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  • This Month's Live Streaming Guitar Lessons: TUESDAY OCTOBER 22ND - LIFELONG MUSIC LEARNING WITH DAVE ISAACS. One of Nashville's most prolific and celebrated music teachers, Dave Isaacs is known to the music community as the "Guitar Guru of Music Row". His insights on learning music are fascinating and endlessly helpful. TUESDAY OCTOBER 29TH - TIPS FOR STRUMMING LIKE A PRO. Strumming is a guitarists paintbrush causing pulsating excitement or relaxed motion. We'll be showing some strumming tips to take your playing to the next level. Watch LIVE on our Guitar Gathering YouTube Channel. It's going to be a great month! Learn all you can!


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  1. Thanks Andy. As per @Eracer_Team-DougH Doug's comment, it was referencing Long and McQuade... I guess on this site I should be more specific.. ?
  2. Is MikeM's yahoo group still active? I just checked it out and tried to send a "join request" but for some reason the request failed to send.. The error message as follows: Sorry, an error occurred while loading the content.
  3. Thanks Neil... So after a couple of days doing the research I have followed in your footsteps, ordered the same 2i2 and downloaded Reaper. My stuff is scheduled for delivery tomorrow. I Found Kenny Gioia on YouTube, he has some really good instructional videos on Reaper.
  4. So Neil, In summary what are your overall thoughts. I see L&M are still showing out of stock but saw it on amazon dot ca at what looks like a good price. was thinking of jumping in. If I am going to learn how to play this dam thing being able to record and listen to my problems might be a good idea. I might not be a musician but I am a computer guy so the hardware/software side should be okay. What did L&M have it on sale for?
  5. Looking good. What kind of finishing are you planing?
  6. The main reason for the build was to provide myself with the incentive to learn to play the guitar well enough that I would be willing to play in front of someone. I have been procrastinating for years. It seems to be working, I am actually putting in some serious practice time. Still a long from my goal.
  7. I Took a look at @Old Guy ‘s YouTube video (part 1j, looking good, how is it going? Is there a part 2 yet? this was my first attempt. I am Thinking of trying a TC thinline next. https://www.solomusicgear.com/2019/02/14/guitar-of-the-month-january-2019/
  8. Thanks Neil... I checked out @Old Guy 's profile... born in '73 I am not to sure he deserves the title.. ?
  9. I have just build an es style from kit. now thinking of doing another. It provided quite an insight into stetting up and personalizing a guitar. Has anyone else gone this route, thoughts comments.
  10. Yea... I used to use it but no longer works on my iPad
  11. I think I will give it a try. Found a couple of other ones but this seems the most promising. Some others require a “subscription”, some have not been updated in a long time, the developers of this one seem responsive and it’s just a one time payment. all I am looking for is an app to provide incentive to practice on a regular basis and the ability to look back at what I practiced and for how long... with the ability to add comments.
  12. Does anyone use an time/task management type app to track practice sessions. I thought one could be really useful, I am taking a look at ATracker. But was wondering what others might have tried, does anyone have recommendations? http://www.wonderapps.se/atracker/
  13. I was not thinking of going across the border I was just thinking of splitting shipping costs. It would not work as well as it does for us at the tennis club where we have the advantage of getting together on a regular basis. as an example, we placed a joint order with tennis warehouse. If I had placed an order for just what I wanted, shipping was going to be $60. A joint order between 4 of us ended up costing $80. My share at $20 netted me a saving of $40. A couple of us wanted the same product so we scooped a quantity discount that netted me another $10. So I ended up saving $50.
  14. Just a thought.... For us Canadian Dwellers... I have bought a couple of items from "Steve's Store". There have been other times where I would have liked too but the shipping costs just puts it way out of range... I am also a tennis player and members of our club will from time to time put in a joint order from US Vendors thereby splitting shipping costs. Works well for us because we all regularly meet in person at the club. Was just wondering if something like that might work here.
  15. Thanks... I used the closed cell foam because I had it on hand.. can you suggest an alternative?

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