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  1. Thanks @DianeB. I figured I could count on you to set me straight. Seems everything I was finding online was close - but no cigar! Life was sure simpler when I was just playing C, D and G!😉
  2. Hey guys - Hopefully a quick confirmation about the chords you would play in a relative minor key. I went back through the How Music Works materials we got from Steve last year and didn't really see this concept spelled out. And naturally, I am finding conflicting information on different internet sites. As we know, the chords in a major key follow a certain pattern. Using C Major as an easy example we would play C, Dm ,Em, F, G, Am, Bdim. But when playing chords in A minor, am I correct that you would play the same chords - just in a different sequence - Am, Bdim,
  3. Hi @cdevaux It's been a while since I went through that part of the Fingerstyle course so I don't recall exactly what Steve demonstrated on the DVD. But I recall a few instances in the course where the tab differs a bit from what Steve plays on the DVD - I think the tabs were created later on. I had a lesson with Steve when I was going through this song, and he said that basically either fingering is correct, but playing the B at the 12th fret allows you to keep the same finger shape as in the first measure - all you do is slide up to the 12th fret. To me that fingering was much easier
  4. Same plan as @Dave White. I've never been to a NAMM before, so very excited about the opportunity to put my hands on some of the instruments I am considering. But I am cheating - I only live 2 hours away and will be staying with my son who lives in Nashville!
  5. Thanks Mike and Randy for the feedback. Yes, you get all sorts of opinions on the discussion boards. Glad that we have this forum to share some first hand experiences.
  6. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with pinless bridges, such as those used by Takamine or Breedlove on some of their guitars. I'm considering a Takamine 12 string with a pinless bridge and curious about the durability of these types of bridges, particularly with the added pressure of 6 extra strings. Or if I need to stick with a more traditional pinned bridge.
  7. I'm in the same camp as @David White. I tried out a few of the pure classical models from Cordoba, but I wasn't really able to find one that had the sound of the feel I was hoping for. I ended up selecting an Alvarez hybrid model although several manufacturers now offer similar styles with the slightly narrower nut, slightly radiused fretboard, 14 fret neck and a cutaway. This model has the traditional fan bracing like a pure classical. I got it specifically to complete the Classical section of the Fingerstyle course and I truly enjoy it. I'm finding it to be one of my "go to" gui
  8. @gmills. Just to be clear, these aren't Steve's arrangements. It's a Hal Leonard book. I've heard Steve talk about putting out a book with some of his arrangements, and there are probably a lot of us that would love to see that. He has shared a few during live lessons in the past. For example, he shared his arrangement of "It is Well with My Soul" around Easter time last year so it might be available on a download. He is also starting that new Academy Series soon where we will get 4 hymn arrangements from him along with instruction. Might be worth considering. He usuall
  9. @gmills Steve has a Fingerpicking Hymns book that I believe he sells in his online store. I picked one up at the last Gathering. It has about 15 hymns in it that are geared toward beginner/intermediate. I’m still very much a novice when it comes to fingerstyle and I’ve been able to work through several of these hymns.
  10. Wonderful story @Eduardo I have learned that quid pro quo often applies in our search for that perfect tone. My problem is that I live very close to Nashville. So every time we are there (pre-Covid anyway) I would stop in at Gruhn Guitars, or Carter Vintage Guitars or one of the local Guitar Center stores. My wife would never complain (she plays the violin and piano). But she would insist that we also stop at one of the Nashville violin stores as well! So my trips to Nashville can get very expensive!
  11. I think a lot of folks would say that a 6 string steel string acoustic is probably the most versatile. But as @DonMerlin suggested, this will depend on the style of music you want to play. I have heard Steve say that if he was on a desert island, he would want his nylon string classical. I think most would agree that regardless of the type of guitar you choose, be sure to have a good setup done by a reliable guitar tech so that it is enjoyable to play. Good luck on your journey!
  12. Happy Birthday Gene!   

    1. Gene C

      Gene C

      Thank You William, it sure got rainy after the snow and ice. Successfully got the first vaccination against the Wuhan China Covid-19 virus last week. I thank God I have have no issues with that mess. 

      Went ahead and paid up on the GuitarGathering for July and I am really looking forward to seeing all the attendees, playing, learning, and all that goes with it. So much to learn packed into those 3 days.

      Always good to hear from you, keep up with your practice routine and guitar learning. 

      Gene Callebs, London KY 

    2. William Nelson

      William Nelson

      Looking forward to seeing you Gene.   I'm still paid up from last year.   Still waiting on my turn for the vaccine, but I'm in the next group.   In the meantime, still working my way through the Fingerstyle course.

    3. Gene C

      Gene C

      See you in the Q&A tonight, Blue Skies here today. Heard some ELO too..

  13. A 12 string has been on my list for a while now. Since I came of age in the 70's, a lot of my favorite music was done on a 12 string. Interesting to hear how Doyle Dykes strings his 12 strings with the top 2 strings reversed, with the lowest bass string on top of the octave string. This suits his thumbpick style. I've also heard other players removing the E and A octave strings so they get more bass ringing out. I tend to like the chimey 12 string sound though.
  14. @Adam429 I think Steve would tell you it is certainly not impossible! It is definitely a journey one step at a time. Don't rush. Start slowly and get the basic techniques correctly under your fingers. The speed will come. How long it takes to get to 160 bpm would depend on the individual I suppose. I know I'm not there yet but I'm definitely better than before I started!
  15. @Adam429 Honestly it's been a while since I reviewed these exercises. You've reminded me that I could stand a refresher! When you ask about timing, are you talking about the musical timing? 4/4, 3/4, etc? I think he approaches those exercises as if you are playing individual quarter notes. The first video that shows you the exercises is meant to just introduce you to the basic patterns he will be using throughout the series. In the subsequent videos Steve uses these same basic exercises at different points on the neck and at increasing speed to help you gradually build up your

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