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  1. Hi Diane, Thank you for your part in getting things together for Live Lessons with Steve and our Guitar community. Lately these have held a lot of valuable information and related discussions on  the equipment that Steve and others use. The links provided on YouTube are a blessing as one muddles through the research on a potential purchase. 

    I watched a L&M video from February 22, 2011 where Steve tells about his classical guitar. He said it was a Yamaha G245SZ Nylon string guitar and mentions he got it while still in school and it served him well.

    Since you are one of the moderators I thought you could verify the accuracy of the information with Steve and place it with the equipment links and other information found below the videos.

    I think a lot of fingerstyle and classical guitar enthusiasts would enjoy seeing that a guitar doesn't have to cost thousands to sound good.


    Gene Callebs, London, KY

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