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$35. For a pick!?!?

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Would you? Would you spend $35 for a pick?

If we are spending $35 on it, shouldn't we call it by its proper name, a plectrum?🤣

And, if we put it in perspective, consider it proportionately to what we pay for guitars, does it not seem so outrageous?  (Answer, that doesn't work.  It's still outrageous 😏🤔)

I love V-Picks.  It's all I use anymore.  Most of the time it is Vinny's Screamer.  The rest of the time it's his Tradition or one of his others.  Often it's the opposite extreme, one of his Ultralights.

But as much as I love V-Picks, and as gorgeous as the Fire is, and it IS beautiful!, I'm not spending $35 for a pick, er.., excuse me, a plectrum.  Actually, I thought I was being extravagant at $5 for my Screamers.  I have a handful of them.   And I probably have 3 dozen V-picks.

What do you think? Can you justify that kind of investment in a pick?  If you subscribe to the theory, and many do,  that our tone starts with our hands and fingers, the pick is the TRUE beginning of our signal chain! 

So let us know what you think.  And whether you would or not, what are you using for a pick? 

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Vinny makes great picks. I personally would not spend $35 on a single pick. I purchased his acoustic and electric sample packs years ago and they are still in service.

My V-Picks are all clear; nothing fancy. I think their best feature is they slip less than most other picks I have tried. A pick that stays firmly planted works best. One of the pointed picks is now rounded, other than that the picks are still going strong for 10 years. 

I recommend V-Picks for anyone. They are not all expensive and they last a long time. 





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Well, I have to admit, I own a couple of BlueChip picks that cost about $35 each.    They were gifts and very much appreciated.   But notice I said "own" - most of my playing is with whatever pick happens to be lying on the music stand at the time.    

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I will wear the swirls off my thumb playing plain old natural bare thumb before I spend 35.00 bucks on a pick, Plectrum, or anything else you want to use to pick your guitar with! Just say'in!

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I thought about getting Michael Pachelli's VPick after seeing him at the Gathering, and that was only $10...and passed on it.


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