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  1. Thank you for the kindness in welcoming me to Guitar Gathering.  I am not familiar with the sight but excited to learn all I can.  Hello Mantonanjin!

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    2. SRV


      Im in Houston and we are hurting down here.  we are not geared for cold weather....be back in touch

    3. SRV


      mantonanjin,  I feel inadequate on this new site.  Can you send a message To Steve that i need some online lessons and hes the best and I wont settle for less.  I am worn out trying to keep pipe from freezing and cleaning up the ones that broke from our freeze in Houston.  We are not geared for that.  My whole body hurts Brother!


    4. SRV


      I sent a message to Steve but have not heard back from him.  I hope he is okay!

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