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  1. I alway's tought that I was a big Martin Fan but recently I played a Taylor 314 in my local shop and that played so smooth... I only played it without a pick but everything just felt right... I was able to compare it to a Martin 000 15 because they had both. Maybe I liked the sound of the Martin a little bit more but I was surprised that I liked playing on the Taylor more. So the Taylor came out as the winner for fingerpicking. Another brand that I really like and that is not that expensive is the seagull... What's your favorite Brand and why?
  2. Hey Triple o, I liked that movie a lot! Did you learn that song? Is it difficult with just the sheet music and the performance but nobody who really teach it? I Think I will give it a try! Such a nice song 🤩
  3. Wow Wim, nice done!!! if you like Fingerpicking in Merle Travis Style or just delta blues fingerpicking, I would strongly recommend Stefan Grossman's Guitar Workshop! There are so many courses to follow there: Blues Fingerpicking, Bottleneck... I Started some courses 2 years before I even heard of Learn and master. Until today I follow courses there. Great stuff!!!
  4. Hey Mike, Thanks a lot for the reply. I Think I have found a good routine now and I improve a lot. Like I said before, I work with 2 routines. 1 for every week (I try to practice that routine 4 days a week), and 1 routine that I must finish within a month and where I practice things that I struggled with in the past or that I still want to improve. (I try to work on that list for 2 days in a week) The 7th day is pure for fun... Every course that I follow and every exercise from the beginning of my guitar journey until now has his own code. For example A14B: Learn and master
  5. Hey everybody, I will start session 14 today. I am very happy that I got there because 5 months ago I was done with guitar playing. It all became too much for me. I will try to explain why: I found myself at the stage where it was simply impossible to practice everything everyday. Chords, songs, technique, sight reading, scales, ear practice, new stuff, maintain older stuff... My daily practice became +- 3 hours and that was not possible. So I begun skipping exercises, did not find a good routine and I constantly had the feeling that I didn't practice enough. The fun was go
  6. Hey Amy, thanks... i will continue playing like this
  7. I know the notes on the fretboard very good but i don’t know or my theory knowledge is sufficient... i just followed the first lesson and i see that he goes fast, For example: the bluesform in different keys is easy but in the part of the licks out of the chord form he does not explain what he is doing with his picking hand. So doing what he does is difficult...
  8. Hello everyone, i am following the main course and i am in session 13. Is this a good starting point to begin the blues course or is this to early and is it better to finish the main course first? Grtz
  9. Tomorrow I 'm gonna start session 3. yehaaa It took me several months to get the exercises up to speed, especially the jazz chords but I am finally there! I enjoy the challenges and I wonder if it will take that long again to finish the next session... So goodbye session 2 and session 3... here I come!!! greetings from Belgium
  10. Hi Maria, i have a question for you. The 00-15 is a guitar that i really want for some years now. One day it will be mine when my budget allows me to . You have yours for 4 months now so you are a little experienced with that instrument. How is the playability? And would you recommend it for fingerstyle? Is it as good as i read in many reviews? Greetings from Belgium
  11. Thanks for the answer, i am happy that there are other people playing this way. Like i said, it just feels so much more comfortable. 🙂
  12. If i sit low in my couch then a foot rest isnt necessary but if i sit on a chair then i use the foot rest for my left foot. And yes i can strum very comfortably that way. I hope too that steve see this post and give me an answer 🙂
  13. So you wouldnt dissuade this way of playing?

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