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    Layla was originally recorded in 1970, but I guess the love of Eric Clapton for Pattie Boyd that inspired this song originates from the 1960's, so it still fits the challenge 😀. Wim.
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    @mark_h, sounded fabulous to me. Beautifully played as always. @Wim VD1, I love the way you find tenuous relationships between the theme and the song 😁. I remain impressed with the progress you are making, great job. Well done @Nutty 1, you have a lovely tone to your voice. Ian
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    Here is my entry "Nights in White Satin" by Justin Haywood, performed by The Moody Blues. It is a tale of posh bed sheets, wasted stationary and a love that is lost causing pain which no one understands. You know like when you get that sinking feeling .......I had a bit of a microphone problem during this song. Looks like I can not have the boom arm out too much on my mic stand.🤣🤓😂
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    Hello Everyone, in the absence of Unclehammy and @guitarben I am posting the new challenge. Just for quickness, as we have already lost over a week I have chosen the theme. Play anything that originates from the 1960s. The deadline is Midnight Sunday 30th June. Here are the tracks: 1) mark_h playing "Wave" by Antonio Carlos Jobim. 2) Wim VD1 playing "Leyla" 3) Nutty 1 playing "Nights in White Satin" 4) Watson43 playing "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow" 5)Texaspackerfan playing "Mamma Tried"
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    Ssshhh! Don’t blow my cover. It’s Monday night, and I’m spying at Steve Kaufman’s Acoustic Kamp at Maryville College, south of Knoxville. I’m at the evening concert in the gym and I’ve got a man on the inside. Special Agent D9 is from back home. He’s embedded, and I’m disguised as a volleyball coach. We must thwart their diabolical plot to kidnap all the k’s in the English language. My god, I’m totally surrounded by flatpickers. Not a whammy bar in sight, but so far, so good. Wait, what’s that? Someone’s pointing this way from the stage! I hear shouts: “There’s a Krenzie in the audience! A Krenzie? Where? In the back row! There she is! Get her! Get her!…” … ”Owwww! Diane! Wake up! The show’s about to start!” Uhh, what? Oh, Chuck, it’s just you. They were about to get me. "Huh? Who was about to get you?" Never mind. Ever heard of Walter Mitty? Deadline approaches, so here I am in my Knoxville hotel, bleary-eyed from 600 rainy miles (in two days) and now 3 hours of stunning acoustic Americana at the Kaufman Kamp with my pal Chuck. Today was their first day. Never mind my imagination, they are a great bunch of guitar nuts like us. Tomorrow afternoon we get under way with a welcome session and guitar show and tell display. I don't know how many are registered, but my impression from the Gathering Facebook page is that we have a lot of first timers. That's good. Just 200 more miles to go. And I gain an hour. Yeah! I'm having another cinnamon danish. This week is only going to get better.
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    So here it is about 8 months later, and I'm still working on this S17. (really? ok, ok....excuse time; I didnt play much at all from Feb to now...that's business you know) I do have the patterns down pretty well in Key of F, and moving to Key of D and Bb does not seems to be that difficult. I'm trying to focus on saying and playing the notes to get the most out of the exercises, and I'm a lot more familiar with the fret positions above the 5th - 17 th position. This really hammers the major scale into your brain, and visually you tend to recall the note for a given fret much quicker. I didnt realise until last night there is a playalong jam track for this so I'll have to get into this ... man, Steve's hammer on pull of advanced version is quick! I find that I really just LISTEN to the intervals, (this must be what they mean by " Ear Training" ... I thought that was playing with your ear... wouldnt that be painful ? lol) In most cases, my fingers just "go there" to the appropriate fret by repetition. It is a lot of repetitious work, but like most things that it does pay off. Those artists you hear playing effortlessly didnt get that way by just watching it on video! Another fretboard knowledge test is to name a key and find and name all the notes in that key in succession as quickly as possible.Then find all the A's, Ab's, B's Bb's, C's etc. on the fretboard say and play them. Betcha cant do it the first time! Meanwhile I've drifted into S18 also, and basically finished the workbook session there, although not the bonus S18 yet. And in addition, I'm working on a Sandra Shermans ("Greeetings from Austria!" )"Easy" Chord Melody arrangement of "Autumn Leaves" which I found on YT. I'm hoping to have "Autumn Leaves " in playable shape to record in the near future. (I have a way to go to match anything that @Wim VD1 or @mark_h is putting out lately... WELL DONE GUYS!) I must say that learning Steve K's "Fretboard Workout - Jazz Chords " and the "Major Scales" has made this possible. For those approaching S18, I highly recommend you do this course first. It will all make a lot more sense.
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    Thanks Ian. I was already working on Layla when @Nutty 1 announced the new challenge. So it was either stretching the theme a bit in some creative way or working out another song. I hesitated on doing "Wild Horses" from the Stones, but decided to stick to Clapton. I will try to tame those horses at a later point in time. Wim.
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    For the Country Music Folks here a great Youtube Channel with Tabs on country music with a lot of Johnny Cash songs. P.S There Are 12 Videos. I like Big River
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    A big thank you to all of you for your photos, downloads/uploads, and journalistic play by play. I haven't been able to work one of these into my schedule yet so it's nice to come home from work and at least live vicariously through each of you! Great reporting! Bill
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    Well done, Mandy. I found a nice story on the internet about this song being written as part of a musical. The sinking mic was actually quite funny to watch. Wim.
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    Thank you Mark. I love that song. I have just bought The Moody Blues 3 cd box set. I am re-discovering them!😎
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    Thanks for keeping things Mandy! I didn’t want to do anything too obvious so it’s a little obscure,; the title track from “Wave” by Antonio Carlos Jobim. This is one of the most difficult pieces for me to play, my timing is never right and I almost always stumble, but I play it anyway, every chance I get. One of these days I’ll get it right. (Or maybe not.) 🤗 Mark

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