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Pretty Women


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I know there must be numerous versions of this song, but I like the one that starts with the two bars of bass line before the iconic riff. I was watching a video of Roy play this song and also noticed that he fingered the riff different. Hard to believe he would keep changing his fingering for this song, so I am wondering if Steve might have chosen an easier fingering.

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Songs in the Song Hits are geared towards specific sessions. Pretty Woman is for Session 8 so yes it is possible Steve chose an easier way to play it.  

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Best to just listen to the song and compare the original recording to the Song Hits version and see if/where the shortcuts are. Justin Sandercoe does a very good lesson on it with all some nice fills and the iconic riff here; 


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You and me both @Eracer_Team-DougH, Doug.  I don't need to get back to "clean it up" but I need to get to it to start it!!?   As you can see from my sig I'm supposedly working on it.  But I finished up Song Hits Session 7, "Day Tripper" and then was going to move on to Session 8.  And I changed my sig.  And I was going to start on "Pretty Woman" rather than "Moon River" the other song in S8 just because it's a song I've always liked and I want to learn it.  (The same way with Day Tripper!  That was a lot of fun). 

But then I go distracted by working on songs for my weekly jam and some other stuff I'm working on. 

I keep saying that I am going to get caught up on The Song Hits and get them synchronized with L&M.  But it hasn't happened.

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