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  1. These workouts were great. Each one was better than the previous. I would have gladly paid for these workouts like the previous series. Thank you Steve, these workouts have really brought everything you have taught me together into a cohesive package. It makes all the hard work worth it and fun. I can't thank you enough.
  2. ShadowBoxer86

    Wednesday Workout


    Diane, is this going to be on youtube or the zoom program Steve was mentioning. If zoom, some of us may need to set this program up in advance. edit: I just saw he changed it to youtube.
  3. How about in April instead. Can't wait until August in the title.
  4. This is a good song to practice using the triads we just covered. I didn't know this song so I listened to it on youtube and found a tab on Ultimate Guitar. This version used G, D, Em in the verse and in the chorus it was C, Dsus, Em. Sounds great with triads, just play it in different areas like the lessons. https://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/tab/bethel-music/it-is-well-chords-1478340
  5. David, All of those scales packages that Steve made are very usefull. They will become your regular daily warm up. They start out slow and progressively challenge you and help make playing scales automatic. They also help you learn the fretboard and learn patterns, which will be useful later. I hope Steve continues to produce these workshops.
  6. Neil, It was just bumped up to 3 months for the 1st 100,000 who sign up. I looked through some of the lessons, but most are very beginner oriented. I am more into lessons like what Phil Keagy has on Jam Play now. My son however, is just starting to learn how to play. Since the Gibson L & M Guitar program is more organized and has a vastly better teacher he is going to use my old discs and books. (best $149 I ever spent)
  7. Are all of the lessons just basic beginner lessons or do they have advanced lesson as well. I just signed up and looked breifly and saw mostly basic lessons. (I'm still at work right now) My favorites were the old Gibson lessons with Arlen Roth and those with Steve.
  8. My son just explained to me why this funny. I had no idea.
  9. That might be a good lesson for some of us... How to trouble shoot audio problems, feedback, noise and how to set up your own studio equipment to avoid these problems. Need to find a sound engineer to give us tips and show examples of what to avoid. Didn't we have a fellow who was a sound guy who set up for us at one of the gatherings a few years ago at the hotel?
  10. I just saw an email from Gruhn's and they will be closed to the public for a while. Wonder if Steve will still do the live lesson there tonight?
  11. Thanks Steve, I just copied this and put it in with the minor triads print outs. I know you said this before and I should have remembered it.
  12. Steve, been working on these triads all week. Great lesson and judging by the number of downloads everyone else must think so as well. Really helps a lot doing these I-IV-V all over the neck using the same shape for each or different shapes in the same position and then making up your own combinations of I, IV and V. Thanks, I need short lessons like this that I can use all day. Ok, well after working on this lesson since last Tuesday if you follow exactly like Steve says in the instructions it is not a "short lesson". This is intense! Just get out your chord wheel and do each one like he says and you will be working on this for quite a while. I love it!! These sessons could have been one of the purchased type lessons that Steve has released. They bring so much into focus. Thanks Steve.
  13. Hi Wim, I think I posted this before somewhere , but time flies and I don't remember where. I don't post much because it takes away from practice time even though I lurk around here every day. As far as the main L & M course goes I started that when I turned 60 and finished the complete course in about 18 months. My only previous guitar knowledge was a few cowboy chords some friends showed me in college. School and later work took all of my time. I like to stay focused on just a few things at one time so I can finish them so next I did the Blues Spot Light course over a 6 month period. Next I did the Fingerstyle Course, which took about 12 to 14 months to complete. That was the hardest, but also the best one. Steve sent me 2 classical music books, which really helped me learn where to put my fingers on the fret board over the next year and during that time I also completed the L & M The Song Hits. Recently I completed the 100 Rock Lessons Goldmine. That took a good 6 months or so. I really wished that kind of course was done by Steve. I need to see video as well, not just the sound clips that came with it. In all of these courses I would search on line to get more info on each topic that was covered to get a better understanding of each lesson and practice songs that demonstrated those topics. Currently I am working on the 100 Blues Lessons from Goldmine. As my studies have progressed I am able to learn new topics and songs much quicker. Now at 65 things just seem to flow easier and seem more natural all over the fretboard. I have also read many other guitar theory and technique books recommended by Steve. I'll list the ones I remember: Pumping Nylon, Desi Serna's 2 volumes of Fretboard Theory, Creative Chord Substitution for Jazz Guitar (ok this one baffled me, but I will go through it again when I start the 100 Jazz Lessons book), Edly's Music Theory for Practical People (this one is more my level LOL) and multiple music books I picked up from Steve and multiple Song Lesson DVDs from Hal Leonard as well. Since I still work full time 6 days a week, my playing time is at night when I get home, after I take a 10 minute nap (for an hour). I can usually practice until around 11:30 and as Steve says, I only practice on days that I eat. No band or playing partners, just me and ear buds so I don't bother anyone. It would probably help me more than anything else now to play with others, but I don't have that kind of free time at the present. I am sure others in our guitar family have had similar experiences and probably play a whole lot better than I do. GH
  14. ShadowBoxer86

    note tie ?

    RCL, show us a picture of what you mean. The only tie I see online is between 2 notes of the same pitch. If they are different pitches I think that is called a "slur". I'm sure if Diane is around she will know. Every time Steve listed something in the course I would look it up online to get more input on that subject. (Sometimes I just "didn't get it" and it helped to read about it from other sources.) GH

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