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 I need some help understanding the last arpeggios of all scales in the the Practice and Learn section of the handouts. It's on pages 6 and 7. For example A Major, Root on first finger - 2nd Position.

I must be missing something simple. Appreciate any clarification.

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Hi @Colburn.    The examples that Steve provided in the workout were in the key of C.   There were several forms for arpeggios beginning on the 6th string, depending on which finger was used on the root of the chord.     So for example, his first Practice and Learn Challenge is asking us to transpose what we learned in the key of C to an A Major.    With the Root on the 1st finger, (the A on the 6th string 5th fret)  you can refer back to the example on page 4 showing how he would play the arpeggio beginning C at the 8th fret.    So you would just move your hand back up the neck to the 5th fret and basically play the same pattern.    For the root on the 2nd finger, 4th position,  you can use his first example on pages 2-3.      Remember, the number with the diamond denotes the root of the chord.

Hope this helps!   

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Thanks for the reply, Gary. I understand all that. The ones that are confusing me are the ones like Root on 1st finger 2nd position for an A Major. That seems like a F# on the 6th string. I'm obviously missing something.

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Sorry for misunderstanding the question Colburn.    Now that I take the time to actually look at the handout I see what you are talking about.    I'm almost thinking this may be a typo - perhaps this was intended to be a 4th finger exercise which would put your first finger in the second fret.     Sounds like a good question for Steve tonight!


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Happy Thanksgiving all.  Long time no posting for me, but nonetheless I am really enjoying my time spent on Steve's excellent lessons on arpeggios.  Thank you Steve for these.

I think the "descending" tabs for the 4 note arpeggio forms on page 15 are incorrectly duplicating the ascending forms?  I can read the lines backwards ;), but just wanting to be sure I'm not missing something.

This allows me to raise the question to ask if others are reading the tabs or the scales?  I'm using the tabs, quite obviously, but wondering if I should instead be adding reading sheet music to my quest?  That would slow me down immensely!


Thx! ~jasn

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