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  • This Month's Live Streaming Guitar Lessons: TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 17TH - THUMBPICKING WITH PARKER HASTINGS. National Thumbpickers Hall of Fame "Thumbpicker of the Year" Parker Hastings has amassed a great following from the guitar community. An amazing young musician, Parker, will bring his incredible playing and superb musicianship to live lessons to show you how to Thumbpick. TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 24TH - GUITAR CHAT IN THE CHAT ROOM. Bring your guitar questions and we'll talk guitar and gear with your guitar family from all over the world. TUESDAY OCTOBER 1ST - STRATS AND TUNES WITH JUDE SMITH. Inspired by class acts such as George Benson, John Mayer, and Michael Jackson, Jude Smith plays to a different tune than most by fusing modern pop with classic taste. A Nashville native and multi-intstrumentalist, Jude Smith brings to the table the timeless recipe of an irresistible melody mixed with charming instrumentation, and a deep appreciation for groove, musicianship, and carefully crafted arrangements centered around his guitar playing - often being the sole performer on each track. Watch LIVE on our Guitar Gathering YouTube Channel. It's going to be a great month! Learn all you can!


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  1. Thanks for the reply and exactly as stated what was difficult yesterday seems a bit easier today. I am now in lesson 11 and pieces are starting g to fall into place. It has been an exciting and fun journey so far and happy to have picked up the guitar again and sticking with it.....🎸😎🎼
  2. As a serious beginner into the world of pedals and just starting lesson 11 and getting comfortable with the pentatonic forms. I thought it would be best to get a multi effects machine to start an understanding into the effects before investing into numerous individual pedals.....anyone using Boss Me80? Also, is it easier in the beginning to get a tube amp with a effects board or model,er amp with effects board....so much more to learn and maybe not enough time as the decades seems to move quite quickly these days...appreciate any feedback 🎸😎🎼
  3. Thanks for the advice and will let you know how this works out.....🎼
  4. Thanks everyone for your feedback and not really hung up on the Katana50.....will certainly let everyone know how this winds up...think I will try to keep it simple at first without needing all these bells and whistles.....may peek ahead to LMG s15, currently will just be starting session 11......hope to complete the course sometime next year hopefully🎸🎼 I realize I still have lots to learn 😎
  5. Hi all, as I move forward in my guitar journey and getting ready to look at buying my first pedals for fender squire strat. What would you purchase as your first three pedals? Does it matter about the amp? Currently looking at Boss Katana 50 or similar. Thanks for your comments. 🎸🎼🎸
  6. Thanks for your comments, as I begin this journey, as there is so much on the marketplace...and being first time serious buyer...they will most likely all sound good...boss katana 50 seems pretty good....any ideas about Marshall as they were the main player when I was a lot younger many moons ago🎸Happy 4th to all and appreciate all the feedback 🎼
  7. Thanks Diane, alt form of Dm, I was referring as I thought STeve showed as, 1st finger on F, 2nd on the A and pinky on D?leaving my ring finger free....will go back to the lesson for review but do appreciate all the help 🎸🎼
  8. Thanks for all the comments and hate to ask what I feel is a stupid question....when shopping for an amp do you normally bring your guitar? Looking forward to testing the amps recommended....🎼🎸
  9. Thanks did they fit without any issue? Was searching and saw graph tech , not sure what I should be looking for? Lol 🎸
  10. Picked up a fender squire strat from a friend and think it may be worth doing some mods. Has anyone replaced the tuners with locked tuners or smoothed the edges on the fretboard? I have only done string replacements. Is this easy to do for first timer or bring it in to a shop. Also, would like to get a better amp, any recommendations for use with the squire strat? Thanks for any feedback 🎼🎸
  11. Thanks for the reply, as I play this piece with Dm alt form then use my ring finger on my fretting hand to play C#.....hope I am understanding this correctly? Thanks for your comments.
  12. Fingerstyle has certainly helped cleaning my barre chords. I wanted to ask on bonus resource session 10 intro, second measure D2/C#, does 4 represent the ring finger? thanks for your help
  13. Hi again, maybe to assist in my selection which guitars would you feel have a relatively small neck for folks with small hands or less dexterity? Thanks again for any comments! 🎸🎼
  14. Hi Jim, that site is longer being used....you are now in the right place 🎸
  15. thanks for the feedback and insight and will keep an open mind....guess it’s time to start trying out some guitars 🎸 this should be fun 🎼

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