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  1. Oh man, I think I would like that one on Rhythm Craft also. How was that one Matonanjin? I am more interested in learning more than aquiring new toys. ...On second thought I like new toys too. Maybe a Focusrite 2i2 will show up for Christmas. LOL
  2. Thanks for the heads up. Steve had sent me the Fingerboard Breakthrough by Howard Morgan. That one is tough, really useful! When I installed it Truefire sent me a 2 week free access. In that time I was able to complete Jeff McErlain's Take 5 Blues Arpeggios and the Pentatonic Deep Dive. Both are great courses. I tried one by Matt Schofield Blues Speak but he was way over my head. I started the Take 5 Uptown Blues Soloing, but ran out of time for the 2 weeks. I just purchased 4 more of the $5 courses and they are downloading now...2 by Jeff McErlain, 1 by Pete Hutlinger and 1 by James
  3. Well...play it and see how it sounds. It sure sounds ok when I solo that way. In the key of C you have C, Dm, Em, F, G, Am and Bdim. So for the chords Am, Dm and Em I just play a few notes from the Am pentatonic, then slide down to the Dm pentatonic for a few and then the Em pentatonic for a few notes. I don't know if that's "right" but it has helped me with trying to think of something to do in a basic solo. Hmm Sounds like that would be a good Fretboard Workout Series for Steve.
  4. Congratulations. Did you notice that the last song Steve teaches in the Fingerstyle course was the very first intro song that Steve played at the beginning of the main Learn and Master Guitar course? Check it out. LOL
  5. There is also a backing track for this song on you tube that you can play along with. I'll try to find it later and link it for you.
  6. I love this song and watching Gary Moore playing it is amazing. I think I got the tab from Ultimate Guitar. Lot of fun learning this song.
  7. These workouts were great. Each one was better than the previous. I would have gladly paid for these workouts like the previous series. Thank you Steve, these workouts have really brought everything you have taught me together into a cohesive package. It makes all the hard work worth it and fun. I can't thank you enough.
  8. until

    Diane, is this going to be on youtube or the zoom program Steve was mentioning. If zoom, some of us may need to set this program up in advance. edit: I just saw he changed it to youtube.
  9. How about in April instead. Can't wait until August in the title.
  10. This is a good song to practice using the triads we just covered. I didn't know this song so I listened to it on youtube and found a tab on Ultimate Guitar. This version used G, D, Em in the verse and in the chorus it was C, Dsus, Em. Sounds great with triads, just play it in different areas like the lessons. https://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/tab/bethel-music/it-is-well-chords-1478340
  11. David, All of those scales packages that Steve made are very usefull. They will become your regular daily warm up. They start out slow and progressively challenge you and help make playing scales automatic. They also help you learn the fretboard and learn patterns, which will be useful later. I hope Steve continues to produce these workshops.
  12. Neil, It was just bumped up to 3 months for the 1st 100,000 who sign up. I looked through some of the lessons, but most are very beginner oriented. I am more into lessons like what Phil Keagy has on Jam Play now. My son however, is just starting to learn how to play. Since the Gibson L & M Guitar program is more organized and has a vastly better teacher he is going to use my old discs and books. (best $149 I ever spent)
  13. Are all of the lessons just basic beginner lessons or do they have advanced lesson as well. I just signed up and looked breifly and saw mostly basic lessons. (I'm still at work right now) My favorites were the old Gibson lessons with Arlen Roth and those with Steve.
  14. My son just explained to me why this funny. I had no idea.

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