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  1. Thanks everyone! i have no problem with strumming, only with picking. I will try out your suggestions and see how it goes!
  2. About that: 1. The nails doesn’t let it stay and hand keeps on slipping and eventually gets tense. 2. I’ve been playing 2+ years like this so how do I “unlearn” and learn again efficiently
  3. I have been playing like this over many years, so much so that this feels comfortable and when i try to correct it my right hand starts to pain. I really just came to know that i was playing wrong when I was having a hard time muting strings. How do i correct this. As you can see my whole hand rests on the bottom and then it curves up and I extend my fingers to play. any help appreciated Thanks!
  4. I have made this with my guitar plugged into GarageBand. The solo is not good at all but im still learning. The song is called “Autumn rain” Autumn rain.m4a
  5. I’m hooked on these workouts as well! Finally helped me learn the fretboard. I practice fingerpick as well. I do a round of fingerpicking, arpeggios, hybrid picking and strumming in all keys, but having problems with strumming. I want to do strumming like Steve does in the triads workout video. But keep hitting wrong(extra) strings. Practiced muting, but I found that a controlled movement of the right hand made it possible. Kinda hard though.
  6. Thanks for the replies! I have always found muting a bit hard. Will look into it on YouTube. Thanks!!
  7. Hello everyone , So I’m currently doing the triads live lesson and have memorised the major shapes and everything’s all nice and good. But there’s problems with right hand technique. Whenever I strum, I keep hitting the “undesirable” strings. As in while playing 1-3 string set triads. I keep hitting the 4th string accidentally. How do I improve my technique. Can you guide me through some exercises? Thanks!
  8. Hey everyone. I’m having problems with strumming hand. How to not strum other strings? In 1-3 string set triads, I keep accidentally hitting the forth string. thanks
  9. Yup that’s true. Especially in my city it would be like searching for a needle in a hay sack. Now that you have mentioned. It could be the environment, since its may and its getting 42 degree Celsius so it could be affecting the glue.
  10. Yes it’s the only guitar I have ☹️ I feel bad because I was making good progress on barre chords after a long time and if I stop playing now all the momentum will be lost.
  11. Hello guys. I have a Fender SA-105CE. Been playing it for 4 years. Today i noticed a small gap in the middle part of the bridge and guitar body. now I know that its a simple repair which any guitar repair expert can do. But since there is lockdown, I can’t get it repaired. So my question is should I keep playing it or Should I de-string the guitar and keep it till repaired? I have attached a photo. It’s difficult to see. Mostly its on the middle part. The sides are still glued to the body.
  12. I have started the course and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, my picking arm pains a lot while playing. I have tried slowing down and all but not able to understand if I’m relaxing my hand or not. Not able to progress. Please help. Thanks
  13. Hello everyone! And thanks for your advices! I slowed down to 40 BPM and not everything’s fine because now I can notice the tension building up and consciously let go of it.

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