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Live Lesson: April 21st - Got Guitar Questions? Ask Anything

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Tuesday April 21st, 2020

Topic: Got Guitar Questions? Ask Steve Anything!

7pm Central Time US

You can watch the lesson HERE.

What has you stumped in your guitar learning journey?

We've taught a lot in the last 6 weeks so I wanted to devote tonight to answering any guitar questions you may have or are struggling with.

It can be on things we've covered or something else you've struggled with.  Ask them below or in the chat tonight.

Let's get some answers!

Grab your guitar and I'll see you there! - Steve

There will be music, laughs, giveaways and more.

Watch on our Guitar Gathering YouTube Channel HERE

- Steve 

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Ok still having some issues getting pull offs to ring loud and clear as my picked or hammer on notes.

Let's see if I can explain with out a picture what I'm doing. 

Sliding 12th fret G up to A with 3rd finger, 

Grabbing C at 13th fret with middle finger to create a double stop with the A.

Then picking the 14th fret A sliding back down to the G at 12

Then pulling off the G at the 12th to hear the F on the 10th fret.

It's the slide back down from 14th to the 12th, to get the pull off on the 12to ring to ring the F clear

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How do you work through tendinitis or arthritis around the thumb on your fretting hand (note: this problem varies and sometimes not noticeable)? Are there any stretches' or routines you can do to help minimize the pain? Is a larger diameter neck better for helping with these types of issues? I'm not giving up the guitar....

What's the best way to strengthen your pinkly and ring finger? 




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@Steve Krenz

Steve, could you advise me on how to build and especially maintain a repertoire of songs? I am learning about 2 new songs per month, but soon after recording them, I focus on the next new ones and forget the ones learned previously. So how could I best put the maintenance of repertoire in my weekly practice schedule? Should I have one "repertoire day" per week? 
Thanks, Wim.

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@Beatup6String I had tendonitis for 6 weeks last year. It took 6 weeks of rest for the pain to go away. Relax and rest. Most of the pain killers did not work. I found Aspercreme with Lidocaine really eased the pain. Take it easy for a while.    

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