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  1. Congratulations! That is a nice looking guitar!!!
  2. Version 1.0.0


    I put this together a long time ago when I was going through the Learn and Master course. Hopefully it will save some paper! Just don't save the file when you are finished. It requires Microsoft Excel. Enjoy!
  3. I've got a couple of Gibsons with torrefied fret boards.
  4. Congratulations!!! A new guitar is always an inspiration to practice more.
  5. WOW!!! That has a great top! Congratulations!!!
  6. I LOVE these group practice sessions!!! (and the regular live lessons too) Ben
  7. Nice on Ron! That is a BEAUTIFUL guitar. Enjoy it! Ben
  8. Congratulations!!! That looks like a winner. Enjoy it! Ben
  9. All of the live lessons are GREAT but this "triad" of lessons should be AWESOME! Ben
  10. Oooh. I like yours! It's a good lookin' guitar! I only play mine as often as it comes through the rotation. I practice with a different guitar every night. I just practiced with it the other night. I do like it a lot! I bought it when I was in Los Angeles on vacation. When I got it home and was cleaning the case, I found a pick inside. It was from a band called The Go-Lords. When I searched them on the internet, I found a picture of the guitarist in the band playing it! It has the distinction of being played by a REAL guitar player!
  11. Well, I've tried to grab some of the lesser known models.
  12. Yeah, my music room is getting a little cramped! I don't have museum-quality guitars. I do love them, however!

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