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I’d bought The Learn & Master dvds a long time ago. 

Sadly life intervened and I fell off the wagon.

I want to start guitar up again now.

So starting at dvd 1 from the old set.


My question is where do these set of exercises fit in with the dvds?


Thank you

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Yes, there's no time to start like today!

After you finish the first session in Learn and Master Guitar then I would start to incorporate the Speed & Agility workout into your daily learning.  It will help your hands start to be more efficient when you play.

Hope this helps and thanks for being a great part of our guitar family!

- Steve

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Woah! This was quick!

Thank you so much @Randy120 & @Steve Krenz!

If I could trouble you a li’l bit more, when do I apply the rest of the bundle?

The Major Scale & Jazz Chord Workouts?

Thank you once more!

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@Jason You are welcome.

I would say the Major Scale would be good after maybe session 4. Because the scales are really important. The Jazz workouts you should save for later. You have a lot to learn so don't spread yourself too thin. You want to be challenged, but not overwhelmed so that you don't make progress. Start to play songs early. Record yourself so you can judge your progress. 

I like your attitude. Stay optimistic. You can do this.  

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Hold off on the Jazz till after session 8b or much later.


You'll be learning more than 38 new fingerings of chords and need clean bare chords as well, in the Jazz spotlight.


Ashamed I have bought but yet to start Steve's major fretboard theory,,, I should stop dragging my heels.

You'll have a fair bit of theory to work on in session 7 + 8,,,  any help ahead of time is always good but balanced with your practice schedule 

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@Randy120 not looking to make the same mistakes as the last two times :) will definitely focus on the 3Ps now that I’ve seen the lack of them ?

@Eracer_Team-DougH, understood. will take it slowly and deliberately. Also so much gratitude for collecting all of Yoda Steve’s wisdom :)


Thank you both :)



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