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  1. Session 8 Merle Travis Technique

    @Late Starter first off welcome to the forum. Most bluegrass is flatpicking. Your best bet for fingerstyle bluegrass/traditional would be to find anything by Doc Watson. Doc did a lot of fingerstyle playing but mostly traditional tunes rather than bluegrass but they are very similar.
  2. Jamming tonight!

    @matonanjin better have a recorder handy so we can hear it!!!
  3. Gibson - Running out of time?

    Jack Welch strikes again. This is very much in line with his philosophy the GE model.
  4. Indeed @matonanjin I think it is a "Great Plains" thing.
  5. Don't move to Wichita, Kansas. We get the best (or worst) of both worlds. During the summer we get 80% humidity with 100+ temps. During the winter we 5% humidity with 0 degree temps and a 40 mph wind out of the north. This morning we had 3" of sleet over 1/2 inch of ice from a thunderstorm over night. Seriously thunder, lightning and sleet all at the same time. But as they say around here "If you don't like the weather, just wait an hour it will change." Monday it was 63 when I woke up and 28 when I got home from work. Tomorrow we are back in the 60's. Gotta love Kansas.
  6. Gibson - Running out of time?

    I think we would have to have money @Dave White. Not sure I could provide much capitol for this venture. Maybe we could start a go fund me page.
  7. Resonator guitar pickups

    Dean uses a lipstick style pickup to pick up the strings and a Piezo under the bridge. My recommendation would be go to Guitar Center or someplace that has one and play it and see if you like the way it sounds. If so it wouldn't be too hard to hook up either or both pickups.
  8. Nicely done @IanD very good. I like that song but here in the US they use it on an TV advertisement for ASPCA and they show a bunch of sad dogs and cats while it is playing so it always makes me sad when I hear it.
  9. Thanks to the generousity of PatIam

    Props @PatIam and @matonanjin very nice gift.
  10. "New" Guitar Day - Gibson ES-137

    Wow @NeilES335 that is a really nice guitar. Congratulations.
  11. Strumming and Singing

    @rkl312 I would recommend not worrying too much about a perfect strumming pattern. Play what sounds right. It is OK if the strumming pattern varies throughout the song.
  12. The Beatles Secret Formula Revealed

    @Grog I am not sure what happens if you try to use the flow chart backwards.
  13. Finally the secret formula The Beatles used for all their hit songs has been revealed to the public. Here is one example.
  14. Anatomy of a Song (by genre)

    LOL. Punk is my favorite because it is completely accurate, especially the ending.
  15. Wow we are off to a great start for this month's challenge it is the second day of the month and already we have entries from @mark_h, @WATSON43, @V7#5b9 and @Wim VD, great job everyone, keep them coming!

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