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  1. @Fretless Thanks for taking the time to answer in so much detail. I was looking at the solid top guitars with electronics up to the 550USD mark. I'm still making my way through the L&M course and the Hits so learning different styles atm. Something versatile and good value for money. After combing through brands like Yamaha, Takamine, Guild, Breedlove, Alvarez and Ibanez (solid top Martins and Taylors were way out of range and I wasn't sure about the Martin high pressure laminate), I narrowed it down to three Takamine GN30CE, GF30CE FXC. GN51CE and one Ibanez AC340CE. Still on the lookout though.
  2. Hi everyone, What type of finger board and bridge material is best for acoustic steel string guitar among Rosewood, Ovangkol and Laurel? I've been looking to purchase a new guitar for some time now and finally narrowed down to three or four models. Anyway, I've noticed these three materials being used and was wondering if it really makes a difference apart from how it looks. Let me know what you think. Nairon
  3. Worked on Cold cold heart by Hank Williams from the Song Hits session 5 this month. Still working at the strumming accuracy but so far so fun.
  4. Hi Everyone, Working on session 5 in LMG this month and decided to submit a song from that session. Chord changes are a challenge at the moment so I had to play the melody slower. Hope you enjoy though. Nairon
  5. That guitar is a thing of beauty. Congrats!
  6. Hey everyone, I recently started session 5 (I thought I'd never complete session 4. lol). I'm enjoying it but I find its challenging playing the chords that are not 6 string chords. For example, the C chord is a five string chord. Its hard to consistently hit five strings and avoid the 6. Any tips on this?
  7. Thanks Wim. Trying to progress past session 4 on the L&M course but this session is a real challenge so far. Very enjoyable though.
  8. Thanks Henk and thanks for the feedback on the backing track volume.

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