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  1. @Nutty 1 Very nice, Mandy. It's great to see you playing fingerstyle! i agree with what our other guitar friends are writing here, your progress is remarkable. Wim.
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  2. The Taylor Grand Pacific is definitely a lot of guitar. The neck is the smoothest I played so far. The sound is rich. I am going to put new strings on soon, and give it the complete treatment before winter comes. The case is a work of art. I have seen too many expensive guitars come with a gig bag so the Taylor case is a real treat.
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  3. For the past few years, off and on, I’ve studied music theory with the Community Music School near me at the University of Delaware. We tallied around 55 class hours, and have progressed — pun intended — about as far as we can go before delving into specific areas such as orchestrating and songwriting. My instructor is the supremely talented Kevin J. Cope, composer and president of the Philadelphia Classical Guitar Society. Our final assignment this summer was to write a piece for solo piano incorporating what we’ve learned. I can’t play piano — it would have helped — but fortunately Fina
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  4. Dave, I took your advice and also took Greg up on his invitation to the second floor. That can be a dangerous and expensive habit to fall into. I played one of those Sinker OMs as well and almost thought about trading. I really like the small size compared to a dreadnaught. But I really enjoyed playing a vintage1932 Martin. Just not ready to spring for a guitar that cost more than my first home. But I really enjoyed speaking with George who honored me by allowing me to play his new dream guitar, a 1925 Gibson L5.
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  5. I should add, If you've been really lucky, getting a new set of tubes and swap them all, might work What concerns me the most is the , put in a output tube and the fuse blew. That says the tube had a high current draw. Resistors can easily melt down on high current Other thing with tube amps , never run them without a speaker attached. Output transformers do not like being unloaded and typically melt down with no load, which can also happen with a bad output tube Some amps have a protection circuit in them to prevent this most don't. Always swap tu
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