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Karaoke Version Backing Tracks

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I don't think we have had a conversation here previously about Karaoke Version Backing Tracks.  Possibly, but I don't remember it.  And, no, this is not about gear.  But it's a learning tool.  This conversation doesn't belong in Technique, so it doesn't belong there.  Possibly "Open Talk"? But I stuck it here. 

And this is about backing tracks not jam tracks.  You don't fire it up and try your improvisational skills.  One picks your particular song.  Then you pick the backing band members you want (more about that), hit "play" and then you have your band accompanying you.

If one goes to the link I provided above and then click on the "Guitar" tab, it will take you to the list of guitar backing track.  It will present you with lists: "Top (I assume that means most popular) Guitar Backing Tracks", "Most Recent Backing Tracks" and "Free".   There are a few good free ones: House of the Rising Son,  La Bamba, Amazing Grace.

Of course the fun is choosing from their huge list of available tracks for purchase at $1.99 each.  They claim 30,460 songs to choose from.  I think it would be difficult to not find a backing track to the song you are trying to learn.These are, IMHO, high quality tracks that sound real, not the MIDI sounding Guitar Pro files or Ultimate Guitar Tabs files.  When you click at the bottom of "Top" backing tracks it will take you to a menu where you can choose Decades, genre, key, language, etc.  I just find it easier to use the search function and type in the name of the song, such as "Black Magic Woman".  It came up with both Santana and Fleetwood Mac versions.  Or you can type in the artist, such as Santana.  It came up with, I believe, every Santana song ever recorded, including his duet with Willie Nelson, "They all Went to Mexico"!  😲  (That's from Santana's Havana Moon album.  His worst ever.  But I digress😴.)

When you pick a song it will take you to a page where you can listen to a sample of the track.


As you can see, you can choose with or without vocals, if you want to sing along, with all the parts or just the guitar, if you want to practice just the guitar.  If you purchase this backing track you get all four files with those parts.

But here is where it gets fun!  They also offer custom backing tracks for $2.99.  This is what I invariably purchase.  You, well, customize it!  The customization is nearly limitless.  Change instruments, key, tempo, vocals. You make changes, download it.  Make more changes, download it.  Ad infinitum.  And once you have purchased it you can come back and change it months or years later and download it again! 

Perhaps an example.

Here is my list of songs I have purchased.


I was learning Wonderful Tonight for my weekly guitar Jam.  There are three guitar parts and we took the different parts for the jam and then switched during the jam.  I added and removed different guitar parts and added and removed vocals and then took it to my jam.  We practiced with the different parts.  (and provided the files for my buddies).  It's just three guys with guitars but if we had a bass player or drummer, in a real band setting I could see how helpful adding removing those parts would be.


Sorry about the long post.  You can see I'm a fan boy of these tracks.  I hope you find this helpful.


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That sounds like an amazing tool! 

Especially the customized tracks. I like the ability to customize, and come back and change it later!

These could be very handy especially if there aren't a lot of folks to play with! My town is not that big, and although I play bass with our local ukulele group, i haven't found anyone yet to play guitar with....  this may help fill that void!

Thanks for posting this! 

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Say Matonanjin, i have purchased a handful of these as well. Did you suggest that once purchased, you can return to the site and modify the version purchased to add or detract parts without repurchasing the newest version?


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As long as it is a custom backing track, yes.  If you look at my list of files (second graphic above) the top six have a word "Change" in the far right.  That means those are the custom backing tracks.  If I click on that it will take me to the next window where I can make the desired changes to it.  As the graphic above for "Wonderful Tonight".   Then you redownload it with the changes.

With the non-custom backing tracks you can still downlad.  I failed to mention above with the regular (non-custom) backing tracks you can download four different ways:

  • 1) With vocals
  • 2) Without vocals
  • 3) full Version
  • 4) guitar only
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Thx, good to know. It is a very good site, could get addictively expensive if you are tempted to purchase a bundle of great custom tracks. I have to fight the urge at times.😀


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