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  1. Thank you for the kindness in welcoming me to Guitar Gathering.  I am not familiar with the sight but excited to learn all I can.  Hello Mantonanjin!

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    2. matonanjin


      @SRV, definitely me.  Guilty as charged.  You and I compared notes about our respective back issues, surgeries, spinal cord stimulator, etc.  Speaking of which, to bring you up to date, I tried and they removed my Nevro.  I think this is where we were at when we last spoke.  Since then, they trialed the Medtronic with equally disappointing results.  I am now getting about 2 hours of pain relief in the morning and again in the afternoon with meds.   The rest of the time I'm horizontal.  A week from Thursday I'm going into the OR and they're trying a radial ablation of L5 S1.  Hope springs eternal.

      What about you?  Where are you at in this?

    3. SRV


      Last i remember you had done a trial for a Spinal Nerve Stimulator but what I remember was that it did not give you enough help in easing your pain. Mine helps very little now.  Getting old is not for wimps.  I need 3 operations.  one for my back, one for a torn muscle from 3 years ago.  I had 2 PRP injections that got it to heal up are so i thought but it tore again.  the muscle is in my groin area so this time its going to have to be sewn up.  I also need a complete hip replacement....i wore it out from favoring the torn muscle ugh!  Sure glad to see you are still playing.  I need to start over again Brother.  I am unsure what to do as for Guitar lessons.  Does Steve provide zoom lessons himself.  Any advice is much appreciated my friend.



    4. matonanjin


      @SRV let me get back to you with a couple suggestions. But first off, most importantly, yes, Steve does provide Zoom lessons.  I'm sure he would be pleased to discuss it with you.  The best way to contact him is here via pm.  I took some with him, both face to face and by SKYPE, and they were great.  Hugely helpful.  If you have any difficulty reaching him, let me know.

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