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  1. That was great, I am left-handed, and started playing guitar when I was 14, right-handed. Been playing for 50+ years and no regrets. I actually think it's an advantage to be left-handed and play a right-handed guitar.
  2. While I have been super busy with the Jazz Standards Academy course, I decided to record an acoustic version of Fly Me to the Moon. Just me, my acoustic, and mic. Thanks.
  3. @Wim VD1 Great playing Wim, love the walking base line.
  4. Thanks @gotto and @Nutty 1 for your gracious comments and encouragement.
  5. @Fretless, Great playing and recording, I love the uptempo sound. Must have been a fun night. Skip
  6. Having been picked to choose this months recording challenge theme, I thought I would get going on a Jazz Standard. This is All of Me, straight out of the Real Book. I know we are going to study this one for the Jazz Standards Academy course, so I thought I would try it on my own first, and see the difference after Steve presents this in class. Thanks for any comments.
  7. @gotto Thanks Greg for the kind words and encouragement. I agree that we are all students, and sharing like this helps us learn.
  8. @Eracer_Team-DougH HI Doug, you put a lot of good effort into that recording, I thought is sounded great, mistakes and all. I always learn something new with each recording I do, or song a learn. It's all about the effort. Good job. Skip
  9. Hi @Wim VD1, @NeilES335 I am still trying to determine the best way to input my guitar signal into my audio interface, weather directly plugged in, out from my Amp, or some other way. I would be interested. In any comments or suggestions. Thanks Skip
  10. For this months recording challenge, I am submitting my version of All the Things You Are, a well known Jazz Standard. This song, written by Jerome Kern & Oscar Hammerstein, contains an interesting (or special) intro and outro, which contain b7#9 cords. Steve has performed and analyzed this song a while back on Live Lessons. It was a great song to learn. Skip
  11. @NeilES335 Great recording and playing. Where you creating sonic space in this recording by emphasizing left channel melody, and right channel rhythm, otherwise, it probably was my aging hearing. Great job.
  12. @Wim VD1 That was great Wim, sounds just like the original
  13. Great recording @NeilES335 I love the clean smooth jazz sound. Skip
  14. Thank Fretless for your comments and suggestions. You have given me some ideas for things to try with recording mixing. I will try that before doing something more professional. thanks again, Skip
  15. Thanks @Fretless for your comments. I am looking to do more recording, with more time on my hands. So, any comments or suggestions are helpful. I have the basic equipment for recording, but not much experience, so I was interested in what other people had for recording setups, and what works for them. I have a 2i4 Focusrite audio interface, Ableton Live 10 for my DAW, and a Perception 120 condenser microphone. I usually go directly into the audio interface from my electric archtop for the clean sound and apply EQ, reverb, and / or chorus using Ableton as I want. I have also used my solid state amp out as a line in to the audio interface, as well as recording my acoustic with the condenser mic. I have submitted recordings for the last two recording challenges. I am looking to get a warmer sound for my recordings, so any comments or suggestions are welcomed. Skip

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