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I need computer (Windows) Audio help

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Calling all GG resident geeks!  I need your help.

I am running the Line 6 POD HD 500X Multi-effects  system.  It will work fine and then it crashes.  Maybe "crashing" isn't the most descriptive word because it doesn't crash my system.  It just quits working.  Just all of a sudden no sound.

I'm running the POD HD 500X on my Windows 10 system.  It is set up as my audio device.  It will work just fine, maybe for an hour or 2 or 3.  Then it just quits working.  I will reboot and then it will work fine again for some varying period of time.  And then it will quit.  And then I will reboot.  Ad infinitum.  It is really annoying.  And, of course, when I am practicing something that I really want to work on is when it quits.🙄😡

The length time that it works for varies.  Sometimes 30 minutes; sometimes several hours.  And I really can't see any pattern to what I am playing to the  length that it works.  If I use my PD HD for anything the most it would be with Video Surgeon of   I'm not sure what I am playing effects how long it works.  I don't think so.

I am running the POD into JBL monitors.

And, yes, I have the newest POD HD 500X driver installed.  And I have reinstalled the driver I have forgotten how many times.  And my Window 10 automatically updates.

Any help or suggestions are appreciated.  My wife is tired of my screaming at this thing!

My computer is an Intel Core2 running at 2.93 GHz with 4 Gig of RAM. I know; It's old.   I have acres of hard disk space.  My OS is on a 1 TB drive and about half or that (or more) is available.

The POD HD 500X is set up as my audio system.  The AMD which, I think, is my motherboard is disabled.  The Realtek is disabled.


Even when it "crashes", it shows as "working properly".screenshot2a.jpg.3af3d8a94ab0e3e83608e41c4ca9c441.jpg

Of course, it is setup as input and output device.



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Can you run your Line 6 HD direct into the powered speakers to see if it is a problem with the POD? I have Apple computers so I am clueless about Window operating systems. I don't use my HD 500 anymore but it seems like I had patches that would quit working on occasion, but I never had the entire unit freeze or quit operating through a direct system-POD into amp. I never ran it through the computer except to record on occasion though.


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5 hours ago, gotto said:

Can you run your Line 6 HD direct into the powered speakers to see if it is a problem with the POD? ....

Greg, the POD always works fine.  The powered speakers are fed by it.  The guitar goes into it and if I am just practicing without using the computer, without playing Video Surgeon as an example, I just use the POD.  Thanks

3 hours ago, Blue Dog said:

Your speaker out put should be the speaker that are being use . real tek .  I  assume . The out put should not be the pod. Good luck.

Blue Dog, the output is my Pod speakers.  The only speakers I have.  I no longer use the Real Tec card; there are no speakers connected to it.

2 hours ago, Eracer_Team-DougH said:

Check power settings. 

Maybe USB power gets turned off 

I'm not sure what you mean, Doug.  The powered speakers and the POD are plugged in.  Nothing draws power from USB

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It could be you're experiencing a memory overload. You have only 4 GB RAM, and for music programs that's not much. My thought is to install more memory--at least 8 GB. I have 16GB in my iMac and have never had a program freeze up. Lotsa luck.

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If it's running fine solo, without the pc hookup and not crashing, then I would have the power supply on the POD checked out/replaced. Other than that... are you running the power straight from the wall into the POD (Not attached to a strip)?

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