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If you missed the live lesson this week, here you go!

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  1. I wish you a speedy recovery, Maria.
  2. Happy Birthday, Ice.

    1. Ice9


      Thankyou :)

  3. Thanks, CapM. I did not know Rick Beato and just subscribed to his YouTube channel. Wim.
  4. Six weeks in Session 19

    @Texaspackerfan, Thanks for your reply. I realize that at some point, I will need to get out of my practice room and look for opportunities to play more in a live setting and with others as well. At this moment, I am probably focused too much on learning new skills and too little on applying them. Finding the right balance is part of the learning, I guess. Good luck, and have fun!
  5. Six weeks in Session 19

    @NeilES335, Thanks for your nice comments. Concerning my progress, I still find it difficult to maintain skills and knowledge. Taking the chords from Steve's Jazz Chords fredboard workout as an example, even though I spent 4 months on that topic, I have the feeling that after shifting topic and working on soloing for 6 weeks, I have lost about 25% of my Jazz chord knowledge already. So making a good practice schedule including learning new skills, maintaining existing knowledge and learning some songs is difficult. But on the other hand it is a nice problem to have. Regarding the other continent, I have spent some time in the Ottawa area 15 years ago. There was a merger between my company Alcatel and the Canadian company Newbridge, and I was working with the project team in Kanata. I had a great time there and plenty of good memories. I like Canada a lot. Wim.
  6. Six weeks in Session 19

    @Texaspackerfan, how are you doing in Session 19?
  7. @IanD, very nice recording. Do you play for an audience sometimes?
  8. I started Session 19 some 6 weeks ago and today I managed to play through Steve's chord tone exercise from the bonus materials ("Building a solo from the ground up" ) for the first time without having to stop the DVD :-) This exercise goes through a chord progression several times, and the task is to play the root, 3rd, 5th or 7th of every chord in the progression. My initial approach was to try to use my memory and theoretical chord knowledge in order to find the right note to play, but that involved too much thinking and slowed me down so much that I could not keep up with the video. This approach was not going to work for me, so I had to look for another way. On this guitargathering forum, @matonanjin then recommended the book " Chord-Tone Soloing" by Barret Tagliarino to me (Thanks again for this, Ron.) This resource is full of exercises on major and minor scales, arpeggios, modes and the CAGED system. For some weeks now, and out of this book, I have practiced major and minor triad arpeggios in the 5 CAGED positions, in combination with 2 modes (Ionian and Dorian). This approach of memorizing note patterns using the muscle memory is really effective and beneficial. Knowing the position of the root note of the chord is now sufficient for me to find the 3rd and 5th without further thinking, and get me through Steve's exercise. Over the next weeks, I will start to put the 7th chord arpeggios and the Mixolidian mode my practice routine as well. All of this really feels like a huge breakthrough to me. I thought soloing was for people with a special talent, but now I figured out that I can actually learn this and get a long way by using the chord tone approach. I realize it is going to take months of practice to get all of these arpeggios and modes under my fingers, but it has started to pay off already. Wim.
  9. I had one like these. It works well but it gets easily damaged. You need to be extra careful when you put your guitar in a stand to not hit the ground with the little amp sticking out. I broke the plug in this way. I did not buy another one but replaced it with a Zoom G1 on.
  10. @rkl312 Thanks for your nice comments. The chords were recorded on the first track, and the melody was added later on the second track.
  11. Getting Over The Hump

    Slimshaky, my way to avoid boredom is to combine the theory and exercises part with learning songs.
  12. @V7#5b9 Gerard, I would love to hear some of your Jazz tunes! Wim
  13. Thanks Mark, and congrats on your Marbella Wedding Guitar Song. The Spanish environment must be offering great inspiration. Wim.

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