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  • This Month's Live Streaming Guitar Lessons: TUESDAY OCTOBER 22ND - LIFELONG MUSIC LEARNING WITH DAVE ISAACS. One of Nashville's most prolific and celebrated music teachers, Dave Isaacs is known to the music community as the "Guitar Guru of Music Row". His insights on learning music are fascinating and endlessly helpful. TUESDAY OCTOBER 29TH - TIPS FOR STRUMMING LIKE A PRO. Strumming is a guitarists paintbrush causing pulsating excitement or relaxed motion. We'll be showing some strumming tips to take your playing to the next level. Watch LIVE on our Guitar Gathering YouTube Channel. It's going to be a great month! Learn all you can!


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  1. ShadowBoxer86

    note tie ?

    RCL, show us a picture of what you mean. The only tie I see online is between 2 notes of the same pitch. If they are different pitches I think that is called a "slur". I'm sure if Diane is around she will know. Every time Steve listed something in the course I would look it up online to get more input on that subject. (Sometimes I just "didn't get it" and it helped to read about it from other sources.) GH
  2. Me too Dave, when I was 7 or 8 my piano teacher asked me to leave and not come back because I was scaring away his customers. LOL I ended up learning from my mom instead and still love the classical music she taught me.
  3. Chris, Since you are looking at the Boss Katana 50 I would just go slow as others have said. The Katana has many of the well known Boss effects that are included in the setup that you can try out first. This is just what I copied from their description of the amp you are looking at: Stage-ready 50-watt combo amp with a custom 12-inch speaker Five unique amp characters: Clean, Crunch, Lead, Brown (derived from the Waza amp), and Acoustic (for acoustic-electric guitars) Choose from a huge selection of customizable effects and effect routing configurations with the BOSS Tone Studio editor software Dedicated gain, EQ, and effects controls for adjusting sounds quickly Four Tone Setting memories for storing and recalling all amp and effect settings Power Control for achieving cranked-amp tone and dynamic response at low volumes Three Cabinet Resonance types for fine-tuning the tone and feel Mic’d cabinet emulation on the USB and phones/recording outputs, with customizable tone via three Air Feel settings Channel and global parametric EQs for refined sound shaping Built-in tilt stand for optimal monitoring and sound projection Pro setups available at BOSS Tone Central Katana Version 3 Newly Added Features Effects selection expanded to 61 different types; Roland DC-30 Analog Chorus-Echo, BOSS GE-10 Graphic Equalizer, and 95E pedal wah added Assign favorite effects parameters to the front-panel effects knobs Assign specific effects parameters for control from an expression pedal connected via the rear panel Record with stereo mod, EQ, delay, and reverb effects in a DAW via USB I have an older Fender Mustang IIIv2 that has so many effects I will never use them all. Plus you can download presets that others have made and posted that you can try out and modify. The Katana amps seem to be hot right now from what I have read. Plus for $230 for the Katana 50, that's less than what 2 "real pedals" cost. Might still need a looper as Diane said. Good Luck, GH
  4. I have read that SG's are known for a slightly flexible neck, which some performers (like Pete Townshend) use to their advantage. Just do a search on line and you will see what I mean. If you don't like that feature or the neck dive they are prone to I would send it back, but some people love them. Since you are going to the garthering next week, bring it and ask Greg Voros what he thinks. He is really good and has set up everything I have. See you next week. GH
  5. Steve, how about some useful arpeggios using the minor harmonic scale and how to incorporate them. Thanks, see you next week. GH
  6. Just ordered our tickets for Jack Pearson. Just be aware if you have to call ticketweb for help getting your tickets they will add an additional operator assist fee so try to order them on line if you can. Total was $42.73 for 2 tickets GA no reserved seating. Hopefully we can all go in as a group. See you then. GH
  7. I thought this picture was just a joke, but it is a real mag. and Antsy McClain and the Trailer Park Troubadours are real. LOL Thanks for posting.
  8. @Blue Dog Time to work on slide guitar until you heal. Too bad Rick didn't show us his slide technique since his finger was cut.
  9. Hi Steve, you might have to rename that show "Every guitar has a story" LOL. It would be great though to get some performing and playing tips from Rick since he has probably seen it all in his lifetime. You did a good job keeping him focused and talking even if he couldn't play last night. Thanks
  10. That's what I like, little nuggets I can understand and learn quickly.
  11. Robben, 1) What are your favorite arpeggios that you like to teach intermediate guitar students? 2) Could you discuss harmonic minor scale and diminished scale patterns and how to use them? 3) Which of your videos best teaches these subjects and has print outs? I really need to see a pattern printed out when I study these things. Thank you, George Howard
  12. Y, That is a lot of work just to copy and save those lessons. So far, I print the tabs on the ones I think I will like and have made it through page 20 of 30, so that was quite a few lessons with 5 lessons per page. The video images are small and around 5 minutes each. If you type "control +" several times you can enlarge the screen. I think these lessons were done from about 2007 to 2012, but there are some real gems in there. If anyone knows how to copy all of these lesssons at one time let us know. It is a shame that Gibson has taken these lessons and those that Steve did off of their web site. I would think these lesson sold a lot of guitars for Gibson.
  13. Looks like Gibson may be closing this link. I did find it again on what may be a spanish site so if you want any of these great lessons I would try to print or download any that look interesting to you. Not really into all of his slide guitar lessons at this time, however there are many other lessons that are pretty good. Many of them like Steve's pro tips that he did for a while. See if this link works. http://espanol.gibson.com/Lessons/Arlen-Roth-Lessons/Search.aspx Kind of worried if it is secure or not, (does't say https)
  14. Me too Dave. I have that copy of Canon in D pasted in one of my classical books labeled "play this one instead".
  15. I recently saw that the Gibson site is posting more lessons by Arlen Roth. These are similiar to the lessons Steve used to do for Gibson. Nice short videos on one subject including tabs and MP4 videos. So far there are 23 pages with about 5 free lessons per page. I have been working on these for the past 3 weeks and have been through over 30 of the lessons so far. I have found several that I really like and of course the price is right. Wish Steve was still doing these. (Glad I printed most of his lessons before they took them down.) Here is the link: http://www.gibson.com/Lessons/Arlen-Roth-Lessons/Search.aspx?type=lessons&page=1

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