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  2. I guess this is a good place to take my chance and come clean about the course. I honestly cannot remember exactly when or how I came about the course, but I’m pretty sure it was before 2010. Maybe I was searching online for something that would help me develop my skills as a musician and guitarist. Along with sites like JamPlay and YouTube channels like JustinGuitar, I stumbled into the Legacy Learning Systems webpage and somehow, with a few more Google searches, I got to a torrent version of the course which I downloaded and kept on my hard drive. I didn’t start the course right away, although I should have, and I postponed the studying for a number of reasons and excuses that I can’t remember today. Still, from what I recorded and according to the study plans I laid out, my first attempt at it was in November 2011, which got sidetracked mainly for the lack of a steady, defined quiet place to practice. The months went by and on April 2014 I gave it another shot. I restarted the whole thing, finding it a lot easier to roll by the earlier lessons up to session 10, when again my practice space and time was disturbed a few months later, in July. And I fell off the wagon, once more. Trying not to be discouraged and to hold myself accountable, I finally was able to order an original copy of the Homeschool Edition of the Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar course on October 14th that same year. But because of customs control I only received it by the end of the year. Still, I did get an original copy of the course after so much time on a ripped internet version. For some reason or another, I kept the newly bought course on hold, bought the Song Hits complementary course along the way and didn’t restart the studying then. In the meantime, parenthood happened in 2016 and my already wild time management got even wilder which lead me to only give it a third try by September 2019, keeping a strict record of the progress this time. Again, I wanted to be able to do it properly, so I revised everything I had done on previous attempts. The first sessions were dealt with in a matter of a couple of months, and as I got into the theory exercises I started slowing down, although I’m pretty comfortable with chords and rhythm, since that’s what I’ve been doing for a living for the last 15 years. Also, I decided to rearrange the course a little bit. With other materials I searched and found on the web (just until I can afford to buy the original ones), once I finished Session 9 and corresponding songs from the Song Hits, I started the Fingerstyle course for a more in depth instruction, instead of starting session 10 of the main course. I finished the first session and moved into the second, but again, by the end of January this year, schedules got harder to manage and I put everything on hold again… You see the pattern and where it’s going… I’m planning on taking a few steps back, once again, because I feel many of the skills I have are sloppy (one of the reasons that lead me to search for instruction in the first place) and I really want to get them right. It’s been a rollercoaster journey for me, but I really find a lot of value in all this content that Steve has put out there for us. So I’ll restart and redo the course up to session 9 along with the corresponding Song Hits, move on to the first five sessions of the Fingerstyle Course until I can play Canon in D with confidence, then move to session 10 of the main course along with the Song Hits as a consolidation of the fingerstyle part, continue until session 12. Then move into the Blues Guitar Spotlight course and after that back to session 13 of the main course up to the last session and Song Hits tune. Only then will I be able to confidently say that I finished the Learn And Master Guitar Course. But I guess I have to start first… Again… And once I finish the course, I’ll tackle the remaining three lessons of the Fingerstyle course and see where I’ll go from there.
  3. @Oldjock, I need hearing aid but keep putting them off. Your audiologist makes me sound like Carlos Santana and I am making an appointment with her and buying an airline ticket same day😮😄😎
  4. My wife, Tammy, and I are using the course. I can say in all honesty that we're very pleased with our results.
  5. Thanks NeilES335 this is a great revision session. And particularly the jazz comp at the end. I tend to unthinkingly always go for the four string version.... but that 6 string one is fantastic on the the last example.
  6. Among many guitar students and players alike of all skill levels, there seems to be some "mystery" and perhaps a little fear when it comes to "Diminished:" chords. I know in the past if I saw a piece of sheet music with a BbDim or the like, I would think to myself, oh, I don't know that one... I'll pass on this song. Well over the last while I've come to really like this approach to playing rhythm and "comping" (that's short for accompanying )! I found that these chords can really spice up your chord progressions! And they aren't scary at all! I think of them as a bridge to the next chord. By nature, they sound "unstable" on their own, (unlike say a dominant chord like say, an A7 barre chord) and demand to be "resolved" to the next major or minor chord. I learned and used these chords in several "jazz tunes" I've recorded an posted on this site... but fear not, they are also used extensively in Country, Blues and Rock too. Here's a very good short teaching video from Steve Krenz desccribing what they are, and simply how to use them. Enjoy! ps check out the attached "Skills House" Lesson on "What Good Is A Diminished Chords Anyway"? https://web.archive.org/web/20130131044543im_/http://lm.gibson.com/Lessons/Foundation/WhatGoodisaDiminishedChord/WhatGoodisaDiminishedChord.mp4 WhatGoodisaDiminishedChord.pdf
  7. OldJock- Henk.....Unfortunately she could not make me sound like Carlos Santana. Too bad, I sure would buy a set if she could! Mike
  8. I do have multiple programs, even one for music. The best results I get are with the treble turned nearly all the way down. I have an appointment later this month so I'll discuss it with her. Thanks for the responses. They are helpful.
  9. Last week
  10. there are certain sounds which modern active hunt and peck (looking for voices) hearing aids have problems with esp if you're using a Wah pedal. hopefully you have hearing aids with more than 1 program (1 have 4 ) you might need to go back to your tech, have them make one of the programs for guitar, taking a lot of the compression and hunt'n'peck for voices, and a lot of the auto stuff off for that 1 program
  11. Luckily for me, my audiologist is also a guitar player. She asked me to bring a guitar into the lab and play songs. My hearing aids are digital and allow for four different programs to use in various situations. My programs are standard, dining, wind/golf and music. While playing she designed a special program for music. Then asking me if the tweaks to the program were better or worse, she dialed in the response which sounded good to me. Unfortunately she could not make me sound like Carlos Santana. Henk
  12. That may be it. I saw a video yesterday of a man using a string mute at the first fret. That seemed to make a lot of random sounds go away.
  13. UPDATE Here's the first batch of available "Song Lessons". As of this moment, these are the ones I managed to get done: Lenny Kravitz - American Woman Neon Trees - Animal The Ramones - California Sun Tommy James and The Shondells - Crimson and Clover Train - Drive By Neon Trees - Everybody Talks Colbie Caillat - Fallin' For You Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova - Falling Slowly Gin Blossoms - Hey Jealousy Cheap Trick - I Want You To Want Me Iron Butterfly - In A Gadda Da Vida Tommy James and The Shondells - Mony Mony Harold Arlen - (Somewhere) Over The Rainbow Metro Station - Shake It Bo Diddley - Who Do You Love The Troggs - Wild Thing Hope to have some more songs done real soon and finally finish the project. As always, I'll keep you updated.
  14. I don't notice those problems with mine. I wear them playing acoustically and take them out and use custom fit earplugs. when playing electrically. Quite an auditory adjustment with ear plugs, I will say though. Getting harmonics and stray string sounds can happen on adjacent strings when you are not muting them while striking a note. It took me some time to learn how to routinely mute unplayed strings with my palm and fingers. Your hearing aids may be allowing you to hear this when you might not without them in. Greg Greg
  15. Does anyone else have issues with "stray" sounds when wearing hearing aids while playing? Sometimes it seems like my hearing aids pick up guitar sounds that you normally would not hear. Almost like getting harmonics on one string when playing another. I have some control over hearing aid settings but I haven't found a good way to deal with all of them. Does anyone else have a similar issue?
  16. well Robert Johnson, BB, Charlie Christian didn't have tuners in the 30's and we listen to those recordings. but they played in bands where each had to be in tune with each other (well maybe not Robert, but certainly BB and Charlie did and they all had to tune to ear, typically a stringed instrument like a violin) In reality.. use a tuner.. you'll eventually train your ear what is close to pitch and playing a chord or such you'll hear when you're off and can twink. if you're solely playing by ear with out a tuning reference you'll train your ear to be off , although the guitar will be in tune to itself, you'll be used to playing out of pitch/key. Indian is probably difficult to get stuff (I wouldn't know, never been there,) but do yourself a favor.. buy a tuner.. even a $20cdn/$12usd Snark , train your ear to be in pitch
  17. Now days I use a Polytune tuner. I'll tune the open string and the harmonic at the 12th fret. The harmonic seems to be a bit more accurate. Plus if the open string and the 12th fret harmonic are both in tune, the intonation is set properly.
  18. Check out the Flatpicking Guitar website, they have several books, especially by Brad Davis and Tim May.
  19. This was really inspiring to see the younger students playing....thanks for sharing .
  20. Well, as the quote goes - "there is always next year!" We understand the heavy heart and eventually the conference will go on. Thanks for trying!
  21. Yeah, I don't do recordings and I just can't go on and tune the Guitar with the tuner everytime I play. Though it will take some time but I'll go with this.
  22. @Prabhu if you only play by yourself and never to recordings or with others. Use my method,without a tuning fork or tuner. The guitar will be tuned to it self in what ever pitch. Will it be pitch perfect 99% no, Can you play everything, and sound ok, yes. Its tuned to itself. Can you play with others and recording, highly doubtful, you'll be off from those that are "in concert pitch "
  23. Thank you Friends for replying to this post. All I need is the hearing capabilities, to tune-in the Guitar by ears, but without a tuning fork or a Guitar tuner, how can i actually tune the high E string ?
  24. Oldjock: As an aside. Is that like "extra spicey"? :-) I had to get a clip on chromatic tuner in order to tune my grand niece's violin. I liked my Snark, but haven't used it since. Prabhu: Touching the tuning fork to the guitar face makes it easy to hear. I didn't get that right away. And for extra credit, here is a tech showing how to tune an acoustic twelve string by ear.
  25. Well, I guess that makes me an extra old fart who wears two hearing aids. For me my best buddy is the Snark. Henk
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