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Progress Journal (Strings)

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I was one of the original students who used the Learn & Master course when it first came out, prior to its association with Gibson.  I had no knowledge of guitar prior to that and found sessions 1 through 9 to be foundational in my development.  I danced around the other sessions getting up to session 17.

Around that time I decided to take a detour into classical guitar.  I just completed Grade 4 at the online school Classical Guitar Corner Academy by Simon Powis.  I have now decided to complete the Gibson L&M course with detailed focus (and the bonus resource sessions) and then study the other courses (i.e. Fingerstyle and Blues).  Along the way I have learned to enjoy the journey of learning.  Steve's saying, "Learn all you can" rings true all day every day.

For accountability, I thought I’d begin a progress journal thread noting my victories, challenges, questions et cetera.  Perhaps some others would like to create their own progress journal?  If you aim at nothing, you hit it every time 😀

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Just finished going through Sessions 1 through 6 in the last few days.  I have been reminded how well Steve structured the path of learning.  I’ve enjoyed the songs especially in Sessions 5 and 6.  

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Reviewing the sessions has been really good.  It’s showing me I have actually learned quite a bit.  Sometimes in order to go forward I guess you need to go back.  This gives confidence as you move into newer learning opportunities.

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Been enjoying reviewing the music theory sessions.  Steve’s fairly recent HOW MUSIC WORKS series on YouTube covers the same material.  Amazing he offers so much teaching for free!

Here’s the link to this series.  Notice in the comment section someone put a really helpful interactive way to test your theory knowledge.



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8 hours ago, Eracer_Team-DougH said:

Probably the best journal you could keep is a recording of yourself over anything else.

You will hear your progress as the rest is just numbers on a page

A written journal would be a good tool to keep track of your progress, but I agree with Doug, that recording yourself is the best way to to judge how you actually sound to others. It quickly points to areas you do well, and those that need improvement. I wish I had done so earlier on in my learning process. Learning to use recording software like Reaper is well worth the effort, but  even if it's just a recording on your cell phone, theres still a lot of value there.

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