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  1. Thanks for all the sound advice. I’ve been away for too long, looking forward to playing / practicing again. The Maton sounds fantastic, strung some light Elixirs on a couple nights ago. Haven’t thought about guitar finish in some time now. Working on Mr. Bojangles and Hotel California, The Maton sounds great with both.
  2. Great attitude Randy, get well soon.
  3. LOL.... as I'm here wringing my hands over a blemish mark, one of the worlds best guitar players is reaching for a screwdriver to address his finish issues.
  4. I've re-emailed Maton this message requesting cleaning tips for the satin finished top: Thanks for the reply. I've been reading about this and trying to discover the best way to clean and take care of the top and body etc... If possible could you help me with some products Maton recommends for the satin finished top that I have on my EBG808CTE What product would you use to clean the top? Aproximatly how often can I clean the top with a cleaning product to slow down any polishing and / or dirty appearance etc...? I couldn't find any info on your web site that discusses this, if you have an area on your site or someone elses site you could send me to I would greatly appreciate it. I'm enjoying playing this guitar so much... Thank you for building this wonderful instrument for me. Also, I read what the 808CTE stands for on your website but can't find what the EBG stands for. Matons email back to me: Thank you for your email. We do not recommend using a polish or oil on a satin finished guitar such as yours. Rather if it does need some cleaning, only if it happens to get dirty, we recommend using a very slightly damp cloth (with water, but squeezed out so almost dry). Any polishing will buff up the satin finish and make it look shiny, it should only need minimal care. ...and thats all she wrote. So it's a damp cloth as others have posted for cleaning. Has any one tried using the Music Nomad product / brush / cloth they sell in the Youtube video I posted previous to this one to clean your Satin top? I think I may just use the water and cloth for now. My guitar top looks about the same still after wiping with a damp cloth, maybe had I caught it earlier with regular wipe downs it might have slowed or stopped it, who knows, it still sounds great!!! Thanks for all the helpful replies.
  5. I stumbled onto this sound advise for cleaning satin finish guitars from Music Nomad earlier today... now that i've got the first couple faux pas out of the way I feel better...
  6. I was about to email Maton again when I finally received a response to my concerns about the satin finish on my guitar. They emailed me some info ie.."there is really no way avoid this with the satin finish" . I haven't tried any more cleaning on the guitars top yet and have been wearing a long sleeve shirt until now. I was hoping for some of Matons cleaning tips to go along with some of the other posts here on this topic but did not receive any from them. I have emailed them again specifically requesting cleaning information they recommend for this satin finished top. If I receive any I'll attempt to clean it sometime this week and post a pic of here after cleaning it. Unfortunately there has been another incident with the guitars top. I originally was given a Maton guitar case with the guitar that had a broken hinge. The guitar case worked fine and had no other problems. The guitar store ordered me a new one and I now am using it. This case doesn't always stay open when I lift the lid and one of the tops hinges came down on the guitar when I was removing it slightly damaging the top (this is all my fault and am detailing how this happened not making excuses) . I'll post some pics after cleaning it . Thanks for all the help. Here is Maton response. Thank you for contacting us Any polishing or buffing will shine up the satin finish and make it look gloss Unfortunately there is really no way avoid this with the satin finish Thank you The Maton Team
  7. Thanks all.. I'll give them a call this week and see what they have to say about dealing with this and care for its future. On previously owned guitars I used a very weak soap and water wipe down, but they did not have a stained finish like this one dose. @Blue Dog Maton lists it as a Honey Stain Satin finish. I'll see what they say this week about cleaning this type of wood / stained top and post their response. @NeilES335 . @Plantsman13 my first thoughts also were don't do anything to make it worse or void a warranty if one is needed and contact the guitar store or Maton. I'm looking forward to it aging / darkening etc with age @Don . I''ve read that as tops age the sound quality also can get better...not sure about sweat from arms and how that helps or hurts sound quality... @Plantsman13I've seen videos of Collin HIll with his Maton when I was looking at purchasing one..If Maton lists this portion of it's Model descriptor on their site I have missed it. If Collin visits this Forum I do not know his user name to ask him. I'll ask Maton about it this week when I call them. Thanks
  8. Hi all. I recently purchased a new Maton acoustic. I didnt notice this blemish on the top sound board by the lower bout where my forearm rests. I have been playing it for about 3 weeks and noticed it today. Couldnt say if it was there previously, quite possibly my own arm sweat etc... I purchased it new but first saw it in this store 3 months ago. Tried using a soft damp cotton rag to wipe it away but it only removed a small bit. Anyone have any cleaning and preserving tips for this guitars top etc .? Also, I cannot find info on the first 3 letters of my Maton model number. Anyone know how to break the EBG808CTE down . If Im reading Matons site correctly, the 808 is a Maton body size / style , the C is cutaway and TE is for Tommy Emmanuel. Anyone know what EBG breaks down to? Im enjoying playing this guitar. It sounds great and I have no complaints. I also purchased the Fishman Loudbox Artist and love it as well. No mic or recording equipment besides my laptops built in mic and garage band. Those are next Thanks.
  9. Great voice and guitar Cap.. That was fantastic.. Your description with video and answers to Texaspackerfan (much emphasis on "Packer" Go Pack Go. Family night is August 4th Danny, I have an extra ticket if your near by) were great as well. Thanks Cap.
  10. I happen to stumble onto this little gem of Collin Hill playing over the July 4th 2018 Holiday about 3:25 mins in. Great job Collin . Thanks to Thom Bresh on his BreshDigitalTV Youtube channel for posting.
  11. Great challenge @V7#5b9, especaially like the "Above all, have fun!" part. No doubt these guys did. @Wim VD - "Baby Elephant Walk" . Sounded Great Wim VD. Thats the perfect title for that sound. Nice job! @mark_h - "Stormy Monday" Even on your sick days you sound awesome Mark. I love the sound of the new tone from your Tonewoodamp. Cool jazzy blues sound. It doesn't look like the Tonewoodamp (Mounted to back of guitar) gets in your way when playing. Been a busy work month or two for me. Hoping to jump back in the challenge next month. I've been working on a few songs that I need to sit down and get recorded. Thanks for all who have been posting to the challenge here. You've all been an encouragement to keep playing daily. Thanks.

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