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Found 8 results

  1. The question of a solid practice routine comes up many, many times, from dedicated students who wonder, "What should I practice ?", "How often should I practice", "How do I keep track of my progress?" ... Steve Krenz created this video (Taken from the Tips of the Pros Series), to address this often asked question... (about 7:31 minutes long ... You'll also find this in the Tips of the Pros sub-forum)
  2. Does anyone use an time/task management type app to track practice sessions. I thought one could be really useful, I am taking a look at ATracker. But was wondering what others might have tried, does anyone have recommendations? http://www.wonderapps.se/atracker/
  3. If you could offer the Guitar Gathering family one practice tip, which one would you offer? What tip has helped you the most to advance your playing? What do you wish someone would have told you when you're just starting out? I'll go first. For me, the ultimate practice tip was that if I can't play something, go slower and slower until you can play it perfectly. Don't be afraid of going turtle slow for a while. Then repeat and repeat, gradually increasing tempo with every few successes. It's so hard to play slowly sometimes! It can really help and save a lot of frustration. That was the best tip I received early on: Speed is a by-product of accuracy. So what one tip would you give the newbies of the world?
  4. Hello Steve and forum family, I'm currently working my way through the Major scale mastery level 1 workouts videos. Currently I am on final workout 3, but I am having trouble saying the note names out loud at this level where as workout 2, it was no problem.. My fingers know exactly where to go and playing the shapes from memory are no trouble at all, but saying the note names at speed is where the frustration comes...is that necessary at this level or could I just play it? I noticed Steve doesn't instruct us to say the not names in the workout 3 videos, am I doing it right or should I go back to workout 2?...any help would be appreciated.
  5. Hello guys, For sometime now I have been struggling to fix my practice schedule. Anyone got a routine practice schedule I could adopt for my daily and weekly practice? Ps. I'm somewhat intermediate guitar player.
  6. I posted this link on FB but wanted to share it here. There is the usual "rambling" in such videos; but the 2 & 4 beat concept looks interesting and worth a try. Enjoy! https://www.facebook.com/groups/GuitarGathering2018/permalink/139897820039665/
  7. This book has been helpful. There are some fun rhythms and a CD to play along with. Still slaving away with this skill! The CD is somewhat helping with changing chords in time but I'm still way off.

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