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Let’s hear it for Steve!

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Steve, you put together such an amazing week. On behalf of all of we Gathering folk, thank you so much! 

Once you’ve been to one, as I have now, you see how much Steve, Paulette, his family, the other instructors, Greg, Paul, and everyone else is working to bring us a great week. It’s inspiring and so nice to see people engaged in a labor of love like this.

I had never met Steve before this week, but I honestly felt like I had known him for years and he was a close friend. I’ve spent a lot of time with him in videos and live lessons, etc! His working so hard to give the gift of music to so many people had been a great kindness for my life and I know many others. The guitar and the skills I have learned in part from Steve have been a companion to me in good times and bad. Sometimes I have been in places where having a passion for guitar  to work on when life isn’t going well has really saved me from getting pretty down. Without the fantastic materials Steve has produced I might have given up on guitar, but now here I am. Traveling to Nashville and having a blast and finally meeting this guy who I dont know whether to high five or hug, I feel like he’s done so much for me!

And what a Gathering! I have months worth of things to study and continue, I feel like this is really going to be an advancement point for me. Friday was especially a great day with steve’s Advanced theory class and then the master class with Dino continuing those ideas. So much to chew on.

I was sad to have to duck out before the student showcase was over today, I wasn’t feeling well this morning, but again, thanks for all that you do Steve! And thanks to everyone else for making the event great too, by your being there! 

See some of you in October!

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Hope you feel better, Colder.  It's miserable travelling home when you don't.  We missed Saturday morning, too, to get home in time for something else.  

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20 hours ago, colder said:

 His working so hard to give the gift of music to so many people 

Steve used to use the moto:

"Making the World a better place, one guitar at a time"


I think he should make that his main moto since its true

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Thanks Nancy and Dave! I hope to see you at a future Gathering, it was a pleasure talking to you as well Dave. 

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