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I've had music of some form in my mother's family for generations, but nobody seemed to be connected. my mom had a love of piano and even my brother had piano lessons when he was young, my sister had a guitar and played what she taught her self.

I've had violin lessons when i was young but until we found out my ears had issues.. that didn't last long. when we moved, i took drum lessons at a pipe and drum group. but that was short lived as well.

around 19 i decided Jimmy Page's Stairway to Heaven was great and took up guitar.. first job, first car, first lessons.. and guitar was hard.. only 6 months in and I couldn't pay for everything .. so the guitar was set aside only to be hacked at from time to time.

then in the fall of 2006.. living a 24 hour a day server tech for more than 6,000 nation servers ,, i had enough tech study, something to do for me.

found Learn and Master Guitar by Steve Krenz.. 

a computer guy for more than 30yrs and even now still on call 24hrs a day, 7days a week 365 days a year (at age 50+.. You young guys try and keep up ).
Christmas day is as good as any other day of the year or 2am is as good as 2pm to be called into work.

Started to play guitar during High School years with some buddies; then later by taking private lessons.
Guitar fell out of favour after finding it was hard, other activities including work, car racing. Tried a few years later with same results.

Work career kept me busy along with camping with car racing greats, Paul Tracy, Danny Sullivan, Ron Fellows and many more.
Got married and did the kid thing. after many many years of computers and related tests year after year.. needed a break and took back up guitar and found LMG

Found out the value of tube amp's but being expensive;  I taught myself how to modify and build my own tube amp's and power scaling
Building amp's is a great way not to play guitar.. finally put the amp building aside but by then my daughter was into community theatre.

When my daughter turned 12 her vocal teacher told her to join a music theatre group. After being a 'movie dad' that's always at work (yes I'm still always at work) she joined and I started helping out.
Aladdin jr, Wizard of Oz -
Stage Crew Chief, Peter Pan - Stage Chief, Stage Layout-Design, Footloose - Co-Producer, Stage Manager, Set Construction, Set Paint, Volunteer Organizer.. etc
And after doing everything in community theatre including stage manager over 8 major stage productions (each taking 4 months to complete), and still being on call 24hrs a day all takes its time out of practising guitar but was rewarding in its own right.

I try as I hard as I can to play guitar but work tests have come back to haunt me and once again into full time study besides work. Thankfully I've finished the latest round of tests...
Yeah I'm playing again; but the music theatre is calling me asking when I'm coming back.. hmm I think I'll play guitar for a bit more. Shows later.

LMG is now for life and I know I will finish the LMG courses,, just might take some time to get there or the rest of my life whichever comes first.

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