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  1. Thanks for the helpful tips! I will keep you updated on my progress.
  2. Hey! First off, forgive the awful pun! But I finished Session 3 today, and I am moving on to the next lesson tomorrow! 😄 I'm excited to have fun with this lesson. I have read a little about the 2 part approach to this one, so I think I'm gonna do it that way. Is there any other obvious tips that other people wish they would have known going into the 4th session? Thanks!
  3. I bought the program back in 2011 and it has literally sat and collected dust after a failed attempt. I've let excuses get in the way. I have started again with some extra motivation from the pandemic. I hope I can stay consistent and dedicated enough to complete this great course that Steve has made. On lesson 3 now. Be safe, everyone. FTB

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