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  1. @Randy120 not looking to make the same mistakes as the last two times will definitely focus on the 3Ps now that I’ve seen the lack of them ? @Eracer_Team-DougH, understood. will take it slowly and deliberately. Also so much gratitude for collecting all of Yoda Steve’s wisdom Thank you both
  2. Woah! This was quick! Thank you so much @Randy120 & @Steve Krenz! If I could trouble you a li’l bit more, when do I apply the rest of the bundle? The Major Scale & Jazz Chord Workouts? Thank you once more!
  3. I’d bought The Learn & Master dvds a long time ago. Sadly life intervened and I fell off the wagon. I want to start guitar up again now. So starting at dvd 1 from the old set. My question is where do these set of exercises fit in with the dvds? Thank you

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