer. And they are conveniently located (between Carter's and Gruhn's).

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Joe is selling a number of his historical (and gigging) guitars.

I've been told that he is buying a new place in New York city and is using them to fund it

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@Eracer_Team-DougH maybe partially the reason he is now doing lessons?  (Truefire and his Masterclass?)  I didn't think he would ever be bothered by lessons.  At least with this format he is not going to be doing one on one.  

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