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  1. hey, thanks for the reaction but that's not the case :) The 0 stands for open strings so in the example you made there is nothing to fret with the left hand. Most of the exercises and the song house of the rising sun are simple: thumb for the bas and finger 1 "th string finger 2 second string and finger 3 first string... but in the song cannon in D Is that not the case. Steve use his thumb all over the place :)
  2. the tab shows me how to play with the left hand but it don't show the left hand fingering. Sometimes steve plays the second or third string with his thumb, sometimes with his index finger... that's where my problem is. it is hard to follow his picking hand. i wanna practice the song correct but i have to know what to do with my picking hand
  3. Hello, i have a question about canon in D. The fingering for the left hand is very well explained and i have no problem with that but i find it difficult to follow what Steve is doing with his right hand. Is it the intention that i do the exact same fingering with the picking hand or is it the intention to find out what works best for me with those fingers? grtz
  4. Starting session 10 today... All i did was playing finger style (alternating bass deltablues...) before i started this learn and master course so i don't expect a lot of troubles in this session. I started the Learn and Master Fingerstyle course a few weeks ago and i am ready to move on to session 2 in that course. I don't know about you folks but i don't really like the plectrum... Just for improvisation stuff maybe and soloing but i play with it because i wanna follow the L&M course and a I think that every guitar player should have a good basic with the plectrum too. What i reaaaaly like is plucking the strings When i finish the L&M course i will follow the blues course but i think i will always prefer finger style on acoustic.
  5. I learned daytripper today, now I gonna practise the song a lot. Some parts like the riffs are already In my musclememory. For me this is the coolest song i have learnd so far! The songbook is getting very interesting... the triplets in heartbreak hotel, the single note mixed with strums in silver bells( very good accurate picking exercise). That 6notes in 4beats in crazy (took me Some time to get the ‘feel’ for it) and now the cool riffs followed by barree chords in daytripper and that playing in the second position... this way I learn lots of stuff that aren’t in the course at my stage in very fun way! This book rocks ?. The only thing i miss is backing tracks like Steve did for the songs in the learn&master course. This would be awesome. Greetings from Belgium
  6. Hey thanks for the reply. I really like the looks of the 17 serie ‘ black smoke’... but again, it Will be difficult to chose between 000-17, 00-17L and 00-17s. I think the tripple 0 Will be the best for me. From what I heard and read the 17 is a little Brighter than te 15 series but more articulated...but it is still a bluesy sound. I hope I find a store where I can test the 2series. Maybe you are right and its better to put my own rl baggs afterwards and pay a little more for the woods...
  7. Does anyone have played the Martin 00-15e retro? What are your thoughts on that guitar? I sold my blueridge dreadnought because it was to big for me and now I am looking for a new acoustic. The stores nearby dont have that model but when I look at reviews on the internet and the specs of that guitar I think it has everything I wish... I want a good acoustic with electronics for fingerstyle. For The learn and master guitar course I use my electric guitar but I am in stage 7 so the fingerstylestage is nearby ? greetings
  8. I am learning this song for 2 weeks and the most difficult part for me is hitting the right string with my plectrum after a strum... I can play all the songs comfortably untill stage 6. I ended stand by me last week but silver Bells Will take a lot of time to master I think
  9. Hello, here is my new Practice schedule. I am repeating lesson 4, What do you think? Any Tips? Warming up with the major scale: 5 min Speed and Agility: 20 Min Learning the notes on the neck: 5 min Chord Practice: 5min Lesson 4 exercises and bonus exercises: 15 min Lesson 4 songs: 15 min Ending with free play without the course: 10 min
  10. thanks everybody, i bought a fender standard telecaster, headphones and vox amp2 blues practicing is a lot of fun now
  11. Today was a great day, I bought my fender standard telecaster butterscotch ?. Thanks for all the reactions on my question!
  12. Hello there, I am looking to buy an electric guitar and headphones so i can practice without disturbing others at night. The dude from the guitarstore recommended me the Fender Standard Telecaster. Who has played that guitar and what do you think about it? Here is the link... https://www.keymusic.com/be/item/fender-standard-telecaster-butterscotch-blonde-maple/ Is it a good guitar to use during the learn and master course? thanks everybody
  13. thanks everyone, that was really helpful. It will be great to practice without disturbing others thanks
  14. hello everybody, i have this question, I am almost ready to go to session 5 but i have never strummed with a plectrum because i can only practice at night or early in the morning when my little daughter is sleeping. So it is almost impossible to practice strumming patterns and learn to hit the bass note accurate on my acoustic guitar because it is way to loud Did anyone have had this problem and what was your solution??? I am thinking about buying an electric guitar and learn to strum unplugged because that doesn't make that noise. If anyone have other tips to share i would like to hear them. Thanks anyway, greetings from Belgium

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