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  1. I just started level 2 workout one the other day! excited for what's to come! So I mastered level 1 seeing the note in my minds eye and verbalizing aloud...but for some reason with the new scales in level 2...it takes me a second to name the note, but I can play all the shapes and patterns NO PROBLEM...should I keep going or live in workout 1 for a while until my mind's eye can start seeing the note names??? thanks Steve...also see my reply in the above comment...I forgot to quote or tag you in that!
  2. Thanks for your kind words! Start slow and clean, build up speed as you go.... regularity is key! I also found using a very thick pick has aided me significantly in reducing tension in my right hand, which means more SPEED ! I used a V-Pick dimension jr...these picks are 4mm, but any REALLY thick pick should be fine for this purpose! also pay attention to pick angle and keep it consistent. even if you don't like the tone or feel of these picks...I found it as a great practice aid but go back to other picks for regular playing, and have found the looseness of my right hand transfer over to other plectrums! good luck and blessings your way brother!
  3. Hello Steve, I would like to request if you could do a level 2 program for the speed and agility exercises. It is one of the most helpful things for my playing, and I feel many will benefit off it as well. I start every practice day off with it as part of my routine! Maybe we can start a suggestion thread for the next one ? I realize it's a big time investment, but if you ever have one down the pipeline...I will DEFINITELY be on it! Blessings, Dan
  4. Hey all, I'm at workout three for a few weeks playing it full speed no problem. But I was wondering...when doing the first exercises with the pinky stretch, do I keep the index finger held down or lift up after every successful note.? thanks
  5. Thanks so much Steve! I happened to figure it out..I ended up playing workout 2 as a warmup before workout 3 and doing so constantly until I was able to perform workout 3 while vocalizing out loud the notes with relative ease. By this time, I am now doing just workout 3 by itself and saying notes aloud smoothly...am proud to say I HAVE CONQUERED THIS LITTLE BUMP IN THE ROAD! I hope anyone reading this can use my example as what is possible. A short while ago this was completely undoable and very frustrating and hard for me, but chipping away at it little bit at a time and it's now something I have in my pocket, no problems at all! Thanks so much for you guidance STEVE. Looking forward to growing with the GG family, even more.
  6. I'm having no trouble at all saying the note names at 120 bpm when be go up and down the scale, but when it comes to saying it out loud at that speed and in THIRDS.. oooooh boy. lol
  7. Thank you! I am able to say the note names all the way to workout 2, but doing it at 120 bpm(workout 3) is a bit bumpy. I just wasn't sure if that is the assignment, as Steve doesn't say them out, like he did in session 2.
  8. Hello Steve and forum family, I'm currently working my way through the Major scale mastery level 1 workouts videos. Currently I am on final workout 3, but I am having trouble saying the note names out loud at this level where as workout 2, it was no problem.. My fingers know exactly where to go and playing the shapes from memory are no trouble at all, but saying the note names at speed is where the frustration comes...is that necessary at this level or could I just play it? I noticed Steve doesn't instruct us to say the not names in the workout 3 videos, am I doing it right or should I go back to workout 2?...any help would be appreciated.

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