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  1. Oh Danny I am so very sorry to hear that this has happened to you. Please do not worry about the song, you have far more important things to do. I am glad that you are safe. Your neighbour knew what you needed, turn to your guitar when you need a lift.
  2. Looks great Randy, thank you for sharing your opinion on it. Enjoy!🎛😎🎸
  3. Thank you for posting this @IanD. I was turned down by my teacher after I auditioned for my school choir.🤓 I always said that I was no good at music until about 4 years ago when I got the "itch" to start playing guitar. Previous to that I did not even know the notes of the musical alphabet or that there was more than 1 C on a piano.😁 I always enjoyed singing to pop songs when I was on my own though. I hope the video above and my story helps to motivate others.
  4. That is a tricky decision. I am not a Martin owner or expert but I can offer you a really daft way to see if you have a real preference lurking in the back of your mind. Get two small pieces of paper and write the guitar model names, one on each piece, and then put the two bits of paper in a bag and randomly draw one out. Now tell yourself that you must buy the guitar on that bit of paper. If you are disappointed by the choice then but the other one. If not buy the one on the paper. Of course if you really are on the fence it will not help 🤔
  5. Well done Greg, I bet you guys had a blast! Great photo.
  6. Really lovely @mark_h I enjoyed that. Yep, your office looks great!
  7. If you wanted something at a lower price range Yamaha do the THR5A, I have one in my practice space, and I like it. It gets pretty good reviews too: https://www.guitarfella.com/yamaha-thr5a-review/ https://www.musicradar.com/reviews/guitars/yamaha-thr5a-567701 https://getacoustic.com/yamaha-thr5a-review-acoustic-guitar-amp/
  8. Wow @gotto I love it! I am glad that it is only fiction 😁
  9. Wow, you wrote that! Beautiful Ian, what errors?😁 I love it 😍
  10. So you did not even have to tell her that they didn't have photoshop all those years ago when that photograph was taken. 😁🤓😎
  11. Thank you for doing this Danny @Texaspackerfan it sounds great to me. All mixes are only a guide for the band members until the final mixing and mastering, here is a link to Danny's mix for a sneak preview GG4 bass rhythm drums Ready for you @gotto when you are free.
  12. Hello All, This months topic comes from Wim VD1 "Play us something acoustic" Everyone is welcome to join in. 1) IanD playing and singing his new Original "Picture On My Phone" 2) Mark_h playing "Perfect"
  13. I have smoothed the edges of frets with a small metal file, if you do it carefully and gently you will not affect the finish on the fretboard and neck. You do not have to press hard or do much. I have a Yamaha THR5a modelling amp for my practice (and playing!), it has some nice built in effects. I have never needed to put it up to full volume or anything approaching that, not even for the distorted simulations. They also do bigger THR amps with even more effects. May be worth a look at.🤓
  14. I always knew algebra was a good thing to learn!
  15. Hello Greg, it looks like we have all of the instrument tracks that we need to proceed now. Over to @Texaspackerfan. Danny can you give us an idea of when you will be able to produce a mix for Greg to use to do the vocals please?
  16. Wow @Texaspackerfan that is impressive! Well played and sang. I agree with Ian, you have an excellent voice and it would do well if it was louder in your mix.
  17. @Texaspackerfan Danny I have put 2 rhythm guitar tracks in the GG4 folder on Box.com. In my DAW I panned one a bit to the left and the other a bit to the right. It is up to you if you use them both or not, I would be interested in hearing what you think.
  18. Excellent @WATSON43, beautifully played and sang. I love that song, they used it in the movie "Dirty Dancing".
  19. It is great to see you posting again @Mustafa and to hear the good news that you are playing your guitar and having some fun. Never give up hope my friend.
  20. Hello All, Here is a new guitar track for GG4 GG4 New Drums I hope it is ok
  21. My sincere apologies to you all. I am sorry I really have made a hash up! Thank you to @Texaspackerfan for noticing it. 1) The drum track is too difficult. I used the GarageBand (or was it Logic) drummers and combined sections from 2 different drummers and this may have made the rhythm really tricky. It is not a good track for our Collaboration. 2) I had meant to add the count in on the rhythm track but it looks like my inexperience with driving Logic Pro X (I am attempting to transition from GarageBand) and not checking the track before uploading it has lead to the count in being omitted. I am very sorry for both above and I will put them right. I will do another drum track with a count in (using only 1 drummer) and contact @guitarben and apologise to him. Best wishes Mandy

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