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  1. So....based on the replies it seems Fishman is either the king of acoustic amps - or a lot of Gathering folks own stock in the company! Kidding aside - I took the time today to go by a couple of music stores here in town and used a couple of their guitars to play on the Fender Acoustasonic 40, a Boss Katana 50 (with the acoustic setting) and the Fishman Loudbox. I have to agree that the Fishman overall had the most "full" sound and if you are looking to invest in a dedicated acoustic amp it is probably the best choice. The Boss Katana was pretty close after a little tweaking of the EQ - and offers the flexibility of being able to support electrics. I'd have to rate the Fender last of the bunch - sounded "thin" to me. The next step is to take my guitar in with the K&K Pure mini and try them again. Tough decision - but enjoying the process!
  2. Thanks for the feedback folks. Sounds like another excuse to head to the local music stores to play with different amps!
  3. So, is anyone out there using an electric amp for an acoustic guitar? From what I’ve seen online electrics work but may not be as clean as a dedicated acoustic amp. Opinions? Suggestions?
  4. @Mustafa, If you are not familiar with it, you might also listen to the song "This Old Guitar" by John Denver. I think it expresses some of the sentiments others have expressed here. I expect most everyone that has ever touched an instrument has felt periods of contentment along with extreme frustration. But I guess that is what makes it so rewarding. I "played with" a guitar during my school years, but never really learned to play it. I grew tired of it and lost interest. Now, many (many) years later, I have decided to truly learn how to play. Sometimes I feel I've waited too long to start. But I've been encouraged by many on this forum and I hope you will be as well.
  5. Hi folks. Just registered for my first gathering. Trying to coax my wife into attending ,but alas, she is learning the violin. Is there a list of topics that will be presented as part of music theory and will those topics be general enough to benefit any musician?

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