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  1. Hey, haven't posted progress for a little while. Anyway hope everyone is doing great. Recently I've been working on moon river. Trying it fingerstyle so hopefully I didnt miss the mark too far although I may have in parts of it... lol. Anyway hope you enjoy.
  2. Thanks. Glad to get the encouragement. I'll check out the book. Hopefully, in a some weeks, I'll have the basic barre chords clean.
  3. Hi Everyone, I've been working on this from the Song Hits. Just wondering how you successfully get the Eb9 chord (thrid line, second measure). More specifically, the two fingers to hold down the first three strings. Trying different things but its a little buzzy. In the video, I think Steve leaves it up to the student but I'm just searching for some ideas on what works. Nairon
  4. Thanks for the encouragement. Another issue I found that really makes the strings buzz is when the strings are pressed by the joints of the index finger so even when I try to keep my finger straight and bring my wrist forward etc I still always have to reposition the finger till it stops buzzing. Hopefully that problem goes with time too.
  5. I'm learning Moon River in the Hits and following the 5th string barre chord chapter in the learn and master course. Got to say its some rough going with the barre chords so far but improving really slowly. I could see myself spending a lot of time before moving on from barre chords. In this song I noticed that there are variations in the chords themselves which is also adding to the challenge. Either way, its such a beautiful song.
  6. So far for me this chapter is a big step up in difficulty from the previous one in the L&M course. I've been at it for over a month and can't seem to get rid of the buzz when changing from one barre chord to the next unless I really really slow it down. or that screech when I move up and down the fretboard. Slow and steady wins the race I guess. Hope everyone is enjoying the journey and progressing well.
  7. Thanks for sharing your story and all the best to you as you resume the journey!
  8. Thanks for the feedback Henk. Always good to hear from someone who has the experience using the product. I see from the link that there is a battery operated version which is kool. Do you think it could be used for playing in a small setting like a restaurant or something like that? Nairon
  9. Hey everyone, I'm looking to buy my first amp for my acoustic guitar (and a looper pedal but that's another topic). Anyway, I saw that some people also use portable PA systems like the Bose S1 Pro. Does the acoustic guitar amp have an advantage over a PA system in terms of quality of sound? The use would be for playing at home and eventually small venues? Nairon
  10. Yes this was fun. Honestly, its hard to play the chords to that song without hearing Elvis singing it in your head. I ended up checking out a lot of his videos online while learning it.
  11. Thanks man. I'll definitely look to make some more lengthy tracks as I progress through the lessons.
  12. Hey everyone, Seasons greetings. Not sure if this thread is still active but I just thought I'd share a short clip from Elvis' Heartbreak hotel I was learning recently from The Song Hits, songbook.
  13. Thanks @Wim VD1 Enjoying the L&M journey so far. Long ways to go but loving the content of the course. I recently bought a new acoustic (Takamine GN51CE) so it's a got me extra motivated.

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